Producer's Letter: Part 2


gonna be honest here, I didn’t expect much of anyone to object to the removal of the “don’t do X” fame bonuses, so some of the replies here are a bit strange to me. I really don’t think a game should incentivize players to avoid engaging with the game.

as for introducing 400 fame goals, I feel like that could be interpreted in 2 ways:

  • obsessive completionists will never be able to rest again because my god that’s a lot of fame goals
  • there’s a very wide array of various fame goals to shoot for, allowing players to pick which one’s they’d be comfortable grinding for to get an appropriate bonus for their hard work without having to stress about grinding for something specific they may not have much interest in (such as excessive god farming).

I think a good idea for emphasizing the second option without breaking everyone’s back with the stress of the first option would be to add a cap to how many fame bonuses a single character can have. that way it’d reduce the workload someone would have to take upon themselves without skimping on fame bonus variety. it’d also probably be a good idea under such a system to have the “next level” fame bonuses overwrite their previous tier instead of adding to them (like killing 1K gods vs killing 50 gods), so that players aren’t “wasting” the fame bonus slots with fame bonuses they’ve already accomplished and then topped.


what do you mean when you say key popping problem? because I do keys with my guild all the time it’s a good way to chill out and play the game? I would assume your referring to like massive discords for like lost halls and shatters and the like.


I second this for all the reasons you stated besides as I personally said I am hoping this kind of kills off the need for fame trains.


I love everything. Not a fan of ut exchange but it seems they’re doing it in a good way. I love that we are getting a way to upgrade our characters. HOWEVER: this is way too overpowered. I think you should be able to upgrade your character, not the class. Maybe to balance it compared to its current state you can require a third of the dungeons to be completed. If someone wanted to they could probably make all of their classes fully exalted in one month
Imo LH completes and void completes both increasing different stats is great. It makes it more realistic for random players in realm maxing because they don’t have a vial every time, unlike discords who have hundreds of vials to spare. However, for fungal/crystal cavern, this does not make sense. This is a linear progression, meaning players do fungal, then they either leave or they do the crystal cavern. This labels vit as stronger than wis (I will not argue whether this is true because that is besides the point). You will always max wis before you max vit. How about giving habbys and hudls a chance of dropping in realms or after finishing their weaker versions, and making that the drop locations? Fungals and Caverns aren’t even known for their wis or vit drops; they are known for their chance of dropping any greater pot besides life and mana.

Lastly the name is not appropriate. Exalt means to highly praise, while what we are doing is simply using our character a lot to upgrade it. The word makes sense with O3, and kind of with the Unity port (praise Deca for their hard work and dedication). Call this new progression system “Class upgrade” or something, not exaltifyificationize


I think he means when everyone in a server waits in the nexus instead of going in realm.


This is literally all I want.


Generally very underwhelming post:

UT Exchange: still in Design Phase but with Screenshot.

IC/OOC: same thing but with another Public Testing before making it to Production.

Exaltation… well … “You got 2k fame on all the Classes?” “Now do 1.6k of each Endgame Dungeon”(if u dont die). Bonuses arent great for the effort and another power creep is definitely the last thing the game needs.

Fame Rework :
Sounds good but also way too ambitious with all the prep work needed to be seen anytime soon. (Fixing Dung Counter, Categorizing every Enemy, etc.) Actual Purpose for Fame? After that, maybe.
Not much Detail besides theres gonna be a lot of Bonuses ( though most are gonna be “tiered”) and it awards you for doing stuff contrary to current trainchar meta. Mixed feelings because things like Accuracy are actually nice.

Vault:Unified Vault is nice.Missed info about backpack trading besides “after flash is kill” (weirdly enough mentioned in letter 1).

Last but not least:
High Tech Terror :hot_face::hot_face::hot_face: 'nuff said


What exactly is the balance problem with ENDGAME characters “annihilating” EARLYGAME content?


The problem arises when it’s more efficient to steamroll earlygame dungeons as a maxed character than to actually do endgame dungeons. I’ve seen that situation happen in other MMOs, and ROTMG has it in spades.


There’s so much to comment on but I think this highlights the issue the best.

All of these proposed changes really won’t change anything.

Seriously, why do people keep crying about the pets? Why? It will just piss people off and honestly won’t have any overall effect on the state of the game.

I still say it just makes the desire to steamroll worse.


I am so not getting any of my characters exalted u-u




No they’re doing it in a bad way. Gold for ut conversion lol.


This isn’t implied by what they said or what the picture showed. The picture shows it being done with no cost other than the materials, so actually it implies quite the opposite.


The gold in the picture isn’t even the p2w currency gold, did you look at the icon more closely?


This seems far-fetched, but since RotMG is moving on Unity, meaning more stability, does it mean that items may become tradeble again?


From what I have heard, a lot of hacks have already been succesfully made for the Unity client. I wouldn’t be surprised if duping of some sort is still possible. I highly doubt we will be able to trade UTs in the foreseeable future.


It looks like its actually a gold gem, which is one of three different crafting materials (in addition to dwarf blueprints and a tiered equip). I assume the blueprints will be added to the caverns drop table, and I wonder how the others will be obtained. This will probably have a huge impact on the game unless it randomly drops from any boss. Personally I’d like to see one material drop from gland dungeons, one from court/event dungeons, and one from realm heroes.
I don’t think they will be event exclusive, because it seems like it will become a large part of the game much like pets— and just like pets there may be a p2w option and/or additional drops from events, but I doubt any of it will be event or p2w exclusive. In fact I think it would be nice if they added a strictly fame price in addition to any crafting materials, as this makes you work for your items. Maybe this is the big new use for fame we’ve all been waiting for, and it would be fitting unlike using fame for pets (ofc fame for pets is great, but fame for ut exchange makes a lot of sense because its kind of like a reward for doing X amount of dungeons, while gathering fame, and getting the white bag you didnt want)

Sorry if a lot of this comment didnt address your reply, I just wanted to add some thoughts that you inspired


Reading everything in this thread! There are a few things I’d like to specifically comment on, though.

Pretty much hit the nail on the head with that second point. A secondary effect of that is being able to still reward the players who aren’t even thinking about conscious grinding. A perfectly casual player should still be able to earn a fair handful of bonuses just through the achievements of their normal gameplay, while a fame-focused player can maximize it in a number of different ways without feeling too locked-down.

Based on this:


Don’t want to get too into details since those specifics are still up in the air, but the idea is not that materials are a physical thing obtained as drops. The concept is generally that a UT can be broken down into a mix of the three types of materials based on its value, and those materials can then be traded back for something else once you have enough. Still subject to change, but that’s the gist of it.


Can you please confirm if you’ll make exaltation more than just stat increases? After years of waiting for post-8/8 progression it’s just underwhelming, alot of people aren’t gonna be excited over another stat increase after pots that has no real difference, nor will gameplay change at all, no offense, it’s just that you have time to make it something else that increases depth and/or variety. I’m not asking for alot of details just any yes or no answer

(I guess it could raise drop rates but that wouldn’t make your character play any different either)


Oh I remember hearing about this in the past. If you can say, will rare items be purely the high level material, or will they have a some of each type of material? For example if a crown is worth 150 of the high level material to make, could I break it down to the lower level material to make, say, a puri?