Producer's Letter: Part 1


I think you’re nit picking the idea, inventing flaws and strawmanning them. No one ever suggested those things you’re saying.

The whole point is relying on the moderation to handle itself. Not babysitting their actions.

They could hire new people to do that or subdivide duties from people who already work for them. That’s how a company works, you don’t always need to hire new people for everything.

They can also interview trusted people and make it a “voluntary” job. Although a less stable option I’d say it would mean less work for DECA in the long run and they should be able to undo actions based on a log so no harm can really be achieved by a voluntary (worst case scenario, extremely unlikely but can happen).

What (of the several ways this could be implemented) path they choose is up to DECA but these are just ideas. No one really knows how much they make, if they can/want to hire new people or invest in this system. But it’s probably one possible solution nonetheless.


id say 50x


You said everything I wanted to say, so I’m just gonna agree.

Cheers mate :+1:


I blame the Oryx Cleric


Can you kick Chris?


This is actually the most concerning point of all. The whole gameplay is broken after maxing because of how unrewarding the game is. It became trying to get items hid behind layers of gatekeeping barely obtainable without paying money and even if u pay (for keys or lootbossters) its still ridiculous unlikely to get ur hands onto.

While O3 is supposed to be different on the reward side the downside has to be of how hard it will be to access. it will most likely be impossible to be done outside of discord an the demand will be so high itll make lh events on discord appear reasonable in comparison.

kinda went offtopic but whatev


Mmh, not to be that person, but that sounds an awful lot like it’s approaching the “what is the point of games” paradox. The fun is in the journey for most people, I’d daresay. To your first paragraph’s point, this game isn’t for everyone. Legitimately, this game was experimental in design, but honestly, as with other games, nobody has to play it if they hate the design. (Not trying to sound demeaning, my apologies)

Kind of unrelated, but heh, that statement struck me again for being part of the reason I don’t care to about loot ideas for this game as much. A lot of them can be neat ideas, but endgame loot especially frustrates me with the “what is the purpose of having this when I just beat the ‘final boss’ of the game with weaker/different equipment?” mentality. :3

That can be a tricky point in any game though. Another mini paradox.


I think Xaklor and textbook brought this point up.

The problem is Deca has catered to the gambling crowd and large group domination crowd with event chests for about 2 years.

Switching gears will burn the bridge that they constructed for the last 2 years.


As a f2p player, I can’t say much on the gambling mindset.


Well I can speak as a largely F2P player that the chance for rare / cool pet skins and character skins draw me into chest events.

I honestly don’t care that much about white bags, but permanent items always interest me.

Regardless, it’s that sensation of getting something super rare from the chest that drives the game.

And deca gave the masses what they wanted - more chances to roll the dice and possibly get something good.

The idea that Oryx 3 will give out generous drops goes against the grain of the game.

There is a risk that people will get what they want quickly and stop doing O3.


I guess we’ll have to see how the release goes. Will there be enough people alive to see Oryx’s demise? The few shots I saw of testing, it looks like he killed a lot of talented people. But there were the few that bothered soloing him, so idk.

(And if I’m being realistic here, I don’t think I have much more to offer on this thread, so imma fade into the background now :sweat:)


This line probably the thing I will take away from the letter more than anything else, as for those of us not yet wanting to give up our comforts of Flash, enjoy yourself, it’s later than you think….

(Also image for this update from the menus/news section:)


Guess that means bye bye rotmg


Just jumping in, this reminded me of one of the main principals of rotmg, that all players have the same access to the same content - and another principal that the game is fast to pick up and play, and get into content you are trying to access, with friends of all experience ranges (a 3rd initial principal of rotmg). The 4th principal, that everything you can buy for gold is not personally beneficial has already been destroyed, but this also sort of furthers this divide as well from cash and f2p players (not that even this agent event doesn’t do that - I mean, since Kabam there has been content in every update that breaks the 4th principal).

Anyways, I’m also getting off-topic, but I think the method of getting to o3 hampers all of these principals in some form or other.

Maybe there should be an announcement that occurs in the realm that states if a player in the realm holds 1 of the 3 items needed, it is announced to the realm (not disclosing which player necessarily). In this way at least everyone knows, “hey, I need to get 1 of the other items to go, or get someone who has one and get in this realm”. This way, it isn’t excluded to dischord, guild-events, or otherwise… Anyhow, just some further thought on this…


Damn, I missed that line. If they don’t fix chat to be similar to the Flash chat I will pretty much stop playing. I find Exalt to be on the right track but there are many little issues that for me add up to FLASH is better overall.


There are minute details in exalt that differ from flash in terms of appearance and I find it vexing. For example, although subjective, I find the slightly zoomed out view annoying. Why did they decide to change this? Now it looks like I’m playing on a pserver. DECA has made realm look like a pserver…


I had the same issue as you, but I set my graphics on exalt to 800x600 and now it plays pretty much the same as flash, minus the chat delay and I’ve heard about some other bugs (haven’t experienced too many myself, a few DC’s, but got some on flash too).


I tried 800x600 and it seemed too blurry. Also, now the problem is that it seems I’m more zoomed in than flash. I tried 1024x768 instead and for the most part it doesn’t much different from flash and it’s not blurry. Thanks for mentioning the screen size. I feel like a fool for not trying that earlier.


Never seen what a pserver looks like so I will take your word for it. I played in the smallest size possible which I think was 800x600 and it still didn’t look quite right but I got used to it the few times I tried exalt. I did not like the zoomed out view at all. For me it really adds nothing to the game.


Yes, I should have stated that the RWT BANs would have to be active and on going, not a one time event. I like that captcha idea as well that @Novachiz suggested. In fact during the last week it seems that there has been a huge jump in the number of RWT bots.