Producer’s Letter: Anniversary Edition



The more I read the more I am getting my mind blown! These are very big ambitions for the future! These new features are going to add so much variety to the game! I am so excited!! I can’t believe it has only been a year and we have had so many reconstructed dungeons, Exalt, Oryx 3, new dungeons, IC/OOC, Item Forge, and fame rework. And now you are announcing these new huge game changing features, I am so excited!!! Thank you DECA for all the work you have put in the game!


Assassin changes :thinking:


realm rework finally


So much of this has me hyped, Shatters desperately needed the rework its getting, the realm somewhat too. The dungeon effects system seems neat too, if it ends up not affecting keys (imo it shouldnt), then itll be another incentive to run realm dropped dungeons. Crystal Cavern finally getting the proper respect it deserves, and (probably) its place as a new void tops source.


“Enchantments are a bit of a staple in an RPG

this made me cringe…
I grew up playing RPG’s from NES/SNES, and a staple in an RPG has always been progress saves too, so let’s not call this permadeath game and its new features a work towards making it more like an RPG, when they are all catered to the few groups of people remaining who just happen to be willing to pay for these updates.

I would like to see more new players and more players in general playing cooperatively, not just exclusively in discords, in a multiplayer RPG.

DECA lists these discord raid servers in their own discord server too :man_facepalming: it would be nice if this wasn’t condoned :face_vomiting:

“people will pay for what we tell them to pay”


This is a team based game, is it not? So why do you complain about an optimized team?


Christ man, if you hate deca and the direction their taking the game just quit, all of these proposed changes are good things and are pushing the game to a new great future.


This is just wrong, the game the most active it has ever been


You have ruined your game. Implementing even a fraction of these changes will literally stop the game from being fun. As a paying player, I really don’t care about the enchantments because I think it’s a nice balance, though you are probably angering the majority of your paying players who spent hundreds/thousands on forge fire. So congrats on angering the player base off your game that actually gives you money. But that change is insignificant compared to the fact that you have made an already extremely difficult end-game near impossible and no longer fun. You have absolutely neutered regular items, made already terrible ST sets even worse, took away the thing that makes paladins paladins, taken away the feeling of being a maxed hero doing serious damage in an endgame dungeon by nerfing every single item. Do you think the buffs were so OP that armored made people un-killable? Have you played your own game. These aren’t just nerf’s, these are invalidations, not just invalidations of classes, you will make your game invalid if this patch releases.



ok boomer


But what if the forge could customize enchantments? :open_mouth: then you’re current gear wont be pointless.


It will literally stop the game from being fun? What??? :joy::joy: A bit of an overreaction there no?


It also seems like there are items that can add enchantments onto items, so your just wrong. This will add more depth to the item set builds you make instead of just running the generic 4/4 you see on everyone


Enchantments are a work in progress, theres sure to be tweaking, and more recently deca has listened to community feedback, so ive no doubt itll be implemented in a fashion better than their rough outline so to speak. Even then, I’d much rather be able to run some of the “less” useful uts without feeling like I’m weighing a group down.


This reminds me of revenge so much, epic dungeons, runes (the charm), the tome sprite and epic god land enemies…


is that a private server you’re talking about?


They obviously mean other MMORPGs. Ya know, like, what Realm actually is?

The point about discords is sooooo tired, by the way. Want runs that you can make friends and talk? Join a guild. There’s always going to be a tradeoff between efficiency and sociability, that’s just how grindy games work.


What “patch” are you talking about, specifically? A lot of these details are not set in stone. We don’t know how we’ll get enchantments, we don’t know what enchantments will exactly influence - remember, the shown picture was just a mockup - nor by how much, and who knows if they might even be permanent changes to an item if you apply them.

Which one do you mean specifically? Oryx 3 has only become slightly easier thanks to the reduced radius of all Beams, as far as I’m aware, with no other major changes having taken place.

I can’t tell if you’re being serious, or if you haven’t read up on the latest updates. Generally speaking, no tiered items have received any nerfs in the past couple updates - if anything, such “nerfs” would only bee relatively speaking, considering Wands are now…basically as strong as katanas?

If you want to actually spark a discussion, please give more concrete examples instead of condescendingly talking down about vague topics.


This post makes absolutely 0 sense and I almost thought it was from August. Most of what you’re saying is just grievances with vital combat, which is almost universally seen as a positive change now. It’s been over half a year, let it go.

I’m not one to say “Seems like a skill issue” but come on…