PT: Crystal Cave




The pt server is closed. Thank you for your participation.

Hi all, we are starting a new public testing session today which will last until Friday the 26th April 17:00 CET.

The focus of this pt is a wing of a new dungeon we are creating.

Explore the Crystal Cave and discover what lies in its depths.

As a wing of a bigger adventure, this dungeon is a bit smaller but will provide a tough challenge to players.

This dungeon is aimed for high level characters. Some dangers and enemies will require bold moves from the group.

It features:

  • 6 different types of monsters
  • A boss fight designed to present a different encounter on each fight.

It’s still in beta but we wanted to see how it behaves in large group.

I’m looking forward to reading your feedback!


Server is still in Admin only mode.


It better not be a huge letdown


Edit: Actually pretty cool, and according to Toastrz the sprites are placeholders.

unknown-105 unknown-91


Server is now open!


Got an account in use nice xc


First solo of the dungeon, it’s pretty eBic.


ew that sprite


says i have the wrong password


This was unexpected


okay this is epic


Just saw the first “big” gem land 1 spell on it insta disconnected





This is a crystal prisoner dungeon, bet guys bet


So dead water where ?


Ddocks incarnation like heroic udl


if used on pcaves it’ll be too common even when you need tunnel rat you never find any pcave xc


I dunno it’s used on davy or on the skull shrine or cube god or even pentract


Logged in, instantly got dc’d logged out and then login error


After 20 minutes still acc in use


Went inside one, fought some enemies (already pretty interesting shot patterns!), and got logged out by a login error.
I take it the servers were restarted, considering @DrRobotick’s similar issue.

Edit: Nope, seems like they’re all down for the moment.