Potion Rack Fame Upgrades


Why and purpose:

I asked my little brother yesterday in passing, “why won’t you play realm of the mad god anymore?”. He had complaints with pay to win elements (PTW) and provided several examples. I work a relatively stable
job, and playing this game is one of my favorite hobbies. I spend money in this game regularly, so I never stopped to consider what non-pay players experience. One such example I didn’t even think about was the potion rack.
Players that don’t buy vault space also likely don’t have potion rack space, so these slots are of little help to less financially inclined players.
This is a suggestion to help solve this problem, and hopefully, increase the player base.

Background information:

Potion rack upgrades cost 500 gold per upgrade, with each upgrade increasing the number of potion slots in a given multiple of 8 (64, 128, 192, 256).

1st 500 gold: X4
2nd 500 gold: X2
3rd 500 gold: +64
4th 500 gold: +64


Making fame-based potion rack upgrades will draw more players to the game. Listed below is my thought-out suggestion on how to implement a fair system that
will encourage anti-PTW players while still encouraging potential financial transactions.

1st 500 gold: X4 – or 25,000 fame
2nd 500 gold: X2 – or 50,000 fame
3rd 500 gold: +64 – or 100,000 fame
4th 500 gold: +64 – or 200,000 fame

The reasoning for an exponential fame increase per upgrade despite the space’s exponential decrease per upgrade is to encourage players
to support the game on the last few upgrades, if they’re looking to save time. If they’re unable to afford this however, they still have a route
to get these upgrades.


Thank you for taking the time to read my post, I don’t post often so hopefully I’m not breaking any rules here. If you have any recommendations/fixes (maybe a static relationship between fame prices on space, for example)
please post it below!

Thank you


Somebody tell Deca to implement this dude’s idea. Make it possible to vault space as well.

Oh, and allow you to upgrade the potion storage infinitely (maybe not as it is possible the limit is 32-bit integer) just like the normal vault spaces .

Basically each upgrade would increase the capacity further by 64.


Yes please ! With my current fame I could buy all four upgrades at once, to maximise potion hoarding.

But I can’t see it happening. I am sure they looked at it when adding the potion rack, as well as other options for capacity, but decided on the current setup: a limited way to spend money to just store pots.


I’m one of the spoiled ones that has mooched off of enough free character slots and vault space to sit relatively comfortably as a F2P, but I’ve also been around awhile. Early on, I had to have some heavy pick and choose strategies. I have wished there was some way to increase, say, the potion rack more effectively, but that takes away a money option for DECA, so I doubt corporate would like the idea of providing too many F2P friendly situations.

I don’t know, just go extreme and say 500k a pop for a character/chest/potion rack slot? :laughing:


This would be a great feature, but I think fame cost could be lower like 5k 10k 30k 50k


You already max your pet or are you just starving it? :sob:


It’s 100 / 100 / 86; not completely maxed but I see no point feeding it further.


Its upsetting but what you’re saying is, most likely, completely right

I really want them to re-look at this though.

I genuinely believe that lessening the PTW would encourage more players to enjoy ROTMG. I’d bet money that if they would just test this, they’d find that they’d end up making more money from the re-joining players and game activity spike from veterans.

They have the right to set what prices they want for their in-game items. Its simply debatable as to whether they’ve done a good job at maximizing popularity with profits.


They know so much more than you or me about this though. Primarily as they have access to the data – they know how much everything earns them, down to the cent if they choose.

They not only have access to current data but also historical data. They can also change things to see the effect they have: temporary sales or regular offers for example, they can vary their duration to see what is most effective. They have been running the game for a few years so by now probably have a good idea what works.

I don’t begrudge them charging for things like this, if it keeps the game going and free to play for most players. And you can store potions in regular vault chests, which you get for free through just playing. You just need to pay if you want more storage quicker.


They definitely have plenty of data. I’ve been playing this game for about 9 years now, so i’m sure theres plenty of information they have at their disposal regarding financial gain.

This is all opinion here:

Its just upsetting. Over the past 9 years, I feel like the fame system has gone largely abused. This is all opinion at this point but fame could use more use; if fame had more use, it would improve the game’s overall quality and would give the perma-death element more significance.


I think they have plans to do something. The recent fame rework had a number of purposes, but one was to put it on a firmer footing, to eliminate exploits and discourage metagaming such as fame-training. In particular they reset fame earned the old way, so any past abuse was wiped out.

And I think one motivation was to let players use fame in more ways, i.e. to buy things, without encouraging/rewarding exploits. They’ve already had a few things for sale in the shop, at quite high prices. There may be plans for more, even to have things permanently for sale in the shop for fame.


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