Priest tome/Rework


Revert tomes back to normal

Tier: UT
MP Cost: 80
Effect(s): On Ability use: Create a Healing Mushroom that lasts 3 seconds.
Max Heal: 165
Max Targets: 10
Range: 6.5
Fame Bonus: 6%
Feed Power: 850
Party heal: 80 HP(120HP)
Range: 3.25(4.875)


lol why do you never provide any explanation of why these changes are needed

also mushroom tome is kinda slept on… in small groups it has insane healing power. I believe it is even better than T5 for lava walking solo.


the new tome sprites look great, those of you who prefer the old ones are just blinded by nostalgia


No, that’s not it. Idk what it is about the new sprites but the covers feel a lot more empty to me, especially some of the tiered tomes (t6, t5, t4, t1). I think it’s because the original has less space to work with so the patterns look detailed and good, and a straight 1 to 1 copy just doesn’t work for some of these. For example I think the updated fungal tome and puri look pretty good, but it feels inconsistent.


I think the reason they look more detailed is because they use more diagonals and have more jagged/textured edges. IMO, the new tomes are easier on the eyes and their symbols read more clearly.


When I look at the old tomes, I think of one of those catholic bishop’s hat and not a book. The new tomes are a lot more readable in my opinion and actually open up for designs that reflect their purpose (such as prot having a shield).