PT: Classes balancing part 1, Gigantic Cave(Fungal Forest + Crystal Cave), LoD, LoS


Is it suppose to be in this dungeon too xD?


The rock dragon is to easy. It seems like the removed the bs, but only made the rest a little bit harder


just dont let it run over you when it switches to 3rd phase or u’ll get insta’d


SO far I’ve tried lod, rock dragon, and shaits. All AMAZING dungeons. My only problem is with shaits. Theres still literally no point in running it. The whites are trash and it doesnt drop any good pots. Making it 10X harder is just gonna make it even less popular


But… the skull is getting changed


If you are going to release the cave dungeons, please make the crystal serpent’s (the boss version) segments paralayze immune. In the final phases it becomes and absolute shitshow if one of them paralyzed, let alone several.


well, […] it is then, if this comes through im gone.


After slaughtering the lesser dragons I had then begun my righteous crusade against the grand Ivory dragon, alas many shots were fired, and spells bombed, but it seemed as if the souls got stuck and I couldn’t cast the last breath out of the foul Ivory dragon.
(Souls got stuck(?), couldn’t finish the bugger off.)

Could it have been the electric pet doing funky things as they spawned?


Voids in a Nutshell :smiley:




Another thing: I don’t like the new Ivory Wyvern sprite. It’s quite pretty and it is a wyvern, but it dos not fit what it was before. I liked the eastern dragon concept of it, as it was a good way to make it stand out from the rest. But now? It just looks like some fat walking lizard, not a final boss of the dungeon. Granted, the eastern dragon concept wasn’t final boss-like, but at least it had a good style and difference, and it looked way more ivory than the current one.


if you’re a new player, why are you rushing?

in my experience, clearing an abyss isn’t all that difficult nor does it take that long. and that’s certainly not big enough of a deal to justify leaving pally in his extremely broken state, there is way too much healing going around a group of paladins, which contributes to the indestructibility of gigantic player mobs.

actually it’s both. the sheer DPS of giant player mobs is largely due to the berserk/damaging buffs being constantly applied to everyone in the group. the combination of HP scaling, minimal SB thresholds, and large groups of people carrying each other with overpowered buffs makes it so that your equips (especially your weapon) don’t matter at all. you’re not going to feel the difference between using a T2 staff on your wizard and using a T13 staff, and neither will anyone else around you. the difference in damage between the two weapons is minuscule when compared to the overall damage of a huge group of players with the berserk and damaging buffs, and SB thresholds are so low you won’t be missing out on loot either. in a game where equipment is pretty much the only desirable reward, having it be rendered useless by the giant mob strategy running rampant through the game right now is a bit of a problem.

that’s exactly the point. and with mseal again, it contributes to giant player mob indestructibility. you’re never going to die in the presence of one unless you’re being really dumb, and death is kind of important. if there’s no real threat, there’s no challenge and the “game” just becomes a loot drop simulator. (which is kinda what it is now btw)

having anything permastunned at all is a huge issue. if a boss can never attack, it’s not really a game. you just run to the boss, turn it into a chest, hit the “chest”, and repeat.

paladin doesn’t deserve any counterbalance imo, he’s that overpowered and needs nerfs. around 1/3 or 1/2 of any group of players is either a paladin or a warrior, even though there’s 13 other classes to choose from. that doesn’t seem reasonable to me, idk about anyone else.


Because of paralyze ^^


Am I right in thinking the defense cap nerf also affects enemies? If so that changes weapon effectiveness a bit.


Reducing the amount of DPS you gain won’t fix that, I’ll tell you that real quick. It’ll just take longer, because they’re not going to stop.

It’s not a flaw with the status effects, it’s a mentality that people are used to. Reducing the quality of those effects won’t make them change their mentality.

This just… no. Even if the range was buffed since the original, the only classes that are actually going to become super invincible are the classes with very high Defense: Melees. The problem doesn’t lie in the status effect at all still; here, it lies in the class itself. And I can cover each of the three items that has it, with only one of them really being… unreasonable.

Helm of the Juggernaut is a little underpriced in terms of MP, but it’s very reasonable. You remove your speed in favor of double defense, for 1.5 seconds less and a bit more MP. Warrior having to as a tool isn’t bad, but with an Acropolis and Pyramid, you gain 38 Defense on top of 25, resulting in ridiculously high Defense. That’s a class issue.

Marble Seal is also very reasonable, but for different reasons. Due to the fact it’s stationary, unless you’re able to pretty much stand still, it’s going to be very hard to use. And if you are able to stand still, there’s no risk in the first place, and it won’t matter. Paladin having it as a tool isn’t an issue at all, and it isn’t even too big a problem with Paladin itself as Paladin doesn’t get the same amount of fair treatment as the other two in terms of stats, and it’s giving up one of its most powerful tools that is universally versatile in favor of a very situational one. The very high defense at no risk of their own ability for surrounding Melee classes is a class issue.

Tome of Holy Protection is the only item on this list of Armored-giving items that does need a change. High heal, and while it gives up Healing, it gives Armored instead, for some more MP. It can also go up to 6 Seconds with 75 Wisdom, with both Marble Seal and Juggernaut landing a solid 4.5. I don’t mind this one being changed, as it’s the only one truly OP on the list, considering the fact it still heals by a large margin (and large radius) while giving the Priest an extremely powerful tool for the longest duration of the three, all for just a bit more MP, when the class already gets 133 more than all other classes that don’t wear robes.

Normally, I think you’re a pretty reasonable guy. But this… this is something I can’t agree with, by any means.


oh yes the most unfitting change in an item ever that’ll definitely make it worth using outside of organized runs



not sure you should be able to do this


Nop. KiddForce will fix it.


Anyone else think these new dungeons are too op? If you’re not a rushing class (tanky classes are pretty useless) you’ll have to clear to the boss. Sonce theres no tp-ing, the main group may never reach the boss if there are rogues and tricksters in the group.

Also question about the mushroom boss: does the platform shrink over time or is it by stage?


Finally I can have them max divine pets 100/100/100 on testing.