PT: Cursed Library, Lair of Shaitan Rework and Lair of Draconis Rework


Everything is nice and all but I think Shaitan and the LoD bosses should have a higher drop rate on pots such as 2 pots in a bag or even make Shaitan drop a Greater Potion of Attack. Ivory should drop up to 2-3 pots in a bag as well.


yea I m sometimes getting 0 from lod bosses or just prpl bag with draconis potion, also these green small bugs in library should be less deadly, and that mage or something who is shooting white shards, deacrease his attack rate or nerf damage by like 5 or 10 points


is this supposed to happen? im going thourhg all the different options and havent come across this yet (last dragon is different tho)


Altar has a chance to choose randomly to spice things up, so yes intended.


Thats pretty cool, hoping it wont happen too often until im done trying all the combinations


I can’t even load to the menu, just a white screen, is the testing server down?


Doesn’t seem like it is. Works just fine for me.


When he shoots the stunned shots it’s too hard for melee classes to get damage



Literally all of my other links work, including regular prod, I wonder why testing isnt


Try to post specific feedback in their threads:
:point_right: Cursed Library Feedback Thread: Grab Your Library Cards!


Testing is now closed, thanks everyone for joining us! Remember to leave feedback!


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