PT: Heroic Abyss and Heroic UDL


Thoughts after running a handful:

  • agreed, too similar to original dungeons.
  • I guess good for making rogue less obsolete? Clearing is way too tedious and even more dangerous, it’d much faster and safer to have someone rush as rogue. (I’m thinking of brute warriors charging you, Lair vampire bats also super dangerous because now you can’t clear them quickly and no electric pet to stop them from slow-molesting you)
  • boss fights are also too long and drawn out, I can’t say much though because been mainly doing them on rogue, maybe having an archer / warrior would help out with the repetitiveness. I mean it’s nice to see all the phases of a boss, but after the 3rd time? Nty


Both dungeons just feel super bullet spongy.
Added Statuses
Disabled Pets
Buffed Health
Buffed Damage

Feels like a really forced way of adding difficulty. Just sitting there chipping away at the boss’s HP on a rogue until you get low, then waiting for your 40 vit to finally regen you to full only to do it again until the boss dies.


psht what are you on about? they obviously stole them from BMJ like come on


If the dungeon is meant to be an up scaled version of the others, which I have a feeling it is, than just some updated sprites and it’s perfect. If pets will be in it, as long as it’s still difficult and there’s plenty of sick, pet stasis, etc, it’d be good!

However, if this is designed to be a new dungeon entirely and not just up-scaled versions, for example how the Woodland Labyrinth and Dead water Docks are very different from their lesser versions, than this isn’t very good in my opinion.

What I like about them a lot so far is that they’re very straight forward and offer an actual challenge. Slow and meticulous seems to be the name of the game and that’s not a bad thing. I like seeing armor break in the udl, that’s a pretty interesting thing that will keep Jugg warriors on their toes.

What I don’t like is that the dungeon doesn’t breath any new life into the game,they just feels like tombs without pets. That’s not a bad thing, but it certainly isn’t groundbreaking either.

With that said, I’m glad Deca is making these and I’m more excited for them and not, hoping that they get a good fine tuning out of the public play testing.


OH SHIT MY [Racial Slur]

no seriously, this is awesome!

Edit: uh… not really that fun tbh so far.

Also you guys might have missed this:
puppet mark is resprited o_O


Really love the heroic dungeons guys! As someone who started the game almost 8 years ago, it made me feel like I was actually back in the old days again where there was no pet to support me and the dungeon itself actually felt like a danger rather than just being something I could breeze through in 2 minutes and be done with, and bringing along friends made it actually feel like 2011/2012 again. Would love to see these in-game, thanks a ton for them! The more things in the game that nullifies pets the better imo.


Deca has a great idea but it’s needs work especially for respriting


And hp balancing…


can u not talk like an english major or is it a genetic thing


Honestly i don’t find too much fun on Heroic Dungeons, it just feels like the exact same dungeon with few behaviour differences, higher damage and petless. And just beats the purpose of Epic Dungeons, while both Heroic and Epic Dungeons’ objectives are to make harder version of already existing dungeons, Epic just do it wayyy better than Heroic do.

And i find no reason at all to run these dungeons for the same UT with just 1%+ fame bonus and faster shot speed, what’s the benefit anyways? Other than Doom Bow, I don’t see a real “buff” on any weapon with 100% RoF.

I mean, i see the idea, i supposed they are going to be rare drops over the normal dungeon drop to give better rewards, but feels lazy, and for someone who has played during Wild Shadow times (no pets to make the game subjectively easier), the Heroics are way too hard, even compared to these times.

Too much risk for so little reward.




They’re literally the same thing.

The Achievement Thread

ancient’s shots move faster, but that is so similar to the original it doesn’t matter.
a buff in DPS or something else would make running these actually worth it


I feel like malphas still needs some work and the whites would go nice with resprited bullets.


lol @ the people saying this was stolen from some server. The idea of new content that’s just a harder version of the base game has been around forever. Does nobody remember the Elder Realms meme?

Even the idea of making harder content that forces you to go petless has been around since functional pets became a thing.

There’s nothing original or new about it, and that’s precisely why I hope this is Deca trying to see how people like the concept and not a lazy attempt to make generating new content easier by making reskins of already existing dungeons.

For all their flaws at least the Epic Dungeons introduced new mechanics compared to their normal counterparts

Now if I’m looking at the concept of petless dungeons by itself, I don’t see anything wrong with it. If anything it’s going to encourage people to actually care about team composition and stop trying to solo everything all the time.

The problem is that it’s probably going to encourage using alt characters and organizing via Discord even more.

The other problem is that the loot needs to be worth it. I really doubt anyone is going to bother going petless just for a Greater Potion.


On my first Abyss attempt I dragged the entire first room and immediately got cornered and died. On my second attempt I cleared it. You managed to perfectly capture the feeling I had when I first tried to do Abysses on a fresh 20 necro in 2010, but as an 8/8 instead. It was a little easier on Pally. I actually had to dodge and play smart instead of being carried by my pet as long as I didn’t stand right on top of the enemies. It’s clearly meant to be done in groups but you can solo it if you want. The characters that were given to me were too strong for the Undead Lair, but I imagine it will have a similar effect on less potted characters. The bosses were a bit of a grind solo, and the rewards need to be better for the risk you take.

Overall, this is some of the best content that I’ve seen from you guys. I would love for this concept to be applied to an entire realm. It would make godlands fun again. If this does expand to more dungeons and the like, you should have vit and wis drastically increase when there have been no nearby enemies for 10 seconds. Waiting around for bars to refill in dungeons was one of the flaws Realm had before pets.


Let’s just hope these dungeons are subject to change and look more like the Forbidden Jungle to the Secluded Thicket or the Spider Den to the Crawling Depths (Not that they are bad but they definitely aren’t the best that Deca can do)


April fool’s was yesterday smh.


My friend just dropped an Ancient doom bow, its pretty much the exact same thing but with 7% bonus tho


This can happen.


I’m sure that’s because of the nature of the “galaxy” tiles, unlike actual black tiles (borders of the map, for example), which are unpassable by any means even by enemies, these tiles actually count as tiles for enemies to be close to, atleast, an example would be enemies spawning in Hermit’s setpiece deep water.

Also this is the reason why the Leprechaun can “no-clip” in the Sprite World.