PT: Crystal Cave


I also immediately thought of a stage from Nuclear Throne.
I just find it interesting seeing what games the designers may have taken inspiration from. Nothing wrong with that, it’s an inherent part of the creative process.


Indeed it is, I have no problems with that actually, even though my post may come off as me putting the design resemblance to another game as negative, it’s more of neutral. If game designers or artists aren’t allowed to take inspiration from anything, we would have far lesser content in general and improvements can’t be made to existing ideas. So yea, I do accept and encourage the game designers to take inspiration from other things.

Maybe “crystal cave” just so happens to be quite a common location in RPG games overall. :stuck_out_tongue:
That probably explains why it feels so familiar to me


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i mean…fingers crossed…


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Although I definitely think the Crystal Cave has seen some improvements (namely the visuals - really nice touches everywhere), there’s still some issues that need to be addressed. Some minor, some major.

The blue, buff-looking crystal monster has stacked shots while charging and shooting to its sides.

I personally think that the stunning rocks spawned by the one-eyed…black ball with crystals sticking out of it? That thing’s rocks, they’re unintuitive. You just see them coming out of nowhere, and they shoot quite a bit of harming shots that also Stun you for 3 seconds, which is quite some time for a player. Take a few of them (something not too uncommon) and you’ll easily have something that’ll overwhelm players.

I still dislike the boss fight’s hectic amount of shots. The crystals don’t really add a lot to the fight except be annoying and wear down anyone with a lesser pet.
Additionally, one of the minions has a stupidly powerful, wide, rapid shotgun that shreds through pretty much everything. Anyone running for the first time will be forced to Nexus if that thing appears like that, because it’s just unfair.


Don’t know if this has been said before, the sudden 100 damage terrain change after the crystal entity spawns is complete bullshit. I just lost a character that way. There is no warning given, and I stayed around the outer because it was easier that way. Well, don’t do something like that; at the very least, make the Crystal Entity SAY SOMETHING THAT WARNS THE PLAYER before suddenly changing the terrain.


The crystals can spawn on rocks.


Sometimes the pop rocks don’t shoot in the directions I’d expect them to. Not sure if bug or feature.


The 5 crystals in the boss room are complete worthless. If you have a somewhat decent pet the shots do a negligible amount of damage and are just pesky. Unless the intention is to make it more chaotic and make the player unsure what to prioritize dodging it is wasted. In the event that the player has low defense or a poor pet the shots just make it difficult to move around with the mini bosses which doesnt make it challenging per say rather tedious. If the drop table gives top tier loot that is best in slot for some situations you could reduce the shots (to say 2-3 targeted shots rather than radial shots) and increase the damage substantially to force the player or group to dodge. If the drop table is mid tier consider reducing the size or amount of shots from the crystals so the player can focus on dodging the boss’ or mini bosses shots. Just my two cents after slogging through on a couple characters, some of which was with a 100 heal pet in which the last phase can be face tanked.