PT: Crystal Cave


I can’t get into the server, admin only :<

This is so sad, Alexa play Rising Sun by Five Finger Death punch


Ice Cave never really match LotLL anyways.


Another thing that really bugs me is the erratic movement of the enemies. Most non-bat, non-giant-pile-of-crystals seem to have Buzz as their main behaviour (which is when an enemy charges towards a player, but keeps going after they pass over them). It’s really annoying to deal with.

The large crystals also spawn in numbers that are maybe a bit too big. One or two per room I can understand, but things get a little insane when there’s five of them - especially considering their def is relatively high.

This also makes it a lot tougher to effectively use weapons that are good at clearing, since those usually possess low damage, but high fire rate/number of shots/spread, meaning that against the enemies’ high def, they become pea shooters instead.


Did they remove the orange thingy?


I think this dungeon should remove the ability to tp to obviously not let people leech and sit in spawn room.


It’s a shame testing is still down due to that dc bug. The server was brought down right in the middle of a run I was doing. I hope it’s back up soon so I can try the dungeon some more and gather feedback!

Gonna post what info I gathered so far of the dungeon for those that didn't get to try it yet and also some of my opinions about it.
It's also a huge wall of text.

So far I’ve soloed it on wiz, knight, warrior and ninja.
The dungeon was definetly the easiest on knight and warrior and the hardest on wiz due to the fact there are a lot of shots that dont really do a lot of damage for the most part, but with not enough def the numbers get pretty serious.
The way to the boss was pathetically easy to rush through on all 4 classes and ironically the most dangerous enemy on your way to it is the yellow pop bat, everything else can be easily ignored.
The wall blocking the boss is just a big annoyance, it’s way too thick and has way too much hp, I’m not sure what’s the reason behind it.
The boss room is fairly big with the boss right in the middle, surrounded with big colored crystals (the same crystals you can come across while clearing/rushing) in a pentaract-like shape.
The boss on his 1st phase cycles through 3 out of what seems to be 5 (could be more that I haven’t seen, correct me if I’m wrong) different guardians while firing various shot patterns at random. The guardians (names of which I made up cause I didn’t really have the time to suicide my characters to each of them individually) are as follows:
-Ice scorpion: The sprite is pretty much identical to the one in the ice cave (but shrinked). In his 1st phase it circles the room while firing ice spikes of varied shape (and damage) and planting mines which shots look pretty much identical to spooky’s, though they deal far less damage and aren’t very punishing (the mines seem to also deal contact damage). Then after a while it goes into its 2nd phase (changing its sprite) where it goes armored and chases the nearest player while constantly laying the ‘spooky’ mines, this is the phase where you want to damage it since in his 1st phase he’s pretty hard to catch. After a while it goes back to phase 1 and the cycle repeats Overall, takes a while to kill but doesnt really hit that hard, fairly easy to take down.
-Lizicle: The sprite is again pretty much the same as in the ice cave (also shrinked). The way this guardian works is that it picks a random crystal, after which it will spread ice shards to the neighbouring crystals. After a moment, they will start releasing a large tsunami of icicles that in combination with the boss’ shots and poor positioning can lead to a swift death. For this guardian the safest place is in the outer area of the arena, you will still probably take some damage, but not as much as you would in the inner area. So long as you follow that, it goes down pretty easily without much risk of dying.
-“LotLL beast”: The sprite certainly resembles a LotLL enemy, however it is definetly unique unlike the previous two. Its attack pattern is fairly simple, it will first circle the boss while spawning pop rocks, and then do the same while circling the crystals. After a while, it will stop, after which it will fire ice spikes in all 4 cardinal directions (it fires in a similar fashion to the ice cave’s lizicle), then diagonally and then repeat a few times before restarting the whole process (though this time without circling the boss). Overall, this guardian is very easy to take care of, and since it doesn’t move while firing, it’s fairy simple to find a safe spot and just fire at it relatively safely (only having to worry about the crystals’ and the boss’ shots).
-“Yeti”: Honestly uncertain if it is a yeti or just some other sort of snow monster, but whatever, the sprite is certainly unique. The way it works is that it keeps chasing the player, during which it:
Constantly fires a low radius AoE (like the walking horror),
Constantly spawns ice pop rocks that leave a trail of ice and ice shards that it throws on top of the nearest player, which slow everyone in its radius (they also perma-paralyze anyone who sits right on top of them),
Occasionally fires a regular grenade.
It’s relatively simple to deal with this guardian, just keep running around the arena (prefferably outer area) and you’ll be fine.
-’‘Eye monstrosity’’: The sprite seems to be some sort of dark bluish creature with a single eye. This is by far the most dangerous guardian you can get. While fighting it, similarly to the Lizicle, it will pick one of the 5 crystals at random. Whatever you do, NEVER stand in the outer area near that crystal (prefferably also not the 2 neighbouring ones, but to a lesser extent), because after doing so, it will begin barraging the area with 2 shotguns of 3 bullets each in a large cone at a very quick pace. They deal a serious amount of damage so trying to outlast them (at least on a robe class) is not advised. The way to go about this guardian is (after it picks a crystal) to go right behind it. In addition to the shotguns in the outer area, it also constantly spawns “mines” of medium damage pink shots around it and fires 2 rays of icicles that keep nearing the center of the arena, but stop in a way that by standing right behind it you will avoid any damage from them. Your main concern during this is the shot pattern of the boss itself, since it can make dealing damage either pretty safe or extremely risky.

If I had to sort them by difficulty from hardest to easiest it would be: “Eye monstrosity”>Lizicle>Ice scorpion=“Yeti”>“LotLL beast”

2nd phase of the fight: After killing 3 guardians the boss grows substantially in size and the outer area as well as the center get flooded with what seems to be a lighter version of evil water. The crystals begin to fire bursts of 5 shots into the center and the boss keeps cycling through different shot patterns just like before. It also occasionally floods the arena (which it signalizes with red floor markings like Janus) or spawn 5 (once I got 10) ice pop rocks the yeti has. As fight progresses it will release up to 3 seals which it signalizes with text. They have a lot of hp and fire quick bursts of fast medium-damage projectiles (if you happen to be on top of one) and move around the arena. Due to their massive hp pool it’s better to just focus on the boss and avoid sitting on any of them. They will disappear upon the boss’ death.
Additional notes and opinions about the dungeon:
All pop rock shots dont seem to deal any damage (yet), though the ice trail from the ice poprocks definetly deals damage,
Crystals can be momentarily deactivated by dealing enough damage (this goes for both dungeon clearing and the two phases of the boss), which is a cool mechanic I guess,
The way to boss is pretty straightforward, there are no dead ends and the enemies are pretty easy to deal with, none of them deal any significant damage (except for the yellow pop bat while rushing that was previously mentioned) even in fairly large numbers,
The boss fight without enough dps takes excruciatingly long, the hp and hp scaling definetly needs to get looked into,
As it is, the only really dangerous guardian is the “Eye monstrosity” and even then, you will most likely only die from it because of carelessness or lack of concentration,
In addition, I really dont like how the 4 pink shots it keeps spawning around it just appear out of nowhere, giving you basically no time to think of a way to position yourself to take the least amount of damage possible,
The “LotLL beast” feels pretty lackluster compared to the other guardians, it also doesn’t help that it’s the easiest to beat,
During the 2nd phase of the boss it’s really hard to dodge in a way that will lead you to not taking any damage, sometimes it just forces you to go through the shots whether you like it or not. That can be pretty problematic for squishier or unmaxed on def classes,

So far that’s all I got, I’ll probably update this if new stuff about the dungeon gets released, probably.

Edit 1: Updated some of the info


The dungeon itself gives fairly much exp and is easy to rush, so leeching isn’t that big of a problem and disabling tps would turn it into the same shitfest that the shatters are.


When will the server be up again?


I hope I’m not the only one who got some serious Pokemon Mystery Dungeon vibes here. Didn’t expect to get with that Nintendo nostalgia in realm.


watch it drop a prism, orb, waki, star, dagger, sword, bow, quiver, trap, ring, heavy armor, leather armor, robe, poison, cloak, katana, wand, staff, scepter, tome, spell, shield, helm, or seal


Hopefully a prism or helm.


damn bro. u smart as hell.


would you wear a crystal helmet?.. sounds even worse than wearing the head of a giant deceased bee


A crystal helm that grants invincibility instead of armored like a jugg.




Is testing still down or is it up again?


Nvm, just checked, down :v.


The last part of the fight gave me nostalgia of the Zakum boss.

Could you make the walls into a door that requires us to defeat crystal guardians? The wall just seems boring.

Also you could make a debuff that’s the opposite of energized (fatigue?) and then make the boss inflict it so it adds a challenge.


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