Producer's Letter: Part 1


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Oryx 3 Release and Patch Notes 07/22/20

gonna copy my reddit comment here

While features like the Bard class can at least be displayed and understood by Flash

I don’t think “getting more people to play an unstable beta” is reason enough to lock Bard to Flash when the capability is still there, but I can at least see where that’s coming from. Though, that’s not even mentioning the fact that Flash hacked clients already have Bard, and are almost guaranteed to have O3 capability as well. It’s only the visual effects that are exclusive to Unity, which can easily be changed for hacked clients. What do you have to say about that? How is this, for lack of a better term, not just fucking over legit players?

Just to show you some numbers: When we released the Exalt Open Beta only 58% of players tried the new client.

Speaking of, surely [Flash] hacked client users has had no effect on this! Just some food for thought since Deca seems keen on not even acknowledging these issues at all.

This is why we decided to investigate this problem extremely thoroughly in a number of ways to ensure accurate, precise consequences.

What took almost 4 months for the first ban wave to hit when the method isn’t even patched? You say “extremely thoroughly”, but that doesn’t actually explain anything to us. If you’re going to knowingly let people exploit for months at end, you’re gonna need to give a bit more information. Besides, it really doesn’t take much investigation to see “hmm 100k fame a day? idk bro seems kinda sus”. It might have been understandable for a late ban wave if the method didn’t work anymore, but even that couldn’t happen.

This should have happened much earlier, this entire situation shows how passive Deca is with ToS violations (that’s a nice way of saying “they don’t care”). Even Unity can’t fix their mindset.

Side note, isn’t it so crazy that this happened right before the Producer’s Letter despite them being aware of it for months?

we will not tolerate boating or any other form of breaking the ToS

Of course you will tolerate it to some degree. The people banned with no prior strikes, which the majority obviously didn’t since people can only be banned from reporting, were only banned for 2 weeks with a char/fame wipe. So by the time you’re reading this, they’re already back and likely cheating.

With this, I’d like to bring attention to some things that weren’t mentioned about boating.

  • The leaderboard still has at least 2 boaters (probably more honestly) on it, and considering Unity just got an option to toggle open legends, it’s clearly still somewhat of a focus.

It was mentioned a while ago that leaderboards may be reset with Unity, but this post has no mention of that. With the last boating incident, they were taken off if I recall correctly, will we see that again or do we just wait until Unity?

  • Prior to this huge ban wave, some people were actually banned for fame exploiting. However, most of them were simply unbanned by literally just claiming they “trained a lot”. One of the people unbanned from this even went on to get onto the leaderboard…

They probably weren’t too informed at that point in time, but this specifically should open up more talk about support. This is an issue that has plagued this game since Deca took over, and I’m sure many people reading can attest to this.

Part 1 was meant to be focused on current issues, while Part 2 is the future, but Part 1 has not done a good job of that.


[redacted - Please don’t use this forum for accusations without evidence, especially not when it adds absolutly nothing to the thread]


Well, as someone sadly used to lengthy, complicated changes in other games and remaining mostly positive for the future with DECA’s implementations



DECA, do you never learn??


I like it, one less rune for us to worry about having a shortage of, since LH are run constantly


Thing is, they said this dungeon was supposed to be accessible without using discord, now you’re practically forced.


getting 3 runes together in a random oryx isn’t going to happen often, O3 is very likely going to be run mostly by discords.


which is an absolutely terrible thing


Very disappointed by this producer letter.

The RWT bots are advertising their own exalt client hacks which DECA does not address.

Speaking of RWT bots they are really getting annoying lately god I hope DECA has a plan to do something about them. I have talked to many new players in the last year or so and tried to explain what the bots are. Seems like new players believe that these bots are supported by the game producer. DECA does nothing at all to discriminate or let players know about them. Call me pessimistic, I doubt nothing will or can be done about them. It would be nice to get a TRUSTED group of people “paid” to ban bots. The bot problem could be handled in a day or two.

Sure they talked about Disconnects and Stability being their number one priority but it sounds like its going to take time to get it working. You just have to watch in game comments about how many people are experiencing Disconnects, sad. I think that I will stay with FLASH. Don’t kill the FLASH client until EXALT is stable and has no erroneous disconnects.

I tried Exalt and hate that you have to use CNTRL mouse click to interact with chat to Teleport and other things. I know that many people have issues with chat interactions. Exalt is slick and I see great potential but the client needs to be simple to use and play.


From Deca’s website.


Is this part of an employee mission statement or something?


I just find this absurd considering how “open” they’ve been to players and the community.


silex gone why’s no one care…


Maybe Deca bad


Reminds me of M Sellers…


I am less concerned about their specific witholding of a statement here as they are “hopefully” looking to implement something without fanfare (the same way the trainers were wiped). That said, I do think your idea has a lot of merit, and the game could use something like that for many aspects and not just for cleaning up the scammy sites and RWTs.

I, fortunately, have not had many issues on the unity client. Sure, I have had DC’s, but it’s much more stable than flash ever was for me. This does sort of make my input on the situation a moot point, but my 2c anyways.

Yes. This is very aggravating and it’s implemented in a way that doesn’t even work properly after you get used to it (clicking a chat bubble and interacting fires your weapon and loses accuracy, for example).
Then the chat was changed somehow to have a bit of delay from when the enter key was pressed. No idea why this happened.

Ultimately, I do seek to be a bit of a positive voice in this discussion as much of it is negative. The overall direction Exalt is taking is great and, WRT its beta state, some of the bumps along the way are to be expected.

One thing I really, really want to see is more accountability for hackers, exploiters, etc. Sometimes I start to accept them as part of the game ( I remember hacked clients being around for almost the eternity of time I’ve played the game) and this is possibly a reason there are a lot of growing pains in this area.

Anyways, in an attempt to make this post a bit more lighthearted, I got my first Dirk of Cronus recently. After nine-ish years of play, too. Fun!


All major forms of dungeons in this genre require high levels of interplayer communication, often limited by rudimentary player chat. VOIP programs have existed for decades, and discord is not the first, nor will it be the last. The fact that there are now dungeons in this mmo that require great cooperation that a pub run can’t achieve, is not a point of failure, but rather a sign of good game design. Your comment begets your youth.

Back in 2010 - 2012, players often had to cooperate to take down enemies, where they could not easily solo them. The player chat worked for some, though many formed guilds, and with increased chat communication, came about teamspeak, ventrillo, and skype servers, among other programs. It was not bad game design that event gods like the Cube God could kill droves of players, but rather good game design, that players had to devise tactics and strategies beyond simply attacking or dodging.


Also rogues used to be OP.
Oh how the meta changes.


No it isn’t, in a bullet hell even in an MMO it isn’t a modicum of fairness to require cooperation no matter how high the skill level, even less to require discord to run and make it practically impossible to access without it regardless of coordination.

Yes. It. Was. The only thing that distinguishes realm from any other MMO is its’ bullet hell aspect, as such all bosses should be dodgeable, doable with skill, not unavoidable maelstroms of shotguns like Cube God, there are 0 “tactics” in Cube God, you just have enough tank and healing to overpower it, stop trying to find cleverness in bad design.