Preview Viva la Vida Realm Parady


I’ve finally gotten myself up to sing a Parady for Rotmg. Now should I post the full video? Hmm


Why is it always this song… Not bad though


This song is honestly the easiest for me to sing


I like your voice. its very melodic.


You’ll like my Rotmg Asmr’s even more~






Source… link…
Sorry I am old and do not keep up on lingo. Thought sauce still might be known. A sad day. :cry:


@Shaxasno Seriously though, when is the full version? My only complaint about the preview is that its too short.


Why my pee pee hard


I already have the full version recorded, just making sure it’s the best it can be ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡ -)





you still havent posted the other song you said you were gonna make 2,5 years ago btw


Alright, if I don’t post the full version of that song two weeks from now I will leak my _______ #Motivation

Just wish I still had those old PitchOtmg videos, I cleared my computer a few months ago uh

Been sick the past 5 days I’ve required an extension




I also think you should post the full version. It’s great.
Maybe add the lyrics in it, so we can appreciate the correct text too. (And not guess when we are not sure)


That’s true, that’s some extra work there, but I’ll have time next week to do this





Me waiting for the full version. @Shaxasno