PT: Classes balancing part 1, Gigantic Cave(Fungal Forest + Crystal Cave), LoD, LoS


Agreed. Additionally, for the most part the only dungeons that are filled up are event dungeons. Since these are once-per realm it makes sense that it should allow all or most players to enter. Its only fair.
But maybe popped keys should have a lower cap. Every dungeon except shatters, lh, and void
can be easily completed with less than 10-15 decently prepared players (meaning experience, stats and equips). The only reason why I can understand the cap being higher is if it is 50 to ensure that an entire guild can join.
Additionally, the glitch? bug? compromise? that if multiple people enter a portal at exactly the same time they can all enter regardless of if it would he full MUST be fixed. Whatever the cap for dungeons is, 120 is much higher. Yet thats what I see in many (most?) void runs. Deca needs to come up with a way to enforce the cap, even if it is slightly less fair to people who click enter at the same time.


Very good idea! I hope deca implements this. Additionally, the key popper (and only him) could have the same drop rates as the “natural drop rates”


I would advise against comparing Realmeye pages, that’s not going to go well for you.

I thought all melees were bad, now Warrior is an OP class?

So what you’re saying is, the new update will make the difference between Discord groups and normal play less extreme?

That’s exactly what he’s saying: changing the way debuffs work makes classes other than those 3 more viable in endgame.


Assuming that I "threw my hands up and said “nope, reject” is untrue. I put a lot of thought into my response to this update. And while I like the new dungeon/reworks, the rest I do not like.


Anyone else suffering from some really frequent and long lag spikes?
They’re definitely server-side, as far as I can tell.


The US testing server appears to be struggling, try switching to the EU one


Probably lag. Did you tank a lot of shots before this video?


its been so long finally


Doesn’t seem like it. I dodged every shot for the last 30 seconds before that moment (other than that 150 shot that I took in the video)


Before I actually say my thoughts on the new cave dungeons, here’s what I have done:

  • solo tested both pet and petless classes, although primarily with petless
  • reached the boss of the fungal forest, although I haven’t actually killed it
  • never reached the boss of the crystal cave

Some things I’ve noticed in the fungal forest:

  • You can stasis every single enemy, including the boss!
  • Stasising the head of some worms causes the body of said worm to not shoot bullets and not move, making it super easy to kill (including the boss!!!)
  • Stasising the body of any worms does not keep the body segment still. They will be stasised yet move along with the head as if they weren’t stasised.
  • There is a room that has a diagonal line of blue (water?). The water in general slows down your movement drastically, and there are many chasing enemies in this dungeon. I believe this room is simply too dangerous, since there are times when you have to cross this, allowing the enemy to catch up and shotgun you.

Some thoughts of the dungeon as a whole:

  • The art style, especially the projectiles, seems completely out of place.
  • As a person who mains without a pet, I found this dungeon especially tedious to clear. This is coming from a person who clears almost any dungeon that drops pots, including snake pits. I honestly don’t know why I think this pair of dungeons in particular is tedious to clear, since I find lost halls fun to clear.
  • The combination of the time it takes to clear and its tedious nature is the reason why I haven’t tried too hard to actually complete the dungeon. I just didn’t have the motivation.

Thoughts about everything else:

  • The reworked LOD and Shaitans are amazing, despite it being difficult enough for me to be unable to solo. I have absolutely 0 complaints about it (I like difficult dungeons).
  • I agree with pretty much everything dys said about the class balances, and we both agreed outside the post that it would be better to rebalance all abilities with this in mind. For example, all shields including scutum should have the same stun immunity duration, so scutum is actually worth using.


The EU one had the same problem, though to a lesser extent later last night.
I’ve got footage of it happening at the end of a petless LoD solo, causing the Wyvern to be stuck forever (like I posted in the LoD rework thread).


Welp, testing’s closed.
At least we know this is coming for sure.

Edit: Rather than giving me the admin-only error, I apparently was denied access because Character class not available? I guess Samurai’s excluded from the Season of Pirate…




Wait you can use that mode on testing even when its closed?


Not afaik - that was just the error it gave me when I picked Samurai .w.


What is that, do you know? I haven’t seen that mentioned basically anywhere (Most likely cause I took a pretty long break)


See here!


what is that again I forgot


basically a ppe challenge server


Congratulations then. You have caught an example of stacked shots. Now, nobody enter this dungeon when it actually comes out or we all screwed to hell.