PT: Classes balancing part 1, Gigantic Cave(Fungal Forest + Crystal Cave), LoD, LoS


This just makes abbys practically impossible to rush for newer players. Pally was the only class that could rush with a rare pet.
This would lead people to clear. Clearing can take a long time when you solo, but clearing Abbys are harder because the monsters can insta you, abbys are long, and there are way too many dead ends. Boss may be easy, but it it doesn’t matter if you can’t even get to the boss.
Just nerf Abbys if you’re going to do this.


The abyss nerf is not a good idea, although.


Another PT another acc in use


Played 30 min in a dung crash at the last phase of the boss
Can’t play


Honestly, you’re probably right. Bring back pally heal reee


I can’t play on projector, I get this old version, which is in testing when I’m on web, but it doesn’t show as testing on projector and also let me choose from prod servers… What to do?


. this happens when i try to make a character


I’m going to post my comment from the Reddit post onto here, since I feel like I’ve made some valid statements here and there.

  • Dungeon reworks, I have no issue with. Ivory Wyvern could’ve remained the same, but that’s a personal thing.

  • Such a massive nerf to Berserk and Damaging is quite unnecessary. It harms group play by a large margin, when really, it isn’t the status effects that are the issue; it’s the classes that use them. With sword nerfs, however, this will not be the case as much, outside of Mystic, which gets two separate DPS increases.

  • Lowering the Def percentage cap was ultimately unnecessary, what with how much damage varies in normal play. However, with Armored in mind, it’s going to be a lot less effective, which in turn will harm 3 separate UTs, with one being especially prevalent: Marble Seal.

  • Removing the instant heal of HP Boosts is… mixed. On one hand, it did make Paladin like an off-hand Priest, but on the other… you have to heal all the way up to your new Max HP. An easy way to fix this is to simply remove the interaction of instant healing when you have Sick, which is when it’s most abusable.

  • Adding more immunities to enemies can help in the long run, but it depends on where. I’ll hold back until there are more details.

  • The formula for immunities is not very good. It would be much more practical to, instead, have it be like Stasis, in which there is a set time regardless of effect duration. This, however, could change depending on the status effect itself. It is not inherently bad, but it could be done better.

  • Players receiving the above immunities may be odd, but again, I’ll hold back for now.

  • Not being permanently locked into a status effect is definitely something worth keeping. Permanent Paralyze/Petrify is a major issue in Lost Halls for some phases.

  • Vitality modifiers could’ve gone any way. They could’ve been used on specific abilities to affect health related things! Say, they could’ve made Skulls heal more, made HP Boosts bigger rather than Wisdom doing it, made Tome heals bigger while Wisdom increases Healing… so on, so forth. But… you went with status effect durations. Why? What relation does Vitality have with this? It’s much like the relation between drinking milk and literally being poisoned in Minecraft, in which there’s very little correlation. This is something I definitely disapprove of in the way it was done, though Vitality Modifiers are something I’m definitely a fan of as a concept.

This happened on the Reddit comment. what.


Edit: Added Fungal forest thread’s link.


These are some big changes to the game that I’d rather not see.

Dungeon releases and reworks are fine though.


I don’t like the other changes but making VIT an actually useful stat (outside of new players) is really cool and I’ve always wanted something like this since wismod came out.


6/6 testing feedback
Rock dragon
Base HP of the body segments seems a bit much when testing alone. Lowering it a bit and then adding HP scaling would be fine I think. I had no real problem with the original fight, but I enjoy the new phases and lack of confusion.

Visible VIT modifier
Will there be a way to tell how much VIT affects the immunity time in-game? In the Wildshadow days you could hover over your stats and the game would tell you what they meant. This would make it easier to decide whether investing in VIT using equipment is worth it.

Debuff immunity on player (tested by DewwyRyan)
Slow/stun immunity are functional, paralysis doesn’t work (tested with Tomb scarabs/turrets and OT seamares)

Defense cap nerf
I like the idea, making small damage enemies more threatening, but nerfing defense as a whole is a poor decision imo. Defense already gets beaten by armor break, armor pierce and just general high damage projectiles, which is a reason why HP is so widely prefered over it. I would instead just raise the damage of certain enemies (example: flying brain, hermit minions, etc) and nerf the effect of armored for players (example: defense 1.8 instead of 2.0).


I like how paladin’s ability can be sumulated by swapping between an atk/dex ring and an hp ring. Honestly it sounds reduculous even saying it but I bet you couldn’t tell the difference. I can look past the stun changes and maybe the def nerf but this paladin nerf is too much.


Shaitan now has a different notable issue - the clustered…ness(?) of his shots makes it nearly impossible to stand in between them, and the prediction factor also makes it extremely difficult to effectively sidestep them or outpace them (at least, on a Samurai with 55 spd).


Deca pleas forgive me but I saw a youtube video of a private server that seemed to have a good idea for perma debuffing. I won’t name it unless requested by staff because it does break ToS, but in his case it could be beneficial to the discussion.
Basically, they give status abilities a cooldown longer than their duration. If a stun lasts 3 seconds, the cooldown on the shield could be 5 seconds. That way, it requires you to have a second person who can inflict the same status effect in order to chain. Maybe make the cooldown double or triple so you need 3-4 of the same class to successfully perma. Not to mention it would most likely fail anyway due to lack of coordination (people using abilities too early or at the same time). This can also be applied to enemies, where you need to have, say, 3 behilders to perma blind you.

A random question:

What does this mean?

Another question:
Will beneficial status effects also be affected by the cooldown? If so, it is important to remember not to apply vitmod to these as having higher vit would be detrimental. Additionally, speedy is a bit of a grey area. Its great for rushing and sometimes dodging, but in LH you certainly don’t want to suddenly get speedy and run straight into enemies. Would this be put on cooldown if it is considered a debuff vs a buff?


Let me just say: Voids without paralyze immunity are a mess.

I like the new dungeons, btw.


I do not agree with decreasing the effectiveness of the group dps buffs themselves. I feel that it’s unneeded, and balancing classes should be about what the class gets from it’s ability. For warrior, I feel that it should not have 5 seconds of speedy from helm, 2 is enough to get out of sticky situations and doesn’t result in the highest damage class in the game also being the fastest. I also think that removing paladin’s instaheal capabilities severely nerfs the class, far more than almost any counterbalance it could receive to justify it.


Make sure you’re using the right link:


Good I think this will help priest among other classes for sure, perma quiet was always pretty annoying



Is it suppose to be like this?

The boss was out of the boss room for a lot of phases