PT: Classes balancing part 1, Gigantic Cave(Fungal Forest + Crystal Cave), LoD, LoS




Hi all, we are starting a new public testing session today which will last until next Tuesday the 11th June 11:00 CET.

This new public testing session covers a lot hence we decided to have it accessible until next Tuesday.

You’ll be able to test a lot of content:

Balance changes:

Those changes are subject to change and are part of a bigger rework of certain abilities and classes. Please keep in mind that this will most likely not be the final version of the changes and that this is public testing.

Condition Effects:

  • Berserk: bonus to attack speed *1.5 > *1.2

  • Damaging: bonus to attack damage *1.5 > *1.2

  • Defense cap 85% > 75%

  • maxHP buff from paladin seals (and other sources) no longer heal the player when being applied

In addition to those changes, we are planning to separately look into the classes that will be the most affected in order to maintain a good balance with interesting trade-offs (e.g., Mystic / Paladin).

Introducing Immunity to crowd control effects and vitMod:

  • Some monsters in-game now receive an immunity to condition effects (stun, paralyze, daze, slow),

  • The immunity duration is equal to the effect’s duration *3 (e.g., stunned for 3 seconds, monsters cannot be stunned for 9 secs total),

  • Many monsters in-game are no longer fully immune to Stun, Paralyze, Daze and Slow effects (mainly bosses that had full immunity)

  • Players now also receive an immunity to the same effects after being afflicted by such condition effects

  • Players can no longer be afflicted by the same condition effect as long as condition effect is applied (no CC lock)

  • Immunity scales with the Vitality stat, the more vitality the longer the immunity to the condition effect will last.

E.g.,: at 75 VIT players benefit from an immunity of 50% of the duration of the condition effect received (stunned for 3 sec -> immune to stun for 1.5 sec after stun expires) (items affect the duration of the cooldown above that value).

vitality rework?
The Sky Sanctuary, an Endgame Dungeon by Sturky
Oreo and Mystic Buff

the gigantic cave has 2 versions, or is it the same this or just 2 different things entirely?


A very interesting PT. I’ll check it out later, but I’m kinda excited.


It seems to be 2 separate parts of the same dungeon similar to Shatters except each section is separated by portals


thats cool, so like a cross breed between cem and shatters, like that?


That is such a game-changer, lower defense cap means there’s no point in going for 43 defense anymore, and 38 is the number to go for, which means dps equips will become even more prevalent.


By the gods! What an amazing amount of content that somehow doesn’t include the Beework!

A nerf to Knight, for sure, but this also affects defense in general.
I’m not a big fan of this on paper already, since HP is already preferred above defense by most players; heightening the defense cap will hurt classes such as Ninja and especially Samurai, considering that they have the lowest health compared to their range.

Interesting. Wonder if this also affects swapping between two rings that increase HP with different values. As it currently is, when one swaps from a 120 HP ring to a 180 HP ring, you lose all of the 120 HP-boost before the 180 HP is applied, which is quite annoying.

Another big change! I can definitely see this making boss fights more dynamic and more forgiving. Full immunity is sometimes just too much, y’know?
But please don’t make dungeon bosses non-Immune to Stasis ;w;

Good for Reefs 0u0
Though I do feel like this may have some annoying moments - such as getting hit by the Marble Colossus’ Confusing+Paralyzing attack, and then getting hit again; in an attempt to Confuse control, not being able to in time.
We’ll see how it plays out.

Additionally, are the dungeons that have been re-introduced on testing a newer version, or have they remained unchanged?


The dungeons have been improved (more or less drastically) since the last PT.


I’m guessing their topics will be re-opened in a bit, then ^u^


Idk if its been done or not but can rock dragon have a better spawn chance on testing so we dont have to clear multiple realms before one spawns?


I have created specific portal to a fight with the rock dragon. They are at the back of the portals region.


Paladin, say hello to 2011 again (I’m sorry for you pal… I’m sorry) inb4, dropping Paladin’s base defense to 25

I guess sometimes is fun to revive the past?


Lets go, whoop, new dungeon


Not a fan of the berserk and damaging changes, as they affect other classes. However, I do agree that melee definitely needs a nerf. I’d say, either lengthen the berserk + damaging duration for other items (like orbs + st sull) or just stick with the sword nerf. I’m thinking the latter would be better.
I’m also not a fan of the def cap reduction. Unless it was specifically made with the intention to nerf every class (I’m specifically looking at samurai and ninja), I don’t think affecting def is a way to nerf knight. The immunities are cool, but I’d argue that the vitmod should make it about 15-25% of the initial duration at 75, not 50%.


Dragon is too easy, imo


The Crystal Cave still suffers from a few problems.

Namely, it’s long. On the boring side-long.
The blue-crystal dudes that charge at you suffer from stacked shots during their charge.
The black balls that have one eye and some crystals poking out of them are still vague in how they spawn the now Stun-inflicting pop rocks. Multiple of them can easily swarm the screen with bullets.

The boss fight, as I unfortunately experienced, is also still a bullet-filled battlefield.
The crystals’ high defense makes them a pain to temporarily stop, and one of the minions (I remember it looking blue? Again, a single eye) spams basically 1/5th of the arena with 160-damage bullets, at such a rate and speed taht you’re essentially forced to nexus almost immediately.
It was not fun.


maxHP buff from paladin seals (and other sources) no longer heal the player when being applied

Wow just remove seals while your at it, holy crap.


I don’t like the maxHp nerf. What’s the point of having a “heal” if you have to spam it to keep the max hp high enough to regen that amount. It seems to me that soloing dungeons on paladin will be useless for new players who can’t regen Heath or use the seal enough to get use out of it. Please correct me if I am miss-understanding this new change but it’s way too much imo.


Pretty much Paladin is turning in the old Paladin, sadly.
This will only be a good nerf, if more people start playing this game.