PT: Vital Combat & Exaltations


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Alright, so this thread is sort of an absolute mess of arguing, so I’d like to bring this back and leave my official feedback on Vital Combat now that I have experienced it for myself on testing.

The current implementation of vital combat is, for lack of a better term… not good. Don’t get me wrong, I like the idea that is laid out in concept, but I think some of the scaling is off for a game that is already perma death. It feels a little bit too punishing for a game where you are naturally inclined to make mistakes when trying to learn a fight. From my perspective, every boss/dungeon in the game should be doable on your first try if you are a skilled enough player. I was personally able to complete the Oryx Sanctuary the very first time I attempted it on production, but it was VERY CLOSE to being just over that edge of too hard for a permadeath game.

The main point I would like to make is that the current implementation of vital combat simply attempts to make the game more difficult overall and is less of a “balance patch” and more of a “let’s just make the game harder patch.” I agree with nerfing pets, but I don’t agree with this current implementation because it overall makes the game more difficult for all of the wrong reasons.

What I would suggest is a very small and easy change. I think the in combat timer that is triggered when you take damage is just absolutely too long. This should be reduced to somewhere around 3-5 seconds. As it currently stands, taking damage in boss fights like Oryx 3 or even his minibosses just feels so unforgiving to the point that you feel like you have to dodge literally everything. Yes, I get it. This is a bullet hell game and that’s kind of the point, but RotMG is also permadeath. There has to be more forgiveness in a game that is permadeath.

That’s all I have to say for now. I will most likely make a separate thread to outline my full feelings since I feel that a lot of what gets posted here kind of ends up in the depths of the thread never to be seen again.

P.S. The nerfs to armored, damaging, and berserk are great. The nerf to puri is extremely overkill. Please revise so that priest doesn’t become completely useless again like it was in 2014. Also, what’s with that 3 second cooldown on tomes? If that hits prod I’m going to be really upset. There are better ways to nerf priest that I will outline in a full thread…


ah yes, clearly i should know better that mseal face tanking = players getting better at the game
dodging? haha whats that
in a bullet hell game? naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


wait, but at max vit doesnt IC last for about 3 seconds?


Nope, 4 seconds.


I am confused.

I was on the previous O3 PT server.

I kept the pet from that server.

But I completely agree this testing event was a disorganized disaster.


It takes insane skill to stay inside that mseal radius while you have 120 defense and are being puri spammed…


Vital Combat sounds okay. The only thing that has me worried is the pet nerf, since that is the primary way players recover anymore.

When the DPS, Defense, and Enemy Health Rebalances are taken together, I think I can be on board with it.

Status Effect Rebalance will change the strategy of several boss fights, but it might be for the best. Player immunity from chain paralyze is a welcome change. I wish this immunity would extend to other status effects.

Class Rebalances
Most of these changes are minor. I don’t know what the rationale was for removing helm cooldowns. That seals no longer healing directly is irritating. I know that is how seals used to work, but the immediate heal is partly what kept paladins somewhat viable. Now there is no skill in timing your spacebar with pally, since it doesn’t give you a clutch heal, but instead just a timed effect. The tome changes are most rankling. Tiered tomes have been nerfed in every way. If you maybe just applied one of these changes to tomes, it wouldn’t be so bad, but why go all out with 3-second cooldowns, lower base heal, and lower heal levels based on number of players (not to mention the changes to UTs)? This is a cooperative game, and priests were the quintessential cooperative class.

Other Items
Mostly, again, these are small changes that players can get used to. The big exception being that priests are further devalued by removing the party effect of Puri (plus of course decreased healing all around). Why the priest hate? In most upper-tier boss fights, players already spend half the time quiet/silent/sick, which lessens the efficacy of purification and healing. With these changes, the priest will become a self-serving leech class, as opposed to a contributing party class. Book of Geb change is good though. This differentiates it from Puri.

This is a huge, complicated system that only rewards the very best Discord players who can consistently complete these endgame dungeons (eventually, after massive grinding). I’ve been playing for over eight years, and I’m personally not skilled enough to reap any of these benefits. And yet I know I am better than a majority of players. According to RealmEye, there are ~98k active players. Exactly what proportion of those players will this new system be relevant to? Will the seemingly enormous resources put into this system pay off? The playerbase is split between the vocal elite players with godlike abilities and those of us who just want to pewpew a few tombs or O2s before going to bed. The divide increases when the developers implement a system like this that rewards the hardest-core players, while alienating the new and casual majority.

I would echo what has already been mentioned by @CptLeon and @Shatov. Some sort of separate game mode like Elder Realms or a “hardcore” realm would satisfy both camps. Those wanting endless challenge can find greater reward in an Elder Realm, and those of us who enjoy a more relaxing experience would have the classic mode.


Actually, it does only last that long at max vit, lower actually with exaltation, and basically nonexistent with vit speccing
(Which is why i think it should be vit and wis based to prevent some builds from getting around the nerf entirely)


This update will be mostly innefective in its’ current state, that much seems established, but it’s not because they didn’t remove keys, but because they didn’t make this system balanced and solid enough, with the split healing overly encouraging large groups, Necro becoming basically the same as pre-nerf Priest, the timer being based on only vit is broken, and they didn’t nerf divines and mseal much at all, meaning said key groups will still be overpowered as ever.


Ok, that was cute. I took that seriously with this thread. This has been the 3rd most difficult thread to read on the forums out of everything I’ve read, especially the first part.
I’m going to give my head a break now…


Doesn’t matter how many times you do it. People make mistakes and even with knowing the boss pattern a stray bullet or a small rubber band or lag spike can end your run (sometimes u can’t even see the bullet due to the amount of people). With Healing being considerably reduced in an bullet hell environment (O3) I don’t expect someone who is paralyzed or confused (other debuffs apply) to be able to heal themselves after being hit especially when there is little to no time to regen If(IC/OOC) is implemented and since most shots on shot anyway. Taking a look at O3 one phase can last up to 15 minutes. I highly doubt someone can consistently dps the boss while dodging every bullet and having little to no healing due to the IC and the nerfs to priest.


Those vit/pet changes seems overcomplicated. Why not just boost vit/wis regen all the time (that was it supposed to do - passive regeneration even during combat) and just stop healing with pet up to 5 sec after receiving damage without any modifiers?


100% Agree. All you had to do was nerf pets to improve the longevity of the game. But you are scared to do so because you charged people through the nose for pet petfood in your little shops. So instead you came up with this dumb convoluted system.


everything works really great with this testing and i think ic/ooc is a great feature along with exaltations except how you really destroyed priest in a group, it does not feel like a support anymore but more like a solo class.


IC/OOC seems ok but it’s hard to judge with 8/8 char 100/100 pet on testing.

Priest nerf is just dumb, i actually wanted to max my priest next but i guess i won’t bother since it’ll be unplayable.

Exaltation is balanced around discord runs so i won’t use it at all.
I was really hoping to see more variation, but it’s just endagame grind and i can’t see the point of it.
If you can run these dungeons so much already then you don’t need extra stats. If you can’t run them so much you’ll get no extra stats and in-combat will make dungeons even harder.

I think ill leave after motmg then.