It’s a simple client+server setup. No peer to peer connections, everything routes through one of several central servers.


So there should be no way to find peoples IPs?


Heh. Yeah, no. And thank goodness for that.


some one found mine the other day. They had the right location.


I went into a shats that was open with a key it had about 5 other people in it ( I crashed ) and he found my IP. So for keys does it go P2P?


It had to have been something else. Best someone can do is approximate and guess your location based on the server you’re connected with. By default the “best” server is the one most closely located to you. Ie, if you’re connected to Asia East, I could guess you’re in Japan and there’s a fair chance I may be correct.

While the game does share a lot of information about users with each other, your IP is not included. All they get is your name, equipment (for trades, UI, weapon shots & damage, etc), some stats, among other in-game related data.

If you’re not playing on an official platform (, steam, kong) then there’s no telling what other info may leak.

If you’re clean and still concerned I suggest contacting Deca and giving them as much info as you can, including times (including timezone) and the others who were with you.


I use Adobe Flash player stand alone. Could that be it ?


So long as you’re using it to load the game from either of these URL’s you’re doing it right and should be safe.


I am. So I guess the guy must have been a hacker.


Even then he shouldn’t be able to retrieve your info at will. Almost exclusively leaked info is as a result of the user being compromised in some way. To be able to break into a system to gain private info, as opposed to tricking someone into divulging it via malware/virus/etc, is exceedingly rare.

Given the circumstances I think it would still be worth contacting Deca with more details. Who knows what’s out there.


Side thought: you weren’t chatting via Skype or another online, browser based chat system outside of the game, were you? They’re known to leak IP’s, especially Skype and WebRTC based protocols.


I did contact Deca and I did not get a caring response. Also I only had realm running no Skype no Face book no nothing. Ill figure out how to do it in maybe a month. Not sharing any details on how I plan to do so. Thanks for your help dude.


Btw I was not even in my home server.


Well, I guess someone knows you in real life then.


Just a quick question - did you happen to come across a link that someone posted?

Some links have IP grabbers.


The whole story. I crashed a shats. Just me and the other people. I say there were 5 of us, 4 being apart of one guild and the 5th being me. kid says my city and says he will Dos me. So I left that shats. That’s it, nothing more, nothing less.


How did he state that he got your IP address?


If he knew, he probably wouldn’t be asking! :stuck_out_tongue:


He never said he had my IP. But he said he would Dos me and said the city I lived in. To Dos someone you need there IP and I am guessing that he found my city with my IP cus I gave no other info.


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