PT: In/Out of Combat System and more!




Session: From now until Monday morning. (CEST)

Hello! Before Month of the Mad God we presented new balance changes for you to test, and it was quickly clear that the overall response was rather negative. Many of you raised valid points: What’s the reasoning behind those changes? What does it add to the overall experience of Realm of the Mad God? A part of this was that we didn’t communicate our intentions well, so today I want to take the time and thoroughly explain our reasoning on what those upcoming balance changes are, why we decided on those changes, and what our overall goal is.

First I want to start by saying that we are aware some of the changes highlighted will be controversial, and I will ask everyone to please try the changes for themselves on testing before leaving feedback. We believe that theory crafting can only lead you so far, and at the end of the day what we all care about is how the game feels to play, not how some numbers look on paper.

In/Out of Combat System

This is the central part of all other balancing changes, a brand new system that affects health and mana regeneration. Here’s how it works:

When you take 15 or more damage, you will now be set to “In Combat” (IC) for 7 seconds. While IC, your pet’s Heal and Magic Heal abilities will have their cooldown increased by 3 seconds.

When the duration runs out, the effect will disappear and you will be considered “Out of Combat” (OOC). While OOC, your pet’s abilities are back to normal and your VIT and WIS regeneration are doubled (so in practice, default VIT and WIS regen is twice as high as before, but once hit it becomes what you are currently familiar with).

The base duration of IC is 7 seconds, but for every 5 VIT you have (including equipment bonuses, just like wis mod) it will be reduced by 0.2 seconds. So for example, a Wizard that is at default maxed Vitality will be in combat for 5.4 seconds, whereas a Knight will be in this state for 4 seconds.

To go with those changes, the following stats changes have been made:

  • Paladin: 40 VIT -> 60 VIT | Base: 10 VIT -> 12 VIT | 0-1 -> 1-2 per level
  • Necromancer: 30 VIT -> 40 VIT
  • Ninja: 0-2 -> 1-2 per level
  • Samurai: 0-2 -> 1-2 per level

Our reasoning:

As time went on, combat has evolved into who can tank the most bullets without moving, removing a lot of difficulty from the game and indirectly lowering content lifespan. Healing classes like Priest and Necro have become less and less relevant. As we saw recently with RIFTS, a lot of you are in the search for more challenging gameplay that might have made you fall in love with the game in the first place.

On top of this, the new player experience can be quite slow, often needing to wait in a corner for excessive amounts of time to regen when you have yet to possess a worthwhile pet. It’s not very fun or engaging, it just pads the length of dungeons. Broadly speaking, our goal here is to reestablishing much of the long lost challenge in existing content without losing the overall faster and more enjoyable pace pets have created, while simultaneously adding more strategy to the game in terms of class diversity, ability usage consideration, HP/MP pot consumption, and more.

By bringing those elements back, we can reintroduce death as a more common part of the gameplay loop, and while dying itself is tough, it allows us to do far more delicate things design wise. With more overall deaths, we have a lot less issues in increasing the drop rates of items that you might only find once every few years, as well as the opportunity to make deaths actually rewarding and eventually make it so no death is too big to recover from in an appropriate time frame. In short, this sets the framework for us to make many more long overdue improvements to the game’s health and balance.

Addressing the gap between small and big groups

Your initial reaction may be that this widens the gap between small and big groups, a gap that is already large enough as it is. After all, small groups might have no healing or buffing classes, while large groups can easily bring a balance of both to offset the changes.

Berserk and Damaging are two strong buffs that turn Warrior and Paladin into necessary classes in small groups. While it goes without saying that buffs should have a positive impact on allies, both currently makes too much of an individual difference between a group with or without one.

Following changes to Player Buffs:

  • Berserk: 1.5 -> 1.25
  • Damaging: 1.5 -> 1.25
  • Curse: 1.2 -> 1.25

With those changes, Warrior and Paladin are just as useful as a Mystic in terms of group play. This is to help promote class variety in terms of damage support, ensuring certain classes don’t totally overshadow others in regards to their contributions. To make sure that the changes don’t impact the pace of the game, every enemy who has HP Scaling will receive a nerf to their Base HP. This is a very general first step that will then be refined depending on whether it’s too much or not enough for specific monsters.

Currently -25% Base HP will be applied to all to HP Scaled monsters (excluding Encounters).

The last major point to address on the subject of group size is healing. Currently most groups can just run with their damage support class as Paladin can provide an instant heal due to how boosting max HP is handled. This will no longer be the case to make sure Priests and Necromancers are once again valuable assets to your team for direct healing Paladin will of course still increase max HP and give Healing over time, it just won’t include an instantaneous heal (the same applies to tinctures, effusions, and other consumables as well).

Our reasoning:

The gap between big and small groups has been a topic we have wanted to address for a while. The goal here is to make sure that small groups do not struggle against fights because of their group composition while also not making all fights freebies for larger groups. By making Warriors and Paladins more in line with Mystics, not only do we make that class more relevant, but we make those two classes less impactful on their own. As I’m sure all of you know, just having two is often enough to provide a surplus of DPS and support to the group, not to mention both of those classes already have high natural DPS. This leads to people mostly bringing those classes en masse in huge mobs, leaving classes like Priest and Necromancer in the dust. By making direct healing more valuable via IC, making Paladin no longer able to directly heal his allies (or through the Sick debuff, for that matter), and by making buff classes less essential, it makes the contributions of their peers more valued.

For those of you concerned about the pace of the game, both on paper and while testing in-game, we barely felt the impact. Fights were going just as fast, if not faster depending on your group size, if you feel that is not the case please let us know. Bringing back the sluggish pace of the past is not our goal here!

Note: The change in HP Scaling I mentioned a little while back has been replaced by the base HP changes after taking into account your feedback. HP Scaling remains the same as it’s always been.

Giving DEF a new purpose

Given the choice, defense is currently considered inferior to HP in most cases. With IC, defense now has a new purpose by preventing IC from even triggering. Lowering incoming damage to below 15 will allow you to completely bypass the system. One issue with this is that Armored makes it incredibly easy to bypass, so it’s for this reason that Armored will now boost defense by 150% instead of 200%. At the same time, we want to allow players to truly go all in on defense if they so desire, which is why we are increasing the defense cap from 85% to 90%.

With those changes, defense has a new found use in not only allowing players to take less damage, but also to maintain their top notch regeneration without consequence against lighter damage.

Our reasoning:

For a long time now defense, has been considered the quickly obsolete survival stat, whereas HP has no ceiling to its usefulness. By tying DEF to IC, it allows us to not only make that stat shine again, but give even more progression to players, especially with pets. Monsters that might once have dealt 50 damage can now deal almost none with the right loadout.

With that change in mind, we wanted to provide a way for players to invest heavily in DEF builds. By increasing the defense cap, this allows players to maximize their equipment and they are more likely to reach that threshold, providing a huge buff compared to those who are using a regular set. However, it became clear quickly that Armored could be causing issues in making that threshold incredibly easy to hit, which prompted us to lower its effectiveness. The change in cap still allows players to use fully DEF equipment with Armored to ignore a lot more IC than other players, allowing them greater ability uses and much higher regeneration.

Making up for those changes: Status Effects

Currently a lot of monsters are immune to Stun, Paralyze, Slow, and more, as being able to lock an enemy into a status effect permanently can completely break any difficulty in a fight. As it stands, any monster vulnerable to such effects will likely be under those effects permanently, so from a design perspective, it had become a necessary evil to liberally apply such immunities to stop major bosses from becoming literal pinatas. We want to give players a reason to use their abilities instead of never using it because of immunity, this is why we are introducing Status Immunity on monsters the same way Stasis currently works. Once an enemy is inflicted with an effect, it will be Immune to it for 3 seconds after the effect wears off. This applies to the following effects:

  • Stun
  • Paralyze
  • Slow
  • Daze
  • Stasis (Already the case)

At the same time, players themselves will now receive a similar immunity to Paralyze and Petrified, but for a much shorter range (around 0.4 seconds) to avoid being permanently locked by status effects.

Those changes will allow us to remove immunity from a lot of bosses to offer players additional strategy in how they fight them, as well as making sure that each ability they use has to count.

Please note that the current build, like last time, has a removal of immunity from basically everything. We are fully aware that some things break and that’s exactly what we want you report. Please list every single enemy you find that functions improperly based on these changes.

Our reasoning:

A huge issue in the game currently has been the fact that players can stun lock and paralyze lock enemies to basically become a giant target with no way to move or fight back, and so the natural reaction was to make those monsters immune. But as time went on, more and more monsters have obtained this immunity, causing classes like Knight to lose a lot of utility. The goal here is to give those classes a reason to use their ability in a way that wouldn’t completely break the difficulty of fight. It’s not that effects like stun and paralyze were ever inherently broken or overpowered, just that the ability to keep monsters in those conditions indefinitely would cripple even the strongest vulnerable monsters to the point of being trivial.

Making those changes sounds easy on paper, but a lot of enemies are designed with those factors in mind, thus paralyze or stun can break them. Due to the high amount of enemies, we were not able to selectively fix all of those issues in time and are asking you to please report all that you find so we can either decide on bringing back the immunity on those specific enemies (or just certain phases), or alter their logic to be able to support such changes.

Making up for those changes: Class Balance

Some of the changes made are for the betterment of the health of the game, but it also hits quite a few classes and items more than others. In this section I will be addressing the changes we made to make those classes still fun and meaningful when working under IC/OOC mechanics.


  • 50 ATT -> 55 ATT
  • 45 DEX -> 55 DEX
  • Max HP is now on all tiered seals


  • 60 ATT -> 65 ATT
  • 55 DEX -> 65 DEX (0-2 -> 1-2 per level)
  • Tiered Orbs no longer give Berserk and instead give a flat Dex amount +1 per Tier leading to T6 giving +6 Dex.
  • Curse is now on all tiered orbs


  • Increased radius on Helms
  • Removed cooldown on Helms
  • Lowered base duration on Helms

Slightly unrelated but small tweaks were also made for Ninja:

  • 0-2 SPD to 1-2 SPD per level

Alongside those stat buffs, WisMod has been reworked for Paladin and Mystic to be in line with Sorcerer and Necromancer, and Warrior will receive it for the first time:


  • Triggers at 50 WIS and above
  • 1 WIS -> 0.1 range
  • 1 WIS -> +2 max HP
  • 10 WIS -> +1 sec duration


  • Triggers at 50 WIS and above
  • 1 WIS -> 0.1 Curse range
  • 10 WIS -> +1 sec Curse duration


  • Triggers at 30 WIS and above
  • 1 WIS -> 0.1 range
  • 10 WIS -> +1 sec duration

Here is a better look at the tiered changes:

Tiered Seals Changes

T6 Gives once again +2 VIT and +2 WIS

Tiered Orbs Changes

Tiered Helms Changes

On top of those changes for the tiered items, the following changes have been made to other items for Paladin, Mystic, and a few other miscellaneous items affected by some of the changes:

Seal of Blasphemous Prayer:

  • Remove the -4 Def on equip
  • Increase Invulnerability duration by 0.2 sec every 10 WIS (Triggers above 50 WIS)
  • Increase base Invulnerability to 1.6 sec

Helm of the Juggernaut:

  • Remove cooldown
  • Lower base Berserk and Armored by 2 secs
  • Add wisMod to Berserk and Armored

Orb of Conflict:

  • +2 DEX +2 ATT -> +5 DEX +5 ATT
  • Lower base Speedy and Damaging to 2 secs
  • Now supports new wis mod

Orb of Sweet Demise:

  • Now supports new wis mod

Enchantment Orb:

  • Now supports new wis mod

Orb of Aether:

  • Paralyze and Slow now lasts 2 seconds longer

Honeytomb Snare:

  • Slow now lasts 2 seconds longer

Memento Mori:

  • +10 ATT on Equip

Quiver of Thunder:

  • Removed cooldown

Tome of Holy Protection:

  • 4 VIT -> 4 DEF

Our reasoning:

For this one let’s break it down on a class-by-class basis.

Paladin was the class that received the most negative changes, and while some of those were due to likely unintentional bugs (Instant heal from Max HP), it still deserves some buffs in other areas to make up for it. We decided to bump the offensive stats of Paladin to make it more competitive with Warrior in terms of class choice. At the same time, we decided to revamp the Wis Mod while we were at it to be in line with newer ones. This indirectly allows Paladins with the right gear to be more powerful than ever before. The progression was adjusted to be more linear than it was previously and make sure each seal upgrade provided just as much of an upgrade.

Mystic was hit by the Berserk change indirectly. The goal of Berserk on Mystic was always more for solo play than anything, but not only is it very costly in mana, it is also only available on 2 of the later tiered orbs, making those items give an incredible jump in progression which indirectly makes the early game that much more annoying to play through. On top of that, orbs have had an identity crisis for quite a while now. You press space bar to get a buff… but at the same time you turn the enemy into stone and cannot use that buff anymore. On the other hand, if you use your ability away from you, you do even more damage on enemies. With Berserk on top, this leads to wanting to spam your ability without thinking, but that can sometimes slow you down. While removing Berserk to be replaced by base stats and dexterity on orbs won’t quite fix this double identity issue, it will lead to less accidental stasis trying to just get that Berserk. Once again, since we had the opportunity to tweak the ability we updated the Wis Mod to be similar to the recent ones. This makes it much more clear what any wis point gives you.

Finally there is Warrior, one of the most powerful classes in the game. Insane DPS, insane speed, and insane tanking capabilities (especially if you are using a Juggernaut). With the HP changes, Warrior doesn’t really lose that much all things considered, and the new things it’s getting might even be too generous, but we wanted to try to implement wis mod on Warriors to provide something new for players of the class. What this means is that we needed to remove the cooldown on Helms. A net buff on paper, but at the same time, it’s easy to spam faster than you can use and end up running out of MP (especially IC), which means a bit more timing and consideration is required. On the other hand, lowering the default duration so that wis mod can bring it back to what it is currently is also needed. While this seems to play well from what we could tell, we had a few concerns with this implementation ourselves. The cooldown removal might make warrior more powerful, especially with a Juggernaut, and the reduction of base duration might make the new player experience of the class a lot harder. We want to hear your feedback on this and whether this is the way to go. We’ve also increased the base radius to make the class more cooperative, as we know a few of you have been asking for this for a while.

Finally, the UTs and other items. What we listed are some changes to make those items fit better with the changes, but it doesn’t always completely make it up for it. For example, Prot doesn’t quite get back to where you are now, but since the idea is to have players using Armored try to use DEF sets, to us the changes are sufficient. Memento Mori is quite costly, so the ATT + Damaging doesn’t quite get to where it used to be, but it generally evens out for the time where you aren’t using it. Quiver of Thunder will now work much better with the limited Dazing, seeing as the item was already quite hard to use in the first place and just as equally punishing.

I won’t comment on every single one of them but do note that not everything is quite done yet. Winter reskins are not updated, a few items like Daybreak Chakram or some Paladin, Mystic, Warrior items haven’t been tweaked yet, but there should be enough changes for you to see the bigger picture and what we are trying to accomplish here.

Closing words on the Balance Changes

Overall, I hope this giant wall of text wasn’t too much for you, but often enough we get asked why we make some changes, and just as often we don’t take the time to put it down into words. Today we did just that, and I hope you will find this helpful and try to direct your feedback in the direction we want to take the game.

We are looking forward to your feedback, and in case you don’t want to scroll through the entire thing again here is a small list of things that could be broken and that we require your assistance on:

  • Immunity on all monsters

  • Wis mod on Seals, Helms, Orbs

  • Tooltip for items with new wis mod

  • Class max stats

  • Items have the right changes

  • IC/OOC works as intended

Dwarf Miner Changes

Still in a balancing mood but not entirely related to the changes above, we’ve heard loud and clear that the Dwarf Miner is dreadful to run because of its unfair deaths, sluggish pace, and more.

The changes listed are scheduled to go out with the next release if everything goes smoothly:

  • Waiting time between waves has been reduced significantly

  • Waves have been condensed from 7 to 4

  • Waves are as follows:

    • 3 Melee x2

    • 3 Mage x2

    • 2 Melee + 2 Mage x2

    • 1 Melee + 1 Mage + 1 Leader x2

  • Mushrooms no longer spawn instantly, but 1 by 1 with a small delay in-between

  • Crystal Worm Father now has more HP (50000 -> 75000) and some Invulnerability at the start of phases

  • Crystal Worm Father’s shots are now faster.

  • Crystal Worm Father now only spawns 1 Worm

  • Crystal Worm Father now shoot during the first Death Morel phase

  • Crystal Worm Father now spawn more Death Morel on his last phase

  • Crystal Worm Father now always grant XP

  • Death Morel now has less HP (20000 -> 10000)

The goal of those changes is to increase the pace of the mushroom part, make those less dangerous, and make the Crystal Worm Father part last a bit longer and be more difficult than the current version.

And I’m sure you are gonna ask, “What about the items, those are dreadful too!” Rest assured, we are aware that more than a few of those are underwhelming, however for this current PT session I have nothing specific to announce. I can’t guarantee item changes will be done in time for the next release but know that they should follow shortly after!

New weapons

We have designed a series of new weapons so everyone who participates in future events will be able to work toward collecting them at their own pace. In addition to the regular rewards, every future event will reward players with special tokens that you can exchange for 1 of the 6 new weapons. These tokens will always remain the same, so you shouldn’t feel the need to intensely grind a single event under the pressure of never being able to get them again.

NOTE: The weapon names and descriptions seen in the attached images are placeholders.

Henchman’s Claymore

Damage: 275-305

Range: 3.6

RoF: 0.8

Predator Bow

Projectiles: 3

Arc: 175
Damage: 95-140

Range: 6.4

RoF: 0.75


Blade of the Assailant

Damage: 140-170

Range: 4.76

RoF: 1.2


Tyrant’s Wand

Projectiles: 4

Arc: 10

Damage: 60-70

Range: 5.2


Bounty Hunter’s Dagger

Damage: 100-140

Range: 5.32

RoF: 1.2

Pass through Obstacles

Oppressor’s Staff

Projectiles: 2

Damage: 95-145

Range: 5

RoF: 0.55

Pass through Obstacles

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Love this idea

The in and out of combat sounds like a great idea aswell.

Those sprites look amazing btw


Yes! Make people run more Candy Coated Armor on their Knights so they can do negative DPS!!! Very nice!! GOod!



I think a main problem is that most endgame content is still balanced around stuff and ideally, you’d have to adjust both at the same time

the same goes for drop rates and dying frequency


How to destroy a game 101, remove simplicity, change everything that was good and ORIGINAL about the game.


Mixed emotions, if the first part is talking about a pet nerf I’m not for it, I’ve had 4 max divine pet accounts, this one that I’m currently on being the 4th. I’ve given yall surely atleast 2400 usd over the years at a minimum. So whatever yall do, don’t nerf my pet… I payed for it.


what’s the point in nerfing classes?


Agreed, and I also believe that bosses should no longer be put within enclosed arenas with no means of escaping (Lost Halls, Nest, Fungal/Crystal Cavern) as those were made so you would have simply no way to recover and had to actually dodge and rely less on your pet (although it led to pet reliance on paladins and priests to keep everyone breathing).

While the enemies don’t need their patterns changed, I believe just a base damage reduction can work quite as well (so bosses aren’t draining 200 HP from you at the speed of an Obisidian Dagger). If their damage remains the same with the IC/OOC system, you will be benefitting larger groups more than smaller groups, since the most end game dungeons were balanced around large groups with divine pets.


Deca: let’s just slowly ruin pets so we can try to undo them.
Also Deca: Lets ruin the game for old players and make the rest an overall disaster.


Personally I think more bosses should be put within enclosed arenas to promote proper dodging during boss fights.

Ideally, boss fights are suppose to be high risk-high reward. But if players can sit out and regen during a boss fight, it removes a lot of risk. Also, players still don’t learn how to dodge properly, because they have the option to safely regen.

Edit: what do u guys think about it?


I’m personally looking forward to the oreo rework.

Pet rework, meh. Good idea but 3 seconds seems a bit excessive.


I think the main issue is that the game as a whole is the risk. Where you have to choose what lenght you can go through and what you don’t. All Pre-Kabam dungeons have areas a player can retreat to and rest before jumping right back in (even tomb which was the hardest back then). This is so you can go back, plan your strategie once more and then jump back into action.

RotMG is at it’s core, a game of learning. And to learn, you must have a breather for a better type of planning. Small group runs are essentially harder even after the buffs, specially with enclosed arenas as they give you no time to learn, making everything based on reaction and processing power, which in a game perspective, is a bit flawed. Why should I bother with something that punishes me for not knowing, when the game gives me no window at all to learn?. Making the arenas more open, allowing for retreats to heal and figure out what you just faced, allows a better learning curve for players who aren’t willing to depend on discord such as SBC or Pub Halls


introducing the Leecher


Yeah leechers would be a large issue (but then again since when weren’t they). Which is why I believe making shots deal a tiny bit less compared to the common 150-200 damage hits we have so far would still allow enclosed arenas to work. Or at least allow us to hide other players so we can see where we are without needing… outside help.

Edit: Also since we are being punished for being hit now, can we please stop relying on touhou-like boss fights for difficulty and surprise shotguns?


I agree with SilverM on this one. But it doesnt have to be as freely as tombs and the like. I think the dacing phase on o2 is a perfect solution, punishing when you cant dodge at all, but there still is one gap in the ring from which you can enter and leave relative safely.
I think mbc is fine with how large the area is (the last tentacle phase could be a little less clutered), but nest might benefit from a slight leeway, like a path through the (damaging) honey back to the entrance.
I cant recall it too clearly but i think the ‘new’ shaitans is about the worst it gets, but im not too sure since ive only done it twice (with a maxed divine).


Remember, this is supposed to be a hybrid of bullet hell and MMORPG, not just a pure bullet hell.

Having boss fights that are purely about locking the player in a limited space and flooding it with intricate bullet patterns doesn’t play to the game’s strengths. All it does is make it a shittier clone of what’s already on the market.

That’s true but at the same time, is it really better game design to force players into Discord groups and massive DPS blobs? It’s effectively the same as leeching in terms of player engagement: just sit there for a while then collect loot.


Then just make an anti leech, like some sickening + 10 damage liquid at the entrance, no ?


People spent and worked hard for their pet if u changed that then half of them will just leave couse of just anger!


The IC/OOC is one of the worst ideas that has ever been made up why make the game 2x slower? Nobody wants to spend more time clearing dungeons at snail speeds hell look at fungal and crystal cavern they are a boring clearfest that nobody runs since their event week ended and people have access to good pets in that dungeon imagine it with these changes. Also in the process you screw over people who have paid for pets as well and whether they have a rare or a divine people have paid money so they can get their pet the results that were stated.

The IC/OOC system could possibly work if the game was completely redesigned such as enemies hp values/damage/ but i doubt that will happen since we keep getting awful content like fungal and the reworked shaitians lair