Producer’s Letter: Anniversary Edition


Yo Yo :sunglasses:

I’m slightly worried about this feature being broken on release or very unbalanced. As well as having these modifiers mostly uncontrollable and thus unfair for people within realms. Wouldn’t be fun to have uber hard dungeon modifiers randomly applied to once per realm encounters.

I’d say a possible (and nice future proofed feature) would be a roster screen after you enter a dungeon, allowing you and other players to vote for 3 from a selection of 9 modifiers that are randomly picked. And have the most voted modifiers be applied to the dungeon instance. For groups in realm (guilds too) I think this would be great, and solo it would work as well, just put a ready button or something to instantly select those modifiers if everyone is ready.

Obviously this isn’t super fleshed out but I think its a good foundation for DECA to build upon (if they choose to go this route), otherwise I feel like it would actually make dungeon runs less fun due to external forces that people can’t control.

enhancements to items was something I really wanted for realm so I’m happy that its coming in some form. That’s about all I can say about it so far, I’d have to see their implementation in action to make any real verdict, whenever it comes out.

This is fucking great. If the last bit is true then realm could potentially have a partial revival of its economy and servers wouldn’t be poopoo :smiley:

also shatters rework is good. As for the nexus heroes/possible lore stuff if done well and widely accessible it could be good as well.


Personally I can’t wait for my sharp 5 colo sword, my prot 4 glad guard, and my power 7 void bow


The Shatters rework looks cool, and I’m neutral with the Dungeons Modifier system at this point, but am I the only one that doesn’t exactly like the look of the Enhancement system? Not having one of those was a reason I liked this game in the first place. It seemed like one of the few games of its kind where I didn’t have to worry about fine tuned statistics in upgrades, not to mention whole new levels of finicky meta playstyles.

It was one of the core things keeping this game more “simple” to me! :frowning:

(I’m not saying I despise it yet, being so early, but nonetheless…)


I agree, i think the large variety of ut items are plenty of customization, especially now that a lot of players can forge many of those items


I praise Deca for being creative and thinking outside the box with what to add but the Enchantment system and Dungeon Modifiers are a terrible idea. Both systems are straight out of Borderlands 3 and that game flopped so bad BECAUSE of how poorly implemented those were, there were other factors but those were definitely the driving factor

It’s hard to compare this game to BL3 but I think they should learn from them and NOT put these in, maybe a case can be made for Enchantments if done right and could even be pretty cool but not Dungeon Modifiers. It sounded cool at the start but made some areas and builds of BL3 literally unplayable because of garbage modifiers. It’s gotten better now but it’s to the point were people save quit to get DECENT modifiers and I almost guarantee not a single person likes them

Imagine modifiers like 
  • (-) Staff damage but (+) Dagger damage
  • More DEF but lower SPD
  • Enemies move faster but have less ATT

This is all just speculation but I don’t think it’s far fetched that some of these could be added considering the pcave they showed was a grade D and monster had more ATT, there are plenty of enemies who just sit on you like in shatters or fungals, why would you want an ice sphere or a purple spider to zoom at mach speed on top of you with less damage, either way you’re dead on top of you being slower even with extra def.

If you’re a solo player and you find a dungeon with a bunch of negative modifiers that counteract your class why would you go in there for slightly better rewards, I would just find a new dungeon of the same type and then it creates a cycle. I’m overly negative about this change just because I seen what it did to one of my favorite game series and I don’t want it to happen here


enchantments on specific items… in a perma death game… where you can die to rubberbanding… (I’ve been rubberbanding and seeing a lot of people die to glitches over and over and over again, and no its not my internet)

also this^ and UT items always exist

also if they do add this hopefully the implementation is smooth and makes sense. exaltations are better because they are permanent

I wonder how this would work if multiple people joined or if a key was popped, and hopefully it isn’t garbage (it probably will be, based on my previous experiences with games), but sounds like something


The enchantments and dungeon modifiers seem to go hand in hand, so people would probably get all the super good enchantments with maxed out gear and go into high risk high reward dungeons. useless uts might recieve a power boost, but so would everything else. they would still be cringe.


What do you mean by this???

Then ppl shouldn’t spend their dollars on forgefire because they are use-and-forget, just like keys and some items in the shop as well.

By IC/OoC update or what?

May you provide an example of “terrible ST sets”? And what certain elements within the game makes a class no longer unique?

And examples of “nerfed items” you are talking about? Puri? MSeal?

2x Defence Armored is right next to the definition of face-tanking. And even so, Armor-Piercing bullets exists.

At that point you are trolling or somefing.


Love the dungeon modifiers. They were fantastic in steambirds alliance and I’m sure they’ll freshen up RotMG.


Yeah I’m back. This is a copypasta from the RotMG discord. Bamboozled.


Personally, I don’t really care about any of the changes so…