PT #5 Polish


Quality of Life

  • Guild Tab! The Friends UI is now the Social UI and comes with a few improvements, including a new tab for managing and interacting with your guild!


  • Tomb of the Ancients: the Chest Event boss trigger and Mark drop now happens when all bosses are dead.
  • Orb of Aether (and other future ObjectToss abilities): now requires the targeted tile to be walkable.
  • Disable Ally Projectiles no longer disables character firing animations.
  • new Fixed a bug that could immediately kill Skuld in the Haunted Cemetery without loot.
  • new Fixed and unified damage thresholds in Ocean Trench, Oryx Castle, Janus and various low level dungeons (Pirate Cave, Forest Maze, Forbidden Jungle, The Hive and Spider Den)


  • new Thessal the Mermaid Goddess and Coral Gifts now have HP scaling, Coral Gift base HP has also been highly increased.
  • Ice Cave: minions in the final phase now have multi hit attacks.
  • Ice Cave: Esben briefly stays invulnerable after spooky minions are cleared.

Public Testing #5 - Status: Closed

Sweet! This has been something that always kinda bothered me on the background. Never really realized it until now (though I’ve not seen it in action yet).

Necessary change. It seems there’s been a light trend of having loot-dropping enemies be vulnerable immediately, which punishes clearers…


Oof still nothing with MT chest, although then again that was only a problem during the event


They already patched that, actually.


I don’t think that affects anything as much as you might think.


It does, as I used to just hide behind others to avoid getting hit. No I actually have to dodge instead of stand still. It would now be more beneficial to clear as you would get hit less.


That’s fixed. The chest doesn’t get the blue invulnerable shield, it’s just immaterial for the first few seconds like Daichi.


I feel like we could have gotten a little bit more in the way of lag reduction, but all this is really nice. Now, if we can disable other players’ pets, then we’re gonna finally have lost halls running at 60 fps


Anyone have problem with the guild tab? I’m in a guild and guildtab says that im not in a guild… I checked entering in gh and i could… so i dont know what happened



Tomb of the Ancients: the Chest Event boss trigger and Mark drop now happens when all bosses are dead.

What does this mean exactly? If I get a white/pot/drop from Geb, will that drop once he is killed (without the mark) even if the other bosses are alive, or will it drop only after the boss room is cleared (along with the mark)? What about the other bosses’ loot?


Currently the event chests and other events in tomb are set to spawn when Geb dies, now it has been set to a new invisible entity that checks if all bosses are dead, this will also drop marks. Other drops will still drop from their respective bosses.




Can we get an option to turn off the firing animations then?
Pretty sure it would cause lag with 50+ people


Being as this is a thing, the mark (and quest) should be renamed to “mark of the ancients” and have like a pyramid on it or something like that.


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