PT: Heroic Abyss and Heroic UDL


I think what deca could do is use some pservers idea for Malphas to have his own lair where he becomes harder


Shot speeds of the new UT’s are faster:


It Seems u didnt even try… on the abby it is nothing new as in, new shots or new phases the same old abby… u added white demons to be all over the abby thats fine i guess… the boss is just underwhelming. for the UDL it looks like you spent 10 more min on it than the abby and did add new shots and phases witch is good im happy with that. the going thought the UDL is just a bit not cool (Easy Rush on rouge BTW) and the No pets think jsut killed me.


Good point


OMGG sileex is back

#73 (edit: changed to link b/c the embed is always glitchy for some reason, it’s a playthru of the two dungeons)

If you can’t view videos I can also get some ss’s, though the dungeons / minions themselves are exactly the same.

@Pharest might be the fking copyright xD I’ll just upload san music then


I can’t view the video :frowning:


I’m gonna have to agree with several other players. While a good idea to take old dungeons and add a tougher more rewarding version of them. This is not the way to do it. As they are now, its just another dungeon I would rather avoid than bother grinding through. The upgraded dungeon’s challenge shouldn’t be ‘takes longer and is more tedious’. It should follow the path that this game has developed into, which is high paced with the addition of pets. Risk in this game now comes from trying to do things quickly, and I think it is a hell of a lot more fun that way. To essentially copy and paste fairly boring dungeons and simply take away pets, the one thing that made these mid tier dungeons satisfying to do - rushing through the enemies, trampling the boss, and doing risky shenanigans that has almost killed my maxed characters several times - is lazy at best. If you want it to be Heroic, than make the dungeon feel like something new and exciting for the hero to explore. No longer are they venturing into a simple undead lair with a mediocre excuse for a ghost who calls himself a ‘god’, we should feel like we are venturing into the underworld itself and battling against foes worthy of our fear. Their should be rewards worth the payoff. This is a good opportunity for more end game content for players who have already reached the end of the game. A challenge worth us risking our characters for, similar to that of LH and shatters. Inching our way slowly through a dungeon we are so familiar with that I physically get depressed when I have to go run more abysses or udl’s (keep in mind at least when I have to, they only take a minute or so) is not that risk or satisfaction that any of us are looking for.

If you want to make it a challenge and limit the usage of our pets, than make it seem like its worth while. Develop a new dungeon with lore along the lines of it being to dangerous or inaccessible to our pets (despite our pets obviously being immortal gods and the true main characters of our account). Maybe a dungeon where you have to physically transport your soul and your pet can’t follow you. Something like that could actually work for both of these dungeon types as they are related to different dimmensions. But make sure that they are implemented in a way where it is a fun challenge even without a pet. Have fewer more powerful enemies that are satisfying to battle, fewer rooms, and a unique boss that is both difficult, but possible to dodge and battle. As it is now, I can just peek around the tiny corner of a room and die, with no chance, and even if I don’t, I’m still going to have to drag myself kicking and screaming through the torture that is what the current heroic dungeons are.

This isn’t to be a hate filled response, I placed and continue to place a lot of faith in Deca with their decisions in the game, and have been quite happy with a lot of the things they have done. Please consider this feed back and continue to work on these heroic versions of \dungeons until its something truly unique that the players look forward to dying in for that sweet, sweet chance at cool loot.


The dungeons aren’t difficult, they’re just tedious. Taking away the pets was a cool touch, I enjoyed it, but the trash mobs have way too much health imo. And hopefully the faster projectile UT’s are just placeholders


Not able xD
But thanks, anyway!


What would you like screenshots on? I’ll try and get the bow in a bit if you want pics of the description of items, also some random pics of the dungeon itself I guess.

pic dump of new aesthetics

Bigger shots + that singular spooky boi shot he shoots out

Explosion phase got the same treatment as forgotten sentinel where the shots aren’t completely circular now

Throwing animation for the minions

Mages shoot acclaim shots

Annoying flies that quiet you replaced by these wavy shots that you can actually dodge

White demons can be found on the way to boss, and they’re huge

Exact same stats as regular demon blade, but has a faster projectile speed

Edit: Also @Pharest if you want, non-music one hopefully it works


To give a slight…well, personal insight reaction - Public Testing is named Testing for a reason.
No content is sure to ever see the light of day, or even be mirrorly ported to prod.

I like that they’re giving us this mixup of more of a raw idea rather than a near fully-fleshed out one. It gives us some insight in what they’re been toying with these last couple of weeks.


To be fair, It depends how Deca implements this. there was a thread about an idea of rare forced petless occurences a while ago, and I have no problem with the idea of it.
here is the link, (hopefully)
I don’t know how to format, but the OP says:

"Have say a 1 in 50 chance for a dungeon to have a special glow to it. Or something very obviously identifying it being aside from the norm. When entering, it is the exact same except it has a warning mechanism telling you that your pet has no use here.

Since it makes the dungeon vastly more difficult for the majority of players and characters. It could grant a special reward at the end. Possibly a chest after the boss has died with the same exact drops, or maybe add a flair to the UTs dropped saying that it was earner in a petless dungeon.

Deca could even sell these as Petless Keys or Challenge Keys somewhere for same/more gold.

All these other than the core “Rare chance for forced petless dungeon to spawn instead of normal” are brainstorming so please address the actual idea.



What is the philosophy behind the Heroic version of dungeons?

tl;dr: heroic dungeons look cheap & lazy and risk shortening game lifespan

If you’re looking to cheaply double the amount of contents and UTs, you risk making endgame players and collectionists like me quit. You’re devaluing all the UTs we grinded so hard for. Who knows if there would be a Heroic version of Heroic UDLs?

It’s not like epic versions of dungeons. First epic dungeons are significantly different to their easy versions. Second, and most importantly, epic dungeons have been made only for low level dungeons that almost one would run.

If you’re looking to compete with a certain pserver, that pserver isn’t popular for having buffed udl/abyss. Players prefer it mostly because it’s the new thing in town and more fast paced. Easier to reach endgame and higher droprates. Other less important factors include auction house and 16/16. Most of these you can’t afford to do on prod because they will shorten the lifespan of the game.

I know people are crying for more contents but they require time and effort. You can’t magically slightly alter existing contents and expect no backlash. It looks cheap and weakens our faith in the game. Why grind now when a better version of the UTs may be released later?

You kinda made the same mistake with chest events which just shortened the lifespan of the game. Now many people don’t even grind outside of events, and even events themselves are met with much less enthusiasm.

The effect of long term changes like this are not immediately clear because it takes time for players to adjust their expectation, but things can be irreversibly damaged when you finally realize the long term effect.

Going forward the game needs new dimensions of the gameplay like speedrun and season mode. You won’t go very far with cheap contents like this. Sorry but quality contents actually take time to develop.


vlc_2019-04-02_13-41-24 !


Epic mark got a redesign but looks like septavius mark is the same?

Also shot speed for ancient dbow comparison:


Having played through both a number of times, I’m afraid I find these dungeons a disappointment in many respects. Please take my impressions with a pinch of salt - they are of course hyperbolic and deliberately orotund - and I am aware that these are likely still in development. But my immediate vexation yearns for an outlet.

Shiny portals and the Malphas mark notwithstanding, I find the the extortionate level of reskinning a symptom of nothing but moral and cognitive entropy, and an affront to the original dungeons.

Heroic Septavius at least has some new patterns - alack with grievously reused projectile sprites, though I must say I am overjoyed at the absence of those infernal brown quieting shots, possibly the only good thing about this dungeon. The heartily misplaced strength, enthusiasm and existence of the chasing enemies should in theory dissuade rushing, yet the dungeon seems to remain eminently rushable, though I suspect most will be rushing only towards the portal of cowardice if the dungeon remains so exemplary in its tedium. This dungeon is so soporific that it could, with advantage, replace laudanum.

To my horrified chagrin, the Heroic Abyss somehow managed to exceed even this nadir. I felt like I had literally died and gone to hell (where doubtless I belong) playing this dungeon. I already dislike the Abyss for its claustrophobic layout and deeply irritating enemies, and this substantially magnifies my disdain. Even Malphas - poor Malphas, who has for generations been the weedy pushover of the Godlands dungeon bosses - hardly gets any new attacks like Septavius does. The Imps are plainly overpowered. The only heroic aspect of this dungeon is the heroic temerity of peddling such mud in the first place, which in my view should be a public offence. I would not set foot in this dungeon to rescue my family.

I got the Ancient Doom Bow. It made me sad. I don’t feel like this level of derivation belongs in a game where unique loot is a core incentive.

Overall, neither the Abyss of Demons or the UDL seems to translate perfectly into a later-game dungeon, and this does not really surprise me. I can tolerate ‘epic’ dungeons as I have known them so far, because they sufficiently differentiate themselves from their archetype. These, in their current state, are plainly uninteresting.

Yet despite all this overblown vitriol, I do actually feel like these might have a place - don’t laugh - possibly to do with the Arena? Some sort of gauntlet-esque activity? And I’m not just saying that to consign them to some solitary attic where they can safely decompose into asphaltic slime to nobody’s detriment. Framing them as heroic versions of much-beloved classic activities just seems like the wrong way to go.

Once again I apologise for my bitterness. I’m off to go and do a good deed ;3

  1. Resprite the enemies. I don’t want to go into a heroic abyss and have literally the exact same mobs with higher damage and HP.
  2. Give Malphas some cool attacks. Make him immune to stun while you’re at it. Make both bosses immune to stun.
  3. Buff the white baggys pleas :))
  4. Buff enemy behaviors pleas :)) make them move and shoot BETTER, FASTER, MORE.


Puppet marks also look differently.


To be honest, I would rather see epic versions of these dungeons, where you can use your pets but it’s much harder than the dungeon it’s based on.


With the whole “ancient” white bags and the dungeons being mostly unchanged with beefier enemies and no pets, it seems like the heroic dungeons are supposed to be themed based on how the game was years ago? Not sure if this is correct, the thought just came into my head when clearing the abyss reminded me of abysses from when I first started the game. Either way, was neat to me.