Predictions on the remake of the Forgotten King?


You guys think the new forgotten king sprite is going to stay as a 16x16? I feel with the way O3 was a 32x32 sprite and that remade sprites are going we could get some really cool shatters boss sprites by the time the remake hits during the next MotMG. I designed a pretty cool sprite of the Forgotten King who has always been my favorite enemy since the OG days that I just wanted to show off.


Edit: The original sprite I made was hella tiny bc it is literally 32x32. Here is an enlarged image from my photo editor:



What… a dish.


what’s that supposed to mean


i wanna see how badly they fuck up the new shatters, all the remade dungeons have been meh so far in my opinion, especially the dungeons dropped from gods for some reason they became easier.


they were meant to be made easier. now you can actually use abbyses to max since youre not gonna get instad in every room


they already announced new king sprite in the arg


back in my day it took some challenge to do an abyss lol, all thought pets made it easier it was still sort of a risk, now it’s a joke.
i wanna say the same thing about UDL


“BaCk iN mY daY”


Dude, the problem wasn’t the difficulty, it was the time it actually took to complete a solo abby. Abbys used to take 15-30 mins with bad gear, so it really wasn’t worth your time unless other people joined. The new abby has made the dungeon a lot more efficient to run solo or in small groups.


Ouch! Snap back to reality I guess…


yes, people want a rotmg classic. probably for a reason.


It’s an old saying that compliments someone, most commonly on their appearance. The op’s remade sprite looks cool and we are excited to see the fresh new looks of the reworked Shatters. Or maybe Forgotten King is just a real hottie.


That reason is nostalgia, and not because old realm was “well designed”.
I don’t know about you, but being punished for literally needing to navigate a one-tile-wide path of hardened lava that slows you down, on top of enemies that prefer to sit directly in front of you with a shotgun attack? Playing a melee class and being virtually unable to clear a room because it’s got one (1) brown slime in it?

…yeah, nah.

Back on topic, I’m sure they can’t possibly do something worse than the pumped-fulla status effects shots of the Magi-Generators. Ya know, the ones that deal quiet, unstable, sick, and slowed in one shot?