Production letter - IllumiUnity confirmed, report on feature progress and other topics!


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What will porting to Unity entail?
The Death Thread
[WIP] The Challenge Dojo

Screw reading everything, this was what I was waiting for


did devs used the money to bought a tesla? that why they are running low on money?

why don’t open a patreon? i’m sure player willing to give some money for you if you gonna actually change the platform


Probably the excited I’ve been for realm in the last 2-3 years

that’s probably going to be very successful rip my 1.5 hiatus from spending on realm

Idk if patreon’s really for that but id throw in a few dollars a months… I think it’s a good suggestion buuut idk.

Fame rework and unity please make this game feel more fleshed out.


I enjoy reading this stuff here the reddit can always be a cluster fuck with the commenters.


Glad DECA is keeping up with the production letters, they’re always really nice to read.


Hey, what was that I was it for 0.1 second


I wanted to see if this thread could get moved to news and info, but I thought nevov got it, turns out he moved another thread.


fuck unity - but it must be done


Only the all powerful @moderators can move to #news Though they should probably change that.


Great to hear about pet, fame, and the new character.
I’m not really sure what the difference between flash and unity is (I know theyre different clients but idk what the effect will be). I’m guessing this will reduce lag?
I don’t really like playing in browser so does unity have something similar to flashplayer?
Btw very happy to see that DECA will be updating us regularly


What is Unity? Never heard of it.


It’s a video game platform, pretty common. You’ve probably encountered it before even if you don’t remember the name.


It will reduce lag, unlike flash, unity is still getting updated and can handle bigger games


Ohh yeah I recognize that symbol!


Also - more secure foundation and easier development tools; however, I’m not sure how they will be able to transfer existing code to an entirely new engine, while maintaining existing stuff in game.

If someone wants to explain I’d appreciate it


Just as a follow up – Unity, to my knowledge, utilizes primarily its own code (very similar to JavaScript/ActionScript - although it does have support for C#). I assume realm was written in one of those two, so it is unclear how it will be translated into UnityScript.


Reading those reddit comments is like going to a zoo for mentally disabled animals


sees new class
gets triggered
sees unity
" nah im sticking to steam "