Producer's Letter: Oryx 3 and DC's


It has no teleport and the duration could theoretically last like a minute, all up to chance (though it’d be 4 seconds average)


What are the chances of it lasting in nexus for 24 hours before server reset?


One chance on 0.00000578703 or one on ~1 million


They should cap it at 600 seconds… It can be spammed as many times as you want… you have a lot of time.


Announces that I will spawn 3 coins at once offering a life to anyone who can guess which one will remain longest, if they lose they give me a life



Bruh this is the wrong thread… You specifically Ludwig :sob:


This is the right thread


okay, but how do you do 3 coins at once?


I think a good counter-balance would be to offer different increasingly valuable rewards depending on who gambled on which coin. The first coin obviously has a slightly higher chance of perishing than the other two, so offer the highest reward for that, and so forth.


actually, assuming all coins are active at the same time, and that the 1 second timer is the same for all, the probabilities of them turning silver are independant on how long they already lasted. I.e. as long as all three are up it doesnt matter.

edit: i mean if they are all gold still once the 3rd one is up.


I’m not terribly sure that you can release them at the same time without 3 chars with the coins simultaneously, though. Hypothetically, what you say is sound, but I was trying to account for the limiting factor of coordination.


yea, probs the best way to account for hat is half a second leeway between the coins for a tie.


Hm, I could do it one at a time and count the spins for each one…


Yeah, either way. My 3 coin suggestion could be a little more pricey, but bidders may throw a riot in case of a “tie” they are losing. Re-rolling works also probably upset many…


That takes the longest but sounds the safest! One coin at a time. The suspense lol


To be “that guy” questioning the claim, the disconnection rate will show an improvement if everyone who always disconnects has simply quit in frustration. Their dcs won’t show up if they’re no longer playing! :sweat_smile:

Including a graph of player numbers would give more credibility to the claim. Though anecdotally people seem to be complaining less of dcs, (though same as before, could be the worst-affected have given up).

Seeing a few item descriptions talking about a “square radius” is a bit like nails on glass. Tile radius, it wants to be, right? Like, the thing does a thing that hits 4 tiles away, with 2.25 tile radius. In general the descriptions seem to be overcomplicating things, like I can see why they wouldn’t work on Flash because the description box for many of them would be taller than 600px :rofl: .

Are some of the UTs going to be doing the same attack graphics/effects as the enemies will do…? Because that’s pretty bad/confusing. Like the coins thing for decoys, aren’t the coins part of the enemy’s attacks? The sword beam attack thing sounds like the O3 attack, etc. It’s getting to the point where we already need another “turn off all this extra ally shit” graphical option, from many of the recent designed abilities, but if our allies actually do the same things as the enemies… that’s next level worse.

Servers: it makes sense that the geographical servers each has a nexus, so players know they are playing somewhere local (at least in theory), but what I don’t get is when such as USE1/2/3/4 exist, but USE3/4 are completely deserted with 15 in nexus, mostly spambots, and two 1/85 realms, also bots, or 1 level 12 player, what’s the point in this. Surely some better way to use these resources can be found, like only open 3&4 as overflows when there is the demand, and have them close when there is no demand (full server triggers it to open, assesses itself to close if the other server hasn’t hit crowded in the last couple of hours, or something).

Well I mean there’s @Sturky ? Eg:

Or could be “ST-terrific” like: “lots of ST items being thrown out in 15 events”, idk.


Hopefully they’re measuring it per player then. I know my DCs have gone down significantly.


As have mine, haven’t dced since the update


That took longer than I expected.