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So, I’ve recently been browsing realm ppe vids and I whizzed over this guy who goes by the name of Bdwubz, I haven’t really cared about them but jeez, I noticed alot of players play them, so let’s talk about them.


What is your general idea about pservers? Is it an issue?

  • I don’t really care.
  • Yes, It’s a big issue.

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Have you ever participated or played in a pserver?

  • Yes
  • No

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Do you think DECA should do something about them?

  • Yes
  • No

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It doesn’t really affect anyone, why should I care? if they want to mess around with the game they can. I won’t stop them.


Don’t care, yes, no




But, I’m discussing about how some players can leave realm and go there, Can I get banned for this? Also i’m trying to get opinions about DECA and their stand on pservers


I doubt it. Just talking about them isn’t enough. If you only play on a pserver, then you could be banned


It would be nice if the last poll had an “I don’t really care” option, like the first poll. Personally, I don’t really care about pservers enough to think they should be obliterated, but I wouldn’t have a problem if DECA felt the urge to crack down on them.


Not going to get you banned but you will find doc greatly frowns upon discussion around it


Then you’re not gonna get much of deca’s opium around here, unless Krathan or Silex post.

Obviously their stance would be against; just depends how harsh. IIRC Kabam was fairly strict where certain YouTubers (Teebqne ?) got bans for posting videos about them.

In terms of action they might take, I doubt they’ll do much unless it’s very clear a prod player is actively promoting the usage of one. Impact is too low–I’d wager lower impact than that of RWT–to warrant any substantial action.

Until it gets to a point where Deca is losing client base, and they can clearly point fingers at pservers, nobody will care.


Autocorrect ftw

But yeah, they don’t seem to be doing much bad, and I think DECA has other priorities.


pservers has a lot of interesting ideas. i sometimes play them when im bored. they arent exactly bad i guess


I dont feel that pservers should really be ‘dealt with’ hardly anyone plays them, and in most cases you’ll find more people in any server’s nexus than playing on any particular pserver.

Pservers are fun to mess around with when you’re a but bored with the game and want to mess around without losing any of your prod characters.
Hell, I even host my own private pserver to mess around with OP items like the admin weapons.


Basically what you can see is that nobody cares


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