PT: Crystal Cave


ok 20 mins waiting for new pass still didnt come




Wait which login did you use then? E-mail?


why did I randomly dc and get logged out.


probably the same problem like yesterday. : /




Incorrect password :v.


There seems to be an issue with the seals spawning, sometimes I’d get a fight with all 3 present and sometimes with none of them.


u atleast fighting. i am waiting 40 mins for new pass : D


I’m back in.


enjoy it, as much as u can!


Update 4/25 : The technical pt highlighted some issues that require us to stop the pt. However, we are thrilled by the interest you have shown. Be sure we will do another pt soon with an improved version thanks to your feedback.


How soon is this gonna be, the shutdown that is?


Right now, admin only.


I’m still on at the moment, that’s why I’m confused.
EDIT: Now it’s closed.


Love ur diligence for ur work! keep it up!


Just soloed it a few times,

To start a question:
During the breaking of the seal phase is it intended for us to kill the blue things, as i just killed the boss while completely ignoring them and the entire encounter disappeared, was this intentional?, I do have footage of the runs if anyone would like me to upload them.

Some Feedback

For experienced players with a legendary pet or up could easily solo this without much difficulty due to the lack of status effects compared to other dungeons such as the crawling depths or even the toxic sewers. The mechanic of disabling crystals momentarily to have some breathing room is wonderful however in its current state the crystals pose no more threat than the actual monsters themselves, who don’t deal that much damage and are easily bypassable given the structure of the dungeon,

In comparison to the cursed library, the dungeon is open and allows for fast melees to run straight to the crystal walls with little to no resistance. whilst the cursed library was a labyrinth of rooms filled with monsters that had a variety of effects.

The bosses are interesting and can catch unsuspecting players of guard during their firsts runs as did I but with a bit of experience each encounter (boss) is fairly easy due to the attacks being limited to one of the five directions thus allowing much breathing room for players since the Main crystal 's attacks are fairly easy to avoid and are not too punishing if you are quick. The side crystals also shoot fairly slowly and are not punishing if struck by any as they are weak and pets out heal them. At its current states i imagine groups can just ignore the side crystals and purely just dps the boss down.


Adding some difficulty to rushing the dungeon as there is no point clearing at this stage,

Adding maybe some status effects to the monsters and provide greater punishment for being hit by the crystals such as paralyze or slow, perhaps give a colour crystal a unique status effect which groups need to pay attention to.

I noticed that you were teleported upon entering the boss room, perhaps using that mechanic with the mobs that may catch unsuspecting players offguard with random teleports etc to add variety to the boss fight. perhaps even separate the pack into small groups that have to fight and regroup again.

Once again this was done solo and i understand you were looking for feedback in large groups, I Hope this helped.



It’s a new dungeon, if that doesn’t interest us there’s a major problem lmfao


that look nice :smiley: cant wait to try it


So you guys decided to name this Crystal Cave instead of THE LOST LANDS?

Who in their right mind decided this…