PT: Fungal Cavern


everything is a fucking joke with a max divine pet I don’t think it’s the dungeon that is the problem


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Can you guys make the ground have red cracks before it turns into lava? Since there’s no warning.

Are there any UT ideas yet?


Make a helm that looks like the boss!!!


There seems to still be a lot of placeholder sprites, hopefully those will be resolved before official release. Still, overall the dungeon looks great.

I just solo’d the Realm encounter, enemies deal maybe a little too much damage (more specifically the purple mushrooms dealing 120 armor piercing damage :scream:). Also the indicator for each wave spawning is probably not long enough in addition to them being able to spawn on top of you without you noticing. The Worm Father boss at the end of the waves was an okay fight. I was hoping it would move around a little but at least it keeps players on their toes with the various mushroom spawns. Got a laugh out of the placeholder Shield of Ogmur drop after I beat, good stuff.


I feel like the rooms are too open for their size, it could use some more objects/walls to make it feel more like a cave system, maybe some trees/mushrooms or groups of stalagmites to make it more enclosed. And maybe a lil cabin you can enter with a lil miner dwarf inside with some quotes or something.


The charging green ones are pretty scary, be only an issue when spawned in a new wave during the realm encounter.
The boss seems chaotic at first but is managable when being careful.
My remark for the dungeon tho is that just just duo’ed it as a knight mystic combi and that made it a lot easier then it should afaik.
You can stasis the main head when he is circling to easily kill the body segments and when its just the head there are times you can stun it, both combined make it still challenging but lacking when its supposed to be on the nest’s level
(you can stasis the head sometimes in the middle as well to serve as a breather, but i dont have any issue with that. Since it doesnt give you some free time to hit your targets)


Due to the lack of much status effect bullets and presence of high-damaging bullets this dungeons feel more bullet-hell like than most of the rest of the game. Which isnt a bad point per se, but it does leave room for it to be used. Maybe just a short slow/paralyze or a bleeding effect (nothing too annoying or dangerous) but it could spice up the dungeon a little as i imagine it could get a little boring after a bit.
Tho the duration of the fight is on the shorter side (if you know what you’re doing) so that point, at least for me, was a big improvement.


just found this in the corner of the encounter map


edit: nvm it was in this one only



If you cant stun or stasis the last phase of the boss feels a little too much. I think that he chases you a bit too fast to be able to dodge the projectiles he shoots. But thats the only phase were i feel that way. The other phases feel difficult, but balanced (unless you cheese your way out with a mystic)

The encounter is pretty nice, with my small peeves being that the charging green shrooms are a bit too fast for how hard they hit (especialy when they’re stacked on top of one another). So with the big one its radial burst appears slightly in front of him which is pretty lethal.
And that when retreating when fighting the boss you can run into a shot pattern appearing out of nowhere (sorta)
After a little bit you know where they come from, but when retreating you dont always pay attention to that. My suggestion would be to have body or tail segments appear there that shoot those shots


Does anyone know how to get on testing from the Flash Projector? I can’t properly test this dungeon as I keep dying and lagging…

The link does not work for me, it boots up normal ROTMG instead.





What are the UTs like? Anyone get a drop?


Ogmur was cool


According to the stream there a few ideas for UTs but no final sprites or effects so far.


ah thanks


Mystic is so hilariously broken in this dungeon that it’s not even funny.

The one and only thing that can’t be stasised in this dungeon are the crystals you need to destroy to progress. The boss is only stasis immune within its second to last phase. Meaning that at any point in time, if the bullet hell is too much for you, you can just pause the fight. Stasising the head means the entire body stops too, so getting damage in is a joke as well.

Not to mention rushing the dungeon was laughable as well. Granted I was using a maxed divine pet for this, but rushing with a mystic is far easier than rushing with a warrior, that I also did. I nearly died several times during my warrior rush and had to use of all my health potions, whereas with mystic that only happened once because of a stupid maneuver, and I didn’t use any potions.

The boss is amazingly well designed, don’t get me wrong. On classes like Ninja and Warrior that I soloed on it’s an amazing and terrifying experience to solo, and I even strategically left the cracked body segments for later phases to make it easier. It’s very involved and you have to watch out for almost everything coming your way. And the complete lack of status effects was honestly really interesting.

Depending on the loot it’ll give in the future, it could be a really fun and rewarding dungeon. But as it stands right now, there’s no real reason to use anything other than Mystic, due to how much this dungeon bends before her will. It’s literally just an on and off stasis fest that’s less than half as difficult as doing the dungeon properly.


I just logged in using the gmail i have for my regular realm account and my old password and it seemed i had all the stuff my old account did including a vinesword, ep, and a plane a bunh of clovers, sorceress skin, red ant egg, and sb pots in my gift chests, also had a bunch of transformation potions and my pet yard is exactly the same as before(except that i popped two rare eggs)

This is so weird it’s exactly like my regular account but when it was at 28 stars
Not to mention there were xp boosters
Also i had 2 character slots like the old days