PT: Crystal Cave


usually tersting stays open for 2-3 days


They’ll probably extend it a day or so because of this, hopefully.


they probably will do that for sure. no need to worry


Still not up. Guessing it’ll be back tomorrow?


more like never.


Logged in as fast as i could and bam another acc in use …


Update: The PT is open again! You can now help with the technical test of the new dungeon





only me got dc ?


nope I got dc’ed as well

and got logged out :frowning:


like wtf


got dc’d as well but

The boss is much better now, although the use of status effects is basically non existent.


Looks like i’m not the only one


I forgot my testing email and password as well :sob: rip


What should i do? I can’t log-in, it keep saying that i wrote my login incorrectly ;(


u in?



oh nvm its back


lmao i didnt know my pass so I sent new and it still didnt come


I have a question tho. Did you use your rotmg login? Because when i wrote my rotmg login it said incorrect.


nah I used a different login