PT: Challenger Mode #2




Reddit Thread:

Challenger is finally here! For those of you who don’t know what Challenger Mode is exactly, let us explain!

What is Challenger Mode?

A: Challenger is a special game mode that intends to provide a new spin on the game in limited time bursts, each season providing new self-contained goals and mechanical twists. In Challenger, everyone starts fresh and will be able to join Challenger servers for the duration of the season to complete objectives and claim exclusive rewards for the normal ‘legacy’ game.

The duration of a season will vary. The very first production Challenger season will have a classical feel with pre-Kabam content only and it will be relatively short.

How does the leaderboard work?

A: Being frequently updated, the leaderboard will rank the players with the most alive fame. You can check your own position in the second tab which will also show players that have similar amounts of fame as you.

Dead fame with all its modifiers will NOT be added to your final score on the leaderboard! If you die, your character remains on the leaderboard with the last fame-score he had.

How many characters will I be able to create each Challenger season?

A: With each season, you will be able to create a set number of characters. That number will be determined by us and conveyed to the community via the Challenger Rules & Explanation. Be wise with your character choice, because creating and then deleting still subtracts from your total characters allowed.PT A: For today’s PT session, there will be a limit of 5 characters total that you can create.

How does the Pet Yard work?

A hard pet level cap has been set at 50. Along with this, all standard items have no feed power values. Instead, pet food itself drops from various boss monsters to tie pet progress more closely into the gameplay cycle.

Drop tables for both tiered and untiered items have been revised to create a more reasonable progression curve over the course of a short mini-season.

Additionally, the Pet Yard can be upgraded for free, feeding is free and only Common and Uncommon pets are available.

Will I be able to trade with other players?

A: No. Trading has been disabled on Challenger Mode.

How do the Character and Vault Unlockers work?

A: The Challenger Mode is entirely independent of the classic/legacy mode progress.

All challenger accounts will begin with 2 character slots and 2 vault chests. You may also see additional slots/chests appear as quest rewards at the Tinkerer in some seasons.

Vaults and Character Slots unlocked in a season will carry over to future seasons.

What items will be available to purchase on Challenger?

A: Keys, Eggs, Dyes, Backpack, Loot Boosters, Pet Skins, and other Consumables.

Do I get to keep other items that I purchased on Challenger?

A: All progress made in Challenger Mode, including purchased or gained items, will not carry over between seasons, with the sole exception of unlocked character slots and vault chests.

What Dungeons are available in Challenger?

A: For the first season, the dungeon selection has been limited to pre-Kabam content, i.e. cutting off around mid-2012. You should be able to access the following areas:

  • Realm

  • Pirate Cave

  • Spider Den

  • Forbidden Jungle

  • Snake Pit

  • Sprite World

  • Undead Lair

  • Abyss of Demons

  • Manor of the Immortals

  • Ocean Trench

  • Tomb of the Ancients

  • Oryx’s Castle

  • Oryx’s Chamber

  • Wine Cellar

Other dungeons can and will be added to the list for future seasons.

What specific changes are present on Challenger?

A: For the first season, the following changes are present on challenger mode:

Following changes have been made to drop rates and items:

  • All stat potions are now greater stat potions

  • Drop rates of mana and life from Trench and Tomb respectively have been increased

  • Drop rates of tiered items from quest monsters, dungeon bosses, encounters and mountains gods has been doubled

  • Drop rates of UTs from dungeon bosses has been increased

  • Drop rates of UTs from encounters has been significantly increased

  • Drop rates of Wine Cellar Incantation from dungeon bosses has been significantly increased

  • Mark of Oryx drops from Oryx the Mad God 2 instead of Oryx the Mad God 1

  • Egg now only drop from dungeon bosses and encounters

  • Egg rates has been significantly increased for dungeon bosses and encounters

  • Only common and uncommon eggs are available

  • Pet food has been added to the drop tables of dungeon bosses and encounters

  • All items but pet food now have 0 feed power

Following items have been added to the drop table of the following monsters:

  • Red Demon: Skull of Endless Torment

  • Cyclops God: Murky Toxin

  • Ghost King: Ronin’s Wakizashi

  • Lich’s Phylactery Bearer: Prism of Dancing Swords

  • Cube God: Midnight Star

  • Skull Shrine: Scepter of Fulmination

  • Pentaract: Celestial Blade

  • Lord of the Lost Lands: Penetrating Blast Spell

  • Grand Sphinx & Hermit God: Candy-Coated Armor

Following changes have been made to monster exp:

  • All Gods: 100 XP

  • Heroes: 2000 XP

  • Lesser Encounters: 10000 XP

  • Encounters: 20000 XP

  • Crystal Prisoner: 10000 XP

  • Dreadstump the Pirate King: 300 XP

  • Mixcoatl the Masked God: 600 XP

  • Arachna the Spider Queen: 900 XP

  • Stheno the Snake Queen: 2000 XP

  • Limon the Sprite Goddess: 1000 XP

  • Septavius the Ghost God: 1500 XP

  • Archdemon Malphas: 4000 XP

  • Lord Ruthven: 5000 XP

  • Thessal the Mermaid Goddess: 15000 XP

  • Bes: 10000 XP

  • Nut: 10000 XP

  • Geb: 10000 XP

  • Stone Guardian Left: 10000 XP

  • Stone Guardian Right: 10000 XP

  • Oryx the Mad God 1: 40000 XP

  • Oryx the Mad God 2: 200000 XP

Who can participate in Challenger?

A: All players that have reached at least 50 base fame on any of their legacy characters alive or dead will be able to participate in a Challenger Mode season.

PT A: For this weekend’s PT session, everyone will have access to the Challenger Mode.

What are the rewards for playing in Challenger Mode?

A: The rewards for the upcoming production Challenger season/s are still a secret. In order to get some rewards in the real season, you will have to complete specific quests or place well on the leaderboard.

Changelog from last PT

  • Slightly reduced EXP from Tomb and Trench bosses
  • Significantly Increased Potion drop from Tomb and Trench Bosses
  • Increased rates of Pet Eggs from harder dungeon bosses
  • Fixed Pet Eggs dropping from Gods and Highland monsters
  • Increased tiered item rate from Highland Quests
  • Slightly increased top rate from Oryx 2
  • Reduced drop rate of Wine Cellar Incantation across the board
  • Fixed Jade and Garnet Statue spawning - Fixed Candy Gnome spawning
  • Fixed Beer God spawning - Replaced all Parasite Setpiece with Manor setpiece
  • Manor is now a guaranteed drop from Kage Kami
  • Fixed Janus being accessible in Oryx’s castle
  • Fixed Inc and Keys mentioning a star requirement on challenger
  • Fixed T9 Weapons having feedpower and Egg Omelette missing feedpower
  • Added post WS UTs to some monsters to provide a more varied experience for classes that are missing UTs
  • Quests are now 1/3/5 marks instead of 1/4/8 marks
  • Oryx should now distribute fame around itself instead of the killer
  • Leaderboard is now accessible in all safe areas
  • Leaderboard is now accessible in the top right of the screen
  • Leaderboard now shows next time until it updates
  • Leaderboard icon has been updated to a trophy
  • Added an error popup when trying to upgrade past the set limit
  • Items without feed power will no longer show feed power on the feed interface
  • Class unlock UI should no longer appear
  • Moved season info button
  • Added information to season info
  • Clicking on server will always bring up server selection
  • Fixed Taunts and Oryx Taunts not displaying correctly

Stream & Public Testing Time

I will be streaming challenger once again on Twitch at 17:20 PM UTC!
Come say hi!

Public Testing will be open from 17:20 PM UTC today to 8:00 AM UTC Monday 16th!

Once again post in this thread all feedback, as well as any bug you might find during the season, have fun and may the best win!

I’d also like to say congratulations to @Mrunibro for winning the previous challenger PT session.





Back to my old ways of being excited to play realm when I finally get off work.

5 Lives will be interesting I love the idea I just hope the realm won’t be too thinned out after a few days

What items will be available to purchase on Challenger?

A: Keys Pls no
Eggs Sure ,
Dyes Sure ,
Backpack Sure ,
Loot Boosters sure ,
Pet Skins meh ,



As in, why not let the Skull Shrine drop the Skull of Endless Torment?
…You did this just to spite me didn’t you ;n;


this lowkey annoys me too


Agreed. Why make a challenger mode when it’s still going to be sitting in nexus waiting for keys? Bad idea :\


Bug report: So i saw and figured out that you can’t trade and any items that you drop will be in purple bags. Well, i can add an item of any tier to the cyclops/red demon chests without it dropping in a purple bag, Which is helpful for starters but it can also be exploited as some sort of a “trade” mechanic.

EDIT: Just tested it out, it is possible. I tried it with a T9 item, it stays in and can be picked up. T11 items on the other hand drop in a purple bag instead. I can’t drop marks in it either, but i can put eggs in it.


This works for pink bags too; that robe was gifted by @zquidx ;-; im not legit

Forgot to mention this last PT session, would it be possible to order the tinkerer quests? I’m bad and take forever to find the right mark quest…


So it seems to work for any loot container. Interesting, I hope they fix this and nice find!


Idk why this happens but for some reason I cant get pas the tutorial on the testing server. It always says admin only? What should I do to play because I really want to


Change the server?


the thing is im not getting the option for challenger mode. do I have to make a new character for that?


No, When you load in and click “Play” you should get the option between Legacy and Challenger mode. Restart the game/browser/client?


If there’s gonna be keys, at least make them absurdly priced so that going into the realm is preferable xd
$15 tombs


Also another bug but forgot to take a screenshot: When i upgraded my pet yard from common to uncommon (for 0 fame), While i was still in the pet yard, i had my fame from the legacy game-mode. It’s nothing scary, i could have just changed my pet’s skin at best. Just saying that it happened and probably needs to be fixed.


still cant upgrade my pet yard past common!


It should cost 0 fame or 0 gold. Why is that?


says not enough gold/fame


Weird, maybe you came across another bug.


it was like that in the last challenger PT aswell