PT: Classes balancing part 1, Gigantic Cave(Fungal Forest + Crystal Cave), LoD, LoS


I agree with you. Discords are much more viable than disorganised, public farming. I think people are holding onto what was realm was, which is solo farming/play with random people as support. (I personally think that solo farming is more enjoyable, but I can see your point)

Discords remind me of organised raids in WoW, where everyone is in a voice call being led by a few leaders. Maybe thats where realm is headed, a generic mmo rpg.


But for many people, that’s not what they signed up for. It’s not fun, and it certainly isn’t the chaos of it all that drew many people in (or at least me) in the first place.


Oh tysm


I thought all melees were bad, now Warrior is an OP class?

Different players have different goals in rotmg. My goal is to gain as much fame on a character as possible and collect as many whites as possible.
I view melee as the worst class in terms of long term survival.
It’s a fact that melee deals the most damage. So if you want to kill a boss the fastest melee has to be the best choice.

Take a look at Oryx 2 and Dirty Tombs. Personally I feel that Tomb is the most important dungeon in the game to complete for player progression because it gives you access to lifes and reliable feed power. Let’s say you’re farming the knight st set and tomb rings to feed your pet.
If you want to kill as many Oryx 2 as possible before you die, assassin is the best choice. You’ll get sb every time and you basically have no chance of dying.
If you want as many tomb rings as possible, assassin again is also a perfect choice for tombs. You have a very low chance of dying.

So what you’re saying is, the new update will make the difference between Discord groups and normal play less extreme?

I think it will. I also think that this is a problem because as I told Steelpit the general population is not capable of doing Halls, Shatters, or Nests reliably. We can disagree but I think that changes like the beework should happen first. In the months following the change the discords will still be the only way to do these dungeons. So pretty much every single halls run will be more miserable.

We need the realm element of rotmg to return. That should be the number 1 priority. People on the forums have already suggested several ways to make this possible. Implement natural dungeon drop rate buffs, have godland creatures drop their respective pet skins, make realms take longer to clear but have guarunteed enemies (there will always be one Hermit god event each realm).

A straight up nerf in my personal opinion is a bad move. You’re just going to end up with lots of people longing for the ‘old days’.

Probably the best example of this is rotmg event chests.

One of the reasons I don’t like Deca’s recent approach to event chests is the fact that about a year ago the event chests were actually good. I made a post about this before. The fact is it penalizes newer players while the older players can sit back with their loots. I literally got 20 skins from the wlab event last summer (the one right before motmg).

Deca should have kept event chests special with respectable drop rates. What then ended up doing was having an event chest every week. And it seems like every week they whittled away at the poor drop rates.

If this nerf goes live all people will know is that when they log on Halls will be harder and the loot will be the same.

Try telling people that their job will have the same hours but lower pay and see how they like that.

That’s exactly what he’s saying: changing the way debuffs work makes classes other than those 3 more viable in endgame.

Unless I’m missing something, debuff immunity will overall hurt most of the boss encounters.
Para immunity is a nerf because currently you can perma paralyze the tomb bosses and megamoth. Paralyze really doesn’t matter for any other boss.
Slow immunity is a nerf because there isn’t any boss where slowing them makes a game changing difference. Again, the only things that you want to slow in the game (crusaders most importantly) can easily be perma slowed with a large group.

Stun immunity may not be a nerf depending on what monsters are now no longer immune. As many people mentioned previously though, stun immunity on bosses will lead to lots of sudden and unexpected deaths because there’s no reliable way to know when a boss is stun immune.

Daze immunity also depends on what monsters are now no longer immune, but it is likely a nerf because you can perma daze lots of pesky bosses currently.


I’m sure that many people would agree that the halls is so worth it right now that an analogy would be going from $15/hr for working in fast food to $12/hr for the same job. (I use fast food as an example for a minimum wage job. Not intended to spark debate on how much ff workers deserve). Its still quite high pay for the amount of work put in.

Imo the only sb items that would not be worth it are cuffs, garms, new tops, and the cult skull and staff. Cuffs arent all that great so I wouldn’t try specifically for them anyway. Garms are a great offensive hide, and its nice to get if you’re clearing anyway, but they will be skipped by the group more often and would not be worth killing on your own. The new tops (other than the rings) are barely upgrades to the o2 tops, which makes me wonder why people do voids for those specific items even before the nerf. The Skull was never worth it in the first place. Staff is very unique but I think any class is fine without it, though with the current difficulty of halls I try to keep a spare at all times.
For all other sb items, nobody will think twice about farming for them even with a longer boss fight because they are all amazing. (The cult robe and ring are often overlooked but cults still have another very important reason)
Cults will always be done in raids, over and over again. It is by far the easiest method of gaining life and mana in the game. If you can run a LH with 1.5x buffs you can still easily do the cult with 1.2x. As long as you have certain maxed stats and are aware of your position in both clearing LH and the cult, there is a very slim chance of death except for rare cases (for example a cru and spooky coming into the same room)

*Edit: the difficulty of a cult as I represented it is probably a bit biased as it took me about 20 runs to feel 95% confident. But with discords as they currently are, 20 runs isnt a lot to do. Even if you nexus or die during a boss fight or clearing, you can still listen to the rl to learn about the following phases.
LH will be slightly more difficult. It will take longer to complete. But it will still be by far the most popular dungeon in terms of whites and life. If spending 30 minutes instead of 20 to get 2-4 life (talking about average) is too big of a difference for you, you can close realms for the chance of a sphinx in order to get possibly 3 life (but more likely 0-2 unless you go into a realm with very few people)


Remember when Paladins didn’t give that hp boost at all and only had the healing/berserk? It’s kind of like that, but there’s now that hp boost (that gets filled in by the healing). Honestly, this should have been how it was introduced in the first place. Newer players that never got to experience that part of the game can just adapt.

The defense cap drop isn’t that bad - it will encourage new players to learn to dodge better/manage resources, and doesn’t really affect hp-prioritizing end game. Also,


I can enter it

Edit : It’s admin-only now


The nerf to melee buffs are a little bit too draconian and not entirely necessary. A better way to nerf melees is to:

  1. Apply a roughly 5-10% damage nerf to to swords, or decrease warrior and knights dex to 45 and don’t touch the swords.

  2. Increase the warrior’s helmet’s buff range (make it harder to self-buff)

  3. Give a cooldown to all tiered seals (3-4 seconds). The maxHP buff healing on spacebar press has become a really important part of the pally’s identity. However, it’s broken because it could be spammed, allowing a constant source of heals as long as the pally still has mp, which destroys the debuff of sick. This is a far better nerf than taking away the healing on spacebar and makes pally more reasonable. If you do this, you should up pally’s dex back up to 50.

I personally am okay with the defense nerf, but this isn’t going to be a good idea. The debate over this essentially boils down to skilled vs noob players. The defense nerf ends up being an annoyance to pro players at the most because most of us take hp rings anyways, but it will harm noob players more because they depend far more on defense rings in the early game. Of course, players will adapt, so I doubt that this will do much in the long run. It may be safer to make the cap 80% than 75%, but this is a good way to decrease the ability of pets. It was also a good idea to add a vitmod just as the defense nerf is being rolled out. It seems fine as is, but y’all should publish the formula.

The monster effect immunity is a really good idea, as long as the immunities are only applied to dungeon bosses, this is really good. It should not be applied to most enemies. Need to have indicators showing when mobs are immune to something and indicators to show when an effect is about to disappear (although this does apply to every status effect). Triple the duration of the initial effect is a little too long, a better number is just 10 seconds straight (so Scutum isn’t totally useless). An interesting application is to give certain endgame dungeon enemies immunities, just no as long. For example, the slimes in lost halls can get a 5 second immunity from stun.


75 vit = 1.5*CondEffDuration = CondEffImmunity
Therefore, it’s quite probable that the following is true:


Pretty neat, isn’t it?



.25 seconds of confusion, that’s even worse. Less time to switch to confuse controls


The immunity will be for some of the debuffs, confuse will not be one of them (stunned slow paralised and daze)


Of all the debuffs, confuse screws me over the most, but they aren’t allowing it to be part of the vitality mod


Didn’t you literally just say vit mod would make confuse worse


I mean for that specific thing.

yeah I made it seem like I meant confuse in general. Mb


You would have a 0.75 second immunity to Confuse, should it apply.
It does not modify the actual duration of the effect.


I’m not understanding what you mean. Do you mean if that applied to those confuse bullets, then you would just be completely immune?


Doesnt seem like a problem to me- arent tiered shields meant to be direct upgrades of the tier below them


If it were like that, yes.
A more practical example would be being Slowed. If I were to be hit by a bullet that Slows me for 3 seconds, and I have 75 vitality, I would be immune to Slow for 1.5*3 = 4.5 seconds after being hit, which translates to an effective 1.5 seconds of being both immune to Slow and not being Slowed.


Can anyone give advice for being mastering confused controls quickly, I know what happens but I can’t lock the pattern in my head, cuz I know that there is a pattern


That’s the pattern. Up is Right, Right is Up. Down is Left, Left is Down. Also rotate right and left are switched

As for memorizing it, I can’t give any really good tips other than to always use confuse controls when you get confused and to memorize them/practice. From my experience with confuse, most people end up panicking and start pressing random buttons. Instead of doing this, try and practice your confuse controls.