PT: Cursed Library, Lair of Shaitan Rework and Lair of Draconis Rework


Edit: Now closed! See you next time!

This session will likely continue until Monday. However there might be some interruptions tomorrow morning since we need to prepare changes (not related to these dungeons) for production.

Characters will start with old tops (T11, T4, T12, Expo, Exa Def, Exa HP) and the maxing apple is available.

Later on we will activate higher starting gear.

Cursed Library: Fate of the Switches
Testing Server Potato Feedback

Oi, thats pretty epic


Looking forward to it :smiley:


Yes!!! Please!!!

…Wait, it has no link? Are you still typing it out, per chance?


It will come in a few hours max.


Aww I really liked the old Shaitans fight. Well, I hope this rework is nice,


As did I, but it got very annoying if the group DPS was too low especially during the final phases.


Shaitans rework: The small hands spawn too excessively, it’s as if the balancing team tried to compensate for like 50 people constantly DPSing. Usually shaitans only has like 4-5 people. The dungeon has too much going on for the tiny space that’s given to you.

Suggestions would be to increase the re-spawn times of the small hands, reduce the shot density of the later phases where the ground shrinks, and stop with the random silencing on top of the ability to be weakened, paralyzed, and slowed. That’s 4 status effects in some phases, and you can’t get rid of 3 of them because the tiny hands re-spawn constantly, the boss is always there, and the silence is completely random.


Where are you getting silenced? :thinking: Don’t you mean quiet from the phase where the hands explode? And I don’t think you get weakened unless I’m forgetting something.
Agreed on the tiny hands though


New Shaitans, dude, new shaitans.
It has weakened, silence, slow, and paralyze in some phases.


Ah great that’s just me being stupid. I haven’t been on the testing servers yet :woman_facepalming:


If you’re on discord on realm discord, hit me up, I would love to run a couple with you


Shaitans got a massive buff. I hope the drops were buffed as well i aint doing all the just for a def tinc.


Yea, the dungeon got a massive buff in difficulty, even in a group of 10 people, it’s insufferable, currently shaitans only takes like 2 minutes, in a decent group, and it’s still not ran as often as other, harder, dungeons.


Agree with SexualGod on the fact that there’s too many hands. It’s currently way too unfair for me to solo – even my Warrior with Pixie couldn’t kill the hands fast enough.

I suppose the spawn rate and maximum number of spawned hands could be scaled proportionally to the number of people in the dungeon to make it more balanced.


how to be part of it? sry im new ^^


When will the test server activate also will we get keys to test out these changes?


Test server has been activated and the portals spawn near the realms


Shaitan is harder than before
LoD is way easier than before (shot hitboxes are way smaller, don’t even bother to dodge most stuff)
Green Dragon ( Limoz) is annoying cause of his billion artifcats.
the melee Phase for the Obsidian dragon is dangerous.

The new Dungeon:

Rushable on every class
Boss dmg isn’t much and also easily doable on every class.

I like the concept of the boss tho, it’s pretty cool.


Hitboxes are the same size throughout the game.