PT: Heroic Abyss and Heroic UDL


So, is it like a redisign hard version or just the same dungeon with more enemy damage?

It’s bad to copy, but since rotmg got copied by trash sh** I think it would be a fair payback.

Look all this traitors complaining, haha. Playing something that should be ilegal… smh


I haven’t done them yet, but new scenery would be much wanted.
New tiles, decorations, and even enemy sprites


Do you guys think the ancient doom bow will be released?


Just done my first udl. Got wis and mark :confused:


It would be sad for original doom bow. I think they could drop a certain gem or crystal to upgrade doom bow.


That would be great for the alchemist, but deca hasn’t mentioned him in a while


yeah new tinkerer quest for crafting


Damm I want to try, but I’m not on pc xD


imagine playing petless

oh man


If you are able to do udl again, could you send a print, haha?


I forgot to take a ss but silex announced in testing that drop rates were buffed (?) so we can try and loot the new items. Might have misinterpreted though, game crashed and 10 min dc’d before I could get a pic ;/

@mynamerr have u tried US servers? I was able to connect starting from about 10 mins ago (think it had to do with fixing the dc bug)


Hey, no pet is fun


I play a lot without a pet all the time so I’ll be fine


I still can’t connect to the testing server

@Unicorn I can login, but nexus doesn’t load for me


Hmm try the client again and it will probably work


Same here.
I’m not sure if the EU servers are fully functional, but I did manage to connect to the USE server.


Ye, a server change worked for me too


i was being sarcastic, i have been petless for the past 7 months


i know, my good sir, I’ve seen you in game a few times xd


with the help of some rogue whith rushed…