PT: Crystal Cave


Potentially it’ll be called the Lost Lands…


So why not call it the Crystal passage or path?


Or call it Crystal Crossing and go full on Mystery Dungeon :thinking:


Crystal Caverns sounds better to me.


Update 4/29 : We are currently running a technical public test.


Just tried it again, with two other people. Did not DC early this time; did 2 or 3 rooms then teleported to someone who had rushed to tackle the wall. Then spent about two minutes trying to follow the others, not take too much damage, work out what I was meant to do, before being disconnected.

First time trying the boss as two previous attempts had led to disconnecting after a couple of rooms. The boss room is very confusing, hard to tell what is decoration, what is dangerous but needs avoiding, what is dangerous but can be shot, and what needs to be shot to actually progress the battle. The latter seemed to be an enemy from the ice cave, but it did not seem threatening enough to be the boss.


Woohoo. But for how long? I haven’t yet been able to try the cave due to school and sports.


Is nothing supposed to happen after i beat the boss? no bag or portal?


It said my password was invalid(on my momma it wasn’t) first time testing, I used my normal rotmg login…?


If you used your normal login, it will not work, make a new acc


So testing and normal acc’ts are 100% separate?
How was it known who tested LH, because the testers’ main acc’ts were given skins as a thank you.


It’s not like the testers and the UGC team never talk to each other


So the UGC had talked to(in testing servers) and
got to know the real IGN of all the testers? Statistically a fat amount of ppl would get left out, unless skins went to testers that made themselves known in a thread like this…
Still folks would’ve gotten left out.

If I’m wrong someone call me out


You have to be a part of the closed testing group to get the skins.


So like a handpicked invitee from an admin. That makes sense how they know ppl on a 1 on 1 basis. Thanks


The crystallized cyclops is a bit too ridiculous, you have to basically be in the middle or else you get shredded.


Honestly this new dungeon seems like it will be awful. Duo’d with a warrior while I was a pally, the war rushed, killed the few enemies in the last room that attacked us while fighting the wall, fine, boring. The boss, same thing, fight the stuff, fine, boring. The actual crystal entity seemed like it might be a problem if you were bad at dodging and had low defense and no heals. I see no reason not to just have 2 priests with ok pets and just outheal everything because why not. It’s a pretty dungeon that is made trivial by any skill or healing, both aren’t even necessary.


While the Crystal cave gives a fresh breath of potentially new content to be added to the game, I can’t help but feel confused about the dungeon’s design. The overall aesthetic and look of the dungeon gives off a vibe that I have seen this somewhere before, but can’t lay my finger down on what.

Clearing the dungeon is a bland task despite the enemies being new, and maybe the one thing I can applaud the dungeon for is the bullet-hell boss fight, which is a genre I’ve always loved and so it seems kind of natural for me to like it.

Other than that, the boss fight feels very incomplete. The transition from one random guardian to the next with the same line of dialogue makes it look like no progress is being made, and genuinely confused me halfway through my solo fight because I didn’t know if I was supposed to be trying to destroy the crystals or the guardians. One of the guardians that shoots a rapid machine gun should be toned down or give ample warning of its attack, as it throws many people off-guard and kills them almost immediately as well. Idk the other guardians too well, because I’ve already gotten bored after 2-3 crystal caves.

Sorry if this criticism seems rather shallow, it just feels like…it doesn’t fit in RotMG? Idk I can’t really explain it, the dungeon just feels that way to me.


is this a serious comment or a subtle yet knowing nod?

if you’re actually having difficulty finding what looks familiar about this, someone else mentioned on this thread that there are strong similarities between this and the Crystal Cave/Crystal Crossing from pokemon mystery dungeon. I have no idea if that’s the actual inspiration for this dungeon but that’s what it looks most similar to to me.


A bit of both. I swear I’ve seen the dungeon’s design somewhere else before, but I’m unsure about where I’ve seen it. Thinking about it further, I might have seen the resemblance on a particular private server, but I haven’t touched that for so long so I might be thinking it wrongly and it comes from somewhere else. I do know it isn’t from Pokemon because I’ve never played nor watched Pokemon before.