PPE2Gether, Discord for having fun at doing PPEs with others


New attempt to get it started, so bare with us (me) :stuck_out_tongue:

PPE2Gether (It’s NOT a guild, but for players all over the world!)

  • Do you like doing PPEs?
  • Don’t you like the competitive aspect other discords have on them?
  • Do you like it better to do PPEs with others (helping each other getting the items quicker, or at least gaining fame together)?

Join then, and invite everyone else you know that feels the same way!

  • Especcially since DECA’s changing the game soon to be more enticing for PPE-ers :wink:

No requirements, other than

  • Have at least 1 star
  • And have at least 10 fame
    (had to choose something for the verifying bot to be able to check).

The Return of Trillum's Thickets!

what timezone are you?


I’m in Europe, but with enough players from all over the world there should not be a problem to find someone that wants to do a PPE with you :wink:


I’ll close the discord server on December 1st since i am not able to get it really started.

@moderators, you may already close this topic


Closed by request of OP.