PT: Fungal Cavern



This is the first wing of a brand new dungeon, you will adventure through a multi-part cavern and discover the mysterious creatures and eco-systems that lies within.

The first part of the dungeon is called Fungal Cavern, a lost mine overrun by mushrooms and other dangerous critters to block your path, to proceed forward you’ll need to collect crystals, 25 to be exact to activate the drill and your path to even deeper below…

There’s more than the needed crystals for you to collect so you can approach this dungeon in a open-ended way. Does a room look sketchy? Maybe try to turn back and see if you can get all the crystals without having to go through that room.

For this dungeon we are aiming for a very high level of difficulty (Shatters/Nest/Lost Halls) and want your feedback regarding that.

Please note: Drop table currently implemented is not the final one.

Please also note: Crystal Cavern is not a part of this current Public Testing session as we want to make sure it is in the best state possible and takes into account all of your feedback from previous sessions. As such we have decided to split the upcoming release of Fungal Cavern and Crystal Cavern to make sure both areas receive the focus that is needed.


Currently the general environment is still rather WIP, but we would like to know what you think of the atmosphere and general colors of the dungeon which aren’t usually present in dungeons of this level.


There’s 18 mushrooms divided into 6 families of 3 members: Melee, Mage and Leader.

Alongside those mushrooms are 5 additional Cavecrawlers, a spider, a bat and 3 vicious worm-like segmented enemies.

Brown Mushroom Family

Mushroom Brawler: Follows players while dealing AoE damage around itself.

Mushroom Alchemist: Throws grenades in rapid succession towards nearby players.

Mushroom Chieftain: Leaves spores around it before starting to charge player with shots and an AoE attack once under a certain amount of health.

Red Mushroom Family

Mushroom Soldier: Circles around player before attacking it with dangerous shots and stun shots.

Mushroom Oracle: Shoots shots towards player before circling and shooting shots around itself.

Mushroom Keeper: Shoots towards players until its HP is low enough, it will then do its best to sit on you with its Armor Broken shots and its AoE attack.

Blue Mushroom Family

Mushroom Sentinel: Follows players slowly while shooting quickly in a circle around itself.

Mushroom Stalker: Shoots staff-like boomerang shots towards the player.

Mushroom Guardian: Shoots a spiral around itself, goes faster on low HP.

Yellow Mushroom Family

Mushroom Rogue: Goes towards the player to shoot some spores before running away.

Mushroom Mage: Runs away from player while shooting a wave of projectiles.

Mushroom Sorcerer: Shoots omni-directional shots at high frequency before creating big waves of
projectile while backing off when at low HP.

Green Mushroom Family

Mushroom Brute: Aggressively chases players shooting shots in a V formation.

Sporadic Mushroom: Aggressively chases players shooting a line of shots.

Mushroom Berserker: Aggressively chases players shooting shots in a V formation, starts charging constantly with an omni-directional shot pattern when on low HP.

Purple Mushroom Family:

Mushroom Champion: Follows players slowly while shooting a spiral around itself.

Mushroom Caster: Wanders around shooting 2 spirals in opposite directions.

Mushroom Shaman: Sits still while shooting complex spiral-like pattern, changes if low on HP.


Cavecrawler Webslinger: Shoots web at player to slow them down before charging with dangerous stingers.

Cavecrawler Bloodsucker: Shoots 3 shots at players while leaving 1 stationary projectile linger.

Cavecrawler Glowworm: Follows players, becomes faster the less amount of segments it has. Once only the head remain it will shoot a omni-directional pattern.

Cavecrawler Leech: Circles players, becomes faster the less amount of segments it has. Once only the head remain it will shoot extremely fast.

Cavecrawler Maggot: Charges players, becomes faster the less amount of segments it has. Once only the head remain it will shoot shots almost covering a full circle.

Boss: Crystal Worm Mother

The boss of this wing is the Crystal Worm Mother, a giant segmented enemy that roams the room the Drill leads to, the fight will pit you against this unique adversary where you’ll be taking down its segments 1 by 1 losing room to dodge as you go on, the Crystal Worm Mother will also receive help from the Crystal Worm Father and Crystal Worm Child to spice up the fight, it’s a frantic fight that requires constant attention to survive.



  • Updated several sprites
  • Added anti-cheese shots to Crystal Worm Mother
  • Added some small period between phases of the Crystal Worm Mother
  • Crystal Worm Mother room now closes once the fight starts
  • Polished up drill room and the way to the boss
  • Lowered damage from various enemies
  • Removed Armor Piercing from various enemies
  • Added more possible rooms


  • Tweaked Immunities for Mushroom Leaders, Worms and Crystal Worms
  • Tweaked a few enemy patterns to activate even if players aren’t present
  • Mushroom Chieftain’s spores now quiet
  • Added anti-cheese shots to Crystal Worm Mother during the Crystal Worm Father and Child sections
  • Added a few new rooms and variations to existing ones
  • Cavecrawler Maggot’s segments no longer ignore the grace period


  • Updated environment sprites
  • Added mine objects and aesthetic to environment
  • Reduced amount of crystals needed from 40 to 25
  • Reduced HP across the board
  • Fixed HP Scaling not working for some enemies
  • Length of the way to boss has been reduced
  • Tweaked several enemy behaviors including Sporatic Mushroom, Cavecrawler Leech, Cavecrawler Maggot, Mushroom Stalker
  • Crystal Worm Mother should no longer be able to leave the boss room
  • Crystal Worm Mother now deals less damage on the final phases
  • Crystal Worm Mother, Father and Child have updated projectile sprites
  • Updated Cavecrawler Webslinger sprite
  • Updated dungeon name to Fungal Cavern

PT: Classes balancing part 1, Gigantic Cave(Fungal Forest + Crystal Cave), LoD, LoS
PT: Classes balancing part 1, Gigantic Cave(Fungal Forest + Crystal Cave), LoD, LoS
Fungal Cavern [BOSS]


Hey, I fought this fella in the Crystal Cave, too!

Haven’t played the dungeon yet, though >_<


You can do this? Does that mean the “thread closed” thing will disappear after an hour? And all that will be left will be that “thread has been reopened” thing?


Fought the boss too! And I died, but damn the fight is exhilarating, so many bullets to dodge, and to think this dungeon is a 2-parter…good god…


Finished my first run through. I’ve noticed some bugs during my frantic foray into the fungal forest. The first one is that crystals can spawn underneath rocks, I believe, I never saw this myself but someone in the dungeon claimed it happened. As a side note it would be rather cool to have a ui bar to show drilling progress as crystals are gathered in a similar manner to Davy keys. Two the boss can be dragged into the drill corridor in the first phase, this makes it really hard to hit his segments, although he does seem to snap back into the room when pushed into his next phase. The dungeon itself was very fun and I can’t see too many problems with it. However I feel as though teleportation should be allowed in the dungeon so that players can split up to take down the crystals faster without having to worry about running back through uncleared territory to get to it. The boss itself was fantastic and very difficult. Although if this is the first wing of the dungeon I think it should be switched with the other wing as the other wing in my opinion is far easier.

Edit: Forgot to mention this but some sort of prompt telling people to break the crystals to power the drill upon entering the dungeons similar to esben’s prompt would be nice.


Conceptually, this is my favorite dungeon this far, the open-endedness will be a lot of fun and the multiple wings reminds me a lot of @Puffagod’s old dungeons, as well as not making you run through an entire long dungeon to get loot. In practice, though, it needs a lot of polishing (pun intended), the boss leaves its room pretty frequently.

Also you legit just re-used a crawling depths spider sprite


nice dungeon but as always a joke for people with max divine pet


Is it suppose to retreat out of the boss room and then go in and out and in?


this is bittersweet for Puffagod cos DECA are releasing things so quickly that they’re overlapping with my WIP ideas and mildly invalidating some of them xD Haven’t played too much of this dungeon yet but I’ll try and put my thoughts down at some point when I do!


Don’t worry about that one it’s a simple placeholder for now, better have it look like a spider than be invisible!


I dont really have any feedback on the dungeon(it was a bit annoying but fun) but the boss fight was incredibly fun to solo. Great bullet hell that fits with rotmg.


Seems like the range to force it to go back to the center of the room is a bit bigger than it needs to be, will adjust it in the future. Thanks for the report.


The Gigantic Cave is insane x.x
The normal enemies deal more than 100 damage and have crazy fire rates which can instakill you (I blinked too many times to count, even when using a divine pet). I haven’t done this in a group, but in my solo run clearing the mobs took too long so it just incentivised rushing to the crystals. Also there are way too many monsters per area and they swarm you too quickly. I like the boss though in terms of its shot patterns and bullethell-esque style. But some of its phases deal unfair amounts of damage (the one pictured above) even with such high bullet density. I ended up dying during his rage phase (I think) ;~;

On a sidenote, I don’t think having a drill in realm fits its aesthetic.


This is my favourite of the new dungeons, the aesthetics are great, the mobs are deadly - but can easily be juked and rushed- and the span of the map is really nice. I will say that twice I got “Stuck”, I guess I couldn’t find my way to the end somehow (100% user error) and that’s a nice little added difficulty if you’re not clearing. :hibiscus:


I think some enemies take too long to kill tbh. For example, those worms (I LOVE the concept of those tho). Solo clearing takes too long as well. Also, make EVERY single segment of the worms paralyze immune AT ALL TIMES. They can completely screw you over.

I died on one of the final phases, so I can’t speak for the entire fight. But, I absolutely loved some of the phases, while I feel other phases need tweaks.
The good:
Baby worm phase. The mother worm spiraling bullets right to where the baby worm is after the baby worm shoots is quite a good pattern. It got me the first time it happened too!

The bad:
The Crystal Worm Father, however, deals way too much damage and has way too high a bullet density. I’m imagining the outcome of a gigantic lagspike during that phase in a large group. Yeah, that’ll sure end well.
I don’t know what to say about the mother worm phases tho, as paralyze keeps on screwing the fight over every time. I’d suggest making them all PARALYZE IMMUNE AT ALL TIMES first. Then I can see how good the phases are.
(also, this might end up like decaract: one lagspike fucks fifty 8/8s.)


My concern with this and the other reworks is that it seems like it will be a computer killer of a dungeon with all of its shots, but I hope its not true.


So hey there
I actually finished that dungeon on the test server duo rogue with divine pets.
I got the feeling that the general monsters in there are way too tanky and deal too much damage so either lower the damage output or lower their health points.
All the mushroom boys are way to tanky and just getting near them feels like trying to stun an ice sphere. They just leap and hit me down to 100 hp (as a rogue).
Boss fight is very interesting and shows as you mentioned in your description unique movement sets and attack patters.
Getting to the boss was tough and the boss fight itself not that tough.
There should be the option to close the way back so its not like 20 assasin sit at the start of the boss room and spam poison and just get over with some priests.

I noticed that the boss drops the portal to the crystal caves.
The crystal caves are way easier than the Gigantic Cave, since mobs dont insta pop me or follow me through the whole dungeon.


Boss in snek mode won’t move if you’re cloaked as a rogue during the first two phases.

Regarding the level of difficulty, it’s a decent level of difficulty even with a divine. Mostly the clearing, since if you’re not a rogue you can get gangbanged quite fast. Boss was easier than clear with that sick elec IMO. Also could fully tank the shots from the stationary guy in the middle on pally. Will comment more once I get a few runs with a lower level pet.

Smaller centipede boss in the middle seems kinda trivial though again, with divine. Also I feel like something more could be done with the segments, especially since you only need to kill 4 and all of them are vulnerable. Perhaps it could get faster like the mobs for every segment it loses.

Agreed some enemies take forever to clear. Took ~20 minutes to clear the 40 crystals w/out a pet, ended up luring the centipede things rather than fight them. Overall fun dungeon, thanks for your work Kidd :)


There should be a bigger incentive to clear IMO. I mean, rushing is cool and makes dungeons a lot more exhilarating, but still, if in a group with no rusher, or if playing a class not fit to rush, clearing enemies shouldn’t be such a chore, especially in such an expansive dungeon. It feels great TO rush through, don’t get me wrong, but the alternative should always exist to play safer and clear if need be, since some of the HP’s of the enemies are a bit high.