PT: Cursed Library, Lair of Shaitan Rework and Lair of Draconis Rework


If that’s the case i am indeed confused of the shots in LoD, might be because they are that small? I honestly don’t know, but it just feels like I described it.


Sprite size changes might give the illusion of it for sure, it does stay constant though.


its a good dungeon, i enjoyed it. the boss concept was good too unique compared to most if not all of them.

So is this supposed to be a dungeon thats dropped by a beholder? because it feels like a god land dungeon.


I’ll be free in about three to four hours I’m in college right now. I’d gladly run some dungeons with you too :smile:


You can find all of that info and more on the designated feedback thread.


Haven’t tested Shaitans yet, but so far I can give you feed back. The Cursed Libery needs a portal of Cowardice on the end of the Troom boss. The LoD seems fine, I’ve done black, blue and green, (tried red too, but it’s hard for me to solo). And I don’t know when does the drop happen? Did you forget about drops or does that happen at Ivory Wyvern. Well that’s what could be improved from my side, but everything you do is great I love you!!


i have done a lod with a partner (wiz+necro) and it took really long for the ‘shit’ loot

shaitans is nice but should be easy with a big group, but though that the ground switching really often it dc me (well known bug)

the new dungeon is really nice

for webclient


You need to say a prompt in order for the portal to spawn, for example “mreyeball” and the eyeball will tell you about himself and then spawn the exit portal.


i think the books should be 200 damage they are slow moveing and easy to dodge punish ppl for runing into them


Can you guys add more fame? (like 1000k more fame) Then give us all 5 chickens with 10000k fame power each
(atleast something to get full divine, i wanna learn rushing lh’s but i can’t with a shitty pet)


Public testing is only for testing the new content. Scroll up a bit in one of the PT posts (can’t remember which one) and Nevov explained somewhere that PT is now limited because of people who tried to play only on testing bc of easier drops and that.


Yeah, i always try and test it atleast sometimes but sometimes i just get bored and see lost halls in nexus so i go grab a trickster


Cursed Library:

I really liked the concept of the dungeon and the idea behind this. It’s nice, that you actually see the hidden switches after you defeated the first boss. I couldn’t find anything that would actually require a balance or change in the dungeon, it seems well balanced with a great idea behind it.

LoD rework:

The rework was surprisingly great. I didn’t expect it to be that good. It seems balanced for the most part, even so the green dragon was very bullet-hell like (don’t think it should deal less dmg / less shots tho). Only this that could be changed is the time it takes for the loot bag to spawn. If you are new to the dungeon you may just run to the next dragon, thinking the loot would drop inside of each dragon chamber. Also, I’m not sure if that is intended, but I didn’t like that you are able to use the new dragon potion on 8/8 characters and it just disappears.

Shaitans rework:

The Shaitan was kinda overwhelming. I expected it to be harder and not that much dps based (like with the quick killing of hands), its easily possible to solo the hand phases, when you kinda switch your focus between both hands. I think it might be a bit too hard in some phases, especially the later ones, so that it is not actually worth taking the risk when you only have a small group (and if you are not an endgame player who basically solos everything), to get like an attack potion. I could only understand this difficulty if the loot gets increased to like a life potion and tops dropping.

I hope you may consider some changes from my feedback (even so there are not many changes I would make) and keep up the good work. c:


i’d love if LoD loot could get buffed with the LoD buff. this dungeon is a lot hard than OT.
otherwise i REALLY like the new changes and the direction deca is taking this game. the lod and library both feel and look great to play.
also, the new seal is pretty underwhelming. +20 wis is literally just 7 mana restored over the duration. sure it does boost wismod classes, but for 200 mana that’s pretty pathetic.


Also side note for anyone else who hasnt maxed their pet yet (like me)
the apples from the shop are 10000 fp each and free


The thing I noticed is that new dungeon is not in ‘‘duneons’’ section for count, so maybe that might need to be added. :slight_smile:


Maybe not really life, since it’s preety fast dungeon to complete (I guess, I am not really sure about new one) A mana would be fine. Since it’s price droped too…


I’ve randomly dc-d in around the same phase in ‘Green’ of the reworked Lair of Draconis. It’s one of the last phases where the dragon has a continuous defence of shields following him that need to all be killed before he becomes vulnerable. It’s usually when I’m running around the outside and happened around the time I walked through the water (Since Blue was killed earlier) Not sure if that’s the cause but with all that is happening on-screen, it sounds plausible.


Are you playing on browser?

Just making sure since that’s been known to not be too stable with Testing causing people to disconnect more than normal compared to if they were playing on projector.