PT: Cursed Library release




PT is closed. Thanks for your participation.

Hi all, we are starting a new public testing session today which will last until tomorrow (Thursday) morning.

The focus of this pt is to test the new release version for tomorrow’s update.

End of Easter Events

  • Magic Eggs no longer drop
  • Egg baskets & Easter Eggs no longer spawn in the Realm
  • Mini-Biff Godland Enemies (Mini Easter God) no longer spawn in the Realm
  • Oryx the Mad God 2 no longer drops a Portal to Heroic Undead Lair
  • Septavius the Ghost God no longer drops the Heroic Undead Lair Incantation
  • Heroic Undead Lair Incantation remain usable but can no longer be purchased from the Nexus

Cursed Library:








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If you didn’t catch this dungeon in its first run of public testing, please check out this thread for detailed information!

A number of changes have been made since then, which have been laid out below.


  • Flattened out the top of the spawn room to be more consistent with the rest of the dungeon’s architectural style.

  • It is now impossible for two Enlightened Beholders to spawn in the same room, and they are rarer in general.

  • Lips of the Lost and Hands of the Helpless are slightly more common.

  • Soulless Scribe, Scholar, and Student have darkened colors to be more consistent with other monsters in the dungeon.

  • Enlightened Beholder sprite has been changed to aesthetically match the environment and other monsters better.

  • New and improved vanishing animation for the Poltergeist.

  • Lips of the Lost now inflict Quiet.

  • Literature Waves from Book Bombs inflict Dazed instead of Weak. Similarly, Avalon’s waves now inflict Stunned instead of Weak. Both forms now pierce armor.

  • Corruption Phantom now telegraphs its direction switching in the rage phase by shooting out its radial slowing attack a second before toggling, rather than at the same time.

  • Three new prompts added to the Realm Eye.

  • A number of typos or instances of unclear phrasing in the Realm Eye’s dialogue have been fixed up.

  • Corruption Cutter’s max damage lowered from 90 to 85.

I will unfortunately be unavailable for most of Thursday, but I hope everyone enjoys the release tomorrow provided nothing goes catastrophically wrong with this public testing run!


Only 2 pieces of the archer set? Is this just a partial release?


dunno if i was too quick then but like 10ish min ago then was still the bunny chest, and it also dropped an magic egg


no, the two other parts drop from Davy


afaik nothing seems wrong with the library
im glad its coming soon, was looking forward to it quite a bit :smiley:

and thanks to you for making it


The boss is like 5 times easier on a ranged character than it is on a melee.

Also no proper equipment for testing again?


Lol I use priest and it took like 5 min to solo the boss


It says tomorrow’s update, so I guess it will be updated tomorrow.


Why are they posted twice?

A reason to do Davy’s!


Are the eggs. It dropping live or in testing?


I like the quiver and the bow really only


LETS GO finnalyy a Huge update what took u guyys so long I tested this dungeon like a month ago

also when is lod rework comming why is it taking so long


Dunno probably still working on minor bugs.


nice, a new dungeon coming out soon


just cleared the boss and troom and it’s still a pretty good dungeon.

edit: nvm I saw it now.