PT: Cursed Library, Lair of Shaitan Rework and Lair of Draconis Rework


Just to be clear, the Draconis Potion isn’t a stat pot. It summons a random dragon spirit for a few moments to cast a helpful status effect, so it’s not wasted by being used on an 8/8.


New dungeons will be unavailable for 2-3 hours while we need the testing server to prepare for a push to production.


By which I think you meant…

…cause we can’t login for now.

But that’s a really quick push to prod from just a single day of PT.


The push does not contain the same content as the public testing, they just use the server to do a quick test of the build that is about to get pushed to make sure everything works properly, after that PT will be back.


Testing is back open and the dungeons are available again!


Still getting admin only, I’ll give it a few more minutes though (I did restart client a few times to make sure).


Edit: nope, 15 minutes later and still server is admin-only. ;/


The lod rework is very nice much easier to solo.


I’d suggest giving us all the changed UTs + Library UTs so we can test em too.


Nice idea, but will deca do it🤔


Should be fixed now.


Hmm, perhaps it’s just a me problem. Can anyone else verify if testing is still admin-only?

Edit: Fixed, thanks Deca :slight_smile:

:000 we spawn in w/ better items now :DDD

Edit 2: @Krathan newly spawned characters aren’t maxed, and can’t consume apples of maxening :c


Oh my lord I think the library is my favorite Deca era dungeon to date there’s so many cool concepts, enemy designs, and the troom isn’t something that you can just steamroll. I’m really enjoying it!


Er, not sure if they already fixed that, but I managed to consume mine just fine…


Should also be fixed now, though characters created before the fix might need to be deleted/suicided.


You should add free pet eggs to the nexus along with more fame and feed.


Every time you add new UTs into testing, i think we should get them in an mbox so we can utilize them and see if they need a nerf or buff


New LOD is pretty fun other than black dragon being a bit annoying.
Library is pretty good and relatively simple.
Shaits seem more tedious to solo but with the paralyze spam.


My only problem from shaitans is that the risk doesn’t justify the reward. The only time i can image people running it is during a chest event. I dont see people going out of their way to choose this over oryx, which is easier and more rewarding. I think a nerf would be warranted to the damage, maybe the mechanics are fine. Overall, the other dungeons are great and am excited to spam library, my favorite one so far.


New items are out; test the four new UTs (dagger, tome, waki, seal) that drop from the Cursed Library, and a reworked Sullen Blade from LoD! Available in the mystery shop.


The New Shaitans portal does not have a flashing/disappearing animation.
LoD has more variety in the boss fights so nothing much to talk about here.

Cursed Library is a neat and some-what challenging dungeon. Here are my opinions on it and its items:
(The Cursed Library is basically the main attraction to this update so I’ll put my focus onto it)

Troom in Cursed Library should be bigger. The Troom entrance should do more damage after being activated.
Some or one of the flying weird tentacle blood things in troom can be stasised.

The Corruption Cutter should do more damage from 75-90 to 90-120. If damage my damage is too OP then I suggest a bullet shot pattern change. Maybe giving it a staff style or make it at least curve in at the end. It should also have a 6% fame bonus to fill in the missing dagger out of the Bulwark, EP, Demon Blade, Void Blade and Doom Bow. (Or I maybe crazy to want to fill in the missing dagger)

Ronin’s Wakizashi should have a 4-5% fame bonus or change the 200-300 damage to 150 - 200 to match the 3% fame bonus better match the weapon’s value. Maybe change the shot pattern to come from the players left and right like this > \ / and cross the shots like an X. (hopefully the example of the shots doesn’t mess up while posting…) /.\

Scholar’s Seal is a nice addition considering the other UT seals are very hard and rare items to get, but I think it should cost less MP. Take into account being level 20 doesn’t guarantee 200 MP on paladin. I think that the seal needs at most 190 MP, but my opinion is that it should have 160 or 170 MP cost. MP costs is the only problem I see with this Seal. I’d think a 6% fame bonus would be nice C:

The Necronomicon has got to be one of my favorite features of this dungeon. The curse on self as well the enemy is an awesome addition, but I think it should have -10 vitality, -5 speed and 10 seconds of enemy curse. Considering that the only existing tome that really helped a priest’s dps is a rare and in an annoying dungeon to solo let alone no one runs them unless there’s an event. And as you may have guessed, I’d like it to have a 6% fame bonus too.

P.S. The Cursed Library is an amazing dungeon and a special thank you to the lead Toastrz for making the dungeon a reality.