PT #5 Cnidarian Reef


Please collect all feedback for the new Court of Oryx dungeon here!

Keys are available in a Mystery Box, however Craig does not currently grant access to the dungeon.

Public Testing #5 - Status: Closed
Public Testing #7 - Status: Closed

I hope you all enjoy the dungeon!


I thought the title said “Canadian Beef”…



Cnidaria Rod

An intricate scepter of unfathomable power containing the electric fluids of a jellyfish behemoth.

Damage: 150

Decreasing Damage: -100

wis mod shit, wis base = 50 like most, wis min = 40

Max targets = 6

Stats: +2 DEF, +2 DEX, +2 WIS

MP: 90

Feed: 900

Fame: 6%

actually very cool, damage goes up the more you hit

Bottled Medusozoan

A youthful jellyfish taken from the reefs of the ocean realms, residing within a coralglass jar.

Poison: Throws a stationary Cnidarian that does damage

MP: 130

Feed: 900

Fame: 6%


imageSo, an underwater creature. Can’t get on rn, but will this dungeon have similarities to the Ocean Trench?


@Niegil :thinking: What exactly does it mean by increasing damage

Also wouldnt it make more sense for a jellyfish to paralyze instead of heal


Yep, it uses the breath mechanic. If you’re not careful you can suffocate!

Negative decreasing damage means each subsequent hit deals more damage.


With every target, instead of dealing less damage, it deals 100 more.


The idea of the scept is cool, but what I’m interested is the poison. With the hivemaster helm, orb of aether, and the poison, that makes three abilities which spawn entities. My question is, when’s the necro getting one?


It’s a boss dungeon. The only similarities are a bit of aesthetics and the fact that it’s underwater.


Oof. Well, thats all of the CoO dungeons anyways.


Haha, you’re not the only one.


I vote that for april fools, it turns into beef, and the drops turn into these: April fools 2019 new items


I may be able to grill something up for that!

Note that I might not actually grill anything up for that.




This is hard ! It reminds me most of Shaitans, you are taking a lot of damage and there’s nowhere really safe. Ok, you can run away to the edge but then you suffocate. You come back in for air and you take serious damage and status effects. Nothing seems to do massive damage but slowly it chips away at your health and there’s nowhere to go when you are down to 100HP.

Done three so far, Nexused each time faced with imminent death having drunk a bunch of potions. Last time I tried with a Priest which did not seem to help.


Circle around it and you can avoid most of those shots or just time your dodge. Last phase is pure aid tho, keep DCing at this phase over and over again



Its nice and I like it!

It looks cool and the use of the suffocation mechanic again is awesome. It decently balanced and it forces you to go up close, without just putting you in unfair situations (mostly).

I do have four points to remark:

  • The orange/yellow jelly has a bit too much hp if you are soloing it. I dont mind the amount of hp the royal one has, though.
  • And in big groups the royal one might have a bit too few hp, it get steamrolled pretty easily. Which is sorta the mechanic of having a ton of people in realm (just my remark).
  • The last phase might be a bit too punishing on squishy classes, since you need to get up close for air but stay a little bit farther since the paralyze is devastating. (i like it in the middle phases, sorta to counter leeching)
  • And a minor point: When you are healing up/getting air the constant damage of the daze bullet might be too much if you have a low level pet, and dodging the daze when you want to heal up is annoying and insane when you want to catch your breath (pun wink wink)


I got a better boss for you, @Krathan


Just a sidenote: I was able to solo this on a Ninja. It was 8/8 and had a maxed Rare pet, but it’s definitely possible.