PT: Vital Combat & Exaltations


It’s not 32k. Looking at the image with this caption - Hover the cursor over any of the dungeons to see how many stat bonuses you have - and each first stat needs 10 completions, the Vit though which is working towards its second stat needs 20. 10 + 20 + 30 + 40 + 50 = 150. per stat. Multiplied by 8 for all stats, and 16 for all chars, gives 19600, or 19.6k.

Still too many though. And could easily be much higher if you mess any up by dying which docks you completions, making you do even more.


Now it looks to be a battle against those who create the game, and those who run it…
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Oh fuck Kabam, don’t even try to imply what they did was good, come on. Is it because they kept the game alive? (By milking it and shitting on the mechanics and content, yes)


I actually didn’t realize the extent of the hp scaling change, thanks for posting this.

“This update is friendly for lower-level players” LOL


The HP scaling is bad to new players how? Because they can’t immediately do Lost Halls anymore?


(Low effort response for your low effort reply btw)


Ok, beginners can’t immediately do the 2nd hardest thing in the game, everything is ruined.

I give up, your logic is too strong.

(It’s easy to just post a meme and seem right)


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  1. New players shouldn’t be plowing endgame content immediately

  2. Imagine judging someone by Lost Halls completions when Lost Halls is trivialized like right now

  3. Out of Combat helps new players, how many times are we gonna have to hammer that in? Come on

  1. When did I say anything about new players “plowing endgame content”?

  2. If it has been “trivialized”, why so few completions? Your “point” is nonsensical

  3. It doesn’t help new players at all. It encourages homogeneity among class types vis a vis warrior and knights.


Fair enough, got that mixed up with other ppl saying new players should just be able to do them immediately

Not liking it much, a couple dozen is more than enough to prove you can do it too

It benefits all classes, especially since unmaxed vit values are closer to each other


bro, you can’t become exalted without being 8/8. Therefore, a class like the Arch, that maxes at 40 vit, is at a SEVERE disadvantage compared to classes that max at 75 vit.

maybe I am misinterpreting your point about the unmaxed vit values.


I didn’t say anything about exaltation


very, very well said.


Brilliant idea, Deca should make a poll and see what the community thinks. Obviously this is very controversial and polls shouldn’t only be used to see what video game news sites we check.


Aight okay here’s my two cents.

I went on testing and tried some things out.

  1. I cannot rush halls consistently on ANY class. I can rush on warrior probably 60% of the time, and trickster maybe 75%. I’d say fullskips are a thing of the past (not entirely a bad thing tbh).

  2. I cannot solo MBD except on pally. I think this is just a skill thing though.

  3. I cannot get past 1st boss of shatters. After the boss has been activated, there are simply some phases where it is impossible to avoid taking damage. If the pet nerf was designed to make large groups less powerful, they’ve made the difficulty gap between large groups and small groups wider. Pet nerfs hit small groups harder than they hit large ones (exempting the crazy HP scaling lmao).

  4. I think the idea of IC/OOC overall can’t be applied to realm. It’s a bullet hell. There is sometimes literally no option to “back out and heal”. Consider the lost halls. In MBC, you have to constantly deal with drive-bys, pop-rocks, tentacles, etc etc. You cannot dodge everything, and you have nowhere to run and heal. In the void, you are constantly dealing with minions, dodging void entity shots, crossing rivers, etc etc. In the fungal cavern, unless you are a legend you are guaranteed to be IC almost the entire boss fight. There are many more examples.

  5. Puri changes are just weird. It goes against the way Puri was meant. Puri was just designed to take debuffs off allies. It’s next to useless now. I get that they don’t want large groups to just puri off EVERYTHING but I think changes like setting a max amount of people a puri can effect (e.g. 5 people max) as well as giving puri a cooldown (normal tomes shouldn’t have one) are more reasonable.

  6. I was looking at some god lands dungeons and the effects now on them, and I actually found that necro was the easiest class to rush abysses and sewers on. I like that necro is more useful now.

  7. Marble Seal definitely needed a nerf. No group should be able to just face tank everything. I do think a better nerf would be significantly limiting the range or reducing the tower duration. Jugg and Prot don’t deserve this nerf (Jugg is super rare and should remain very powerfulalso I just got one and spent 5 bucks midasing it).

  8. The defense cap change is irrelevant.

  9. On the beserk and damaging changes. I like that curse is more powerful. Mystic is more helpful during boss fights. Berserk and damaging should scale with group size. For a 5 person group, I don’t think it needs the nerf. For a 65 person group, it needs the full nerf, but I think the adaptive HP scaling needs to be tweaked. It does not make sense to more than double a bosses HP (at 65 people) from what it was AND nerf damaging and berserk.

  10. Crowd control debuff changes. Despite all of the other changes, I believe this is the most impactful one and it’s been completely overlooked by most people. Debuffs are at the core of the RotMG. I agree that a singular archer or knight shoudn’t be able to permanently paralyze or stun an enemy. But a group of archers and huntresses working together should. If you get 3 knights on the same boss yeah that boss should be perma-stunned. I suggest making the debuff cooldown player-by-player. Once you stun a boss, you have to wait 5 seconds before you can stun it again, but your buddy has his own cooldown.

  11. Class rebalances. Oh boy.

  12. Pally

  13. Pally’s a support class and doesn’t need the dps buff.

  14. Seals should heal instead of just increasing max HP. Paladins shouldn’t heal as well as priests, but they should do more than just 20hp per second. If seals heal, then pally doesn’t need the vit buff.

  15. Pally wis mod changes aren’t too major.

  16. Mystic

  17. Mystic doesn’t need the dps buff, but it’s much appreciated.

  18. Mystic wis mod changes aren’t too major. (jk they are just only for conflict)

  19. Warrior

  20. Changes aren’t too major. No helm cooldown is nice but unneccesary. If IC/OOC is nerfed, they’re gonna have to restore helm cooldowns.

  21. Priest

  22. Wand changes are nice and needed.

  23. Tomes… are okay. I like the idea of healing less based on how many people are being healed. I don’t like a 3 second cooldown on the healing. If your buddy drops to 100 and his pet’s not working you should be able to drain your MP bar and save him. Not get him to 1/3 hp, then 3 seconds later 2/3s, then 3 seconds later back to full. It’s not the biggest deal though.

  24. Wis mod changes are actually very significant. Not only do you now have to wait 3 seconds between heals, your tome heals for 33% less than before.

  25. Necromancer

  26. Vit buff is just for the IC/OOC system.

  27. Ninja and Samurai

  28. Buffs are just to make maxing them easier. Very needed in my opinion.

  29. Item changes:

  30. Oreo got a firm buff. The invuln time can be just enough to get you OOC, and the extra 4 def is nice.

  31. Sandstone Seal needs the buff because of the new IC/OOC system. Will be very powerful.

  32. Jugg has basically no changes except you can be perma-armored which is kinda OP except armored doesn’t do much anymore. Overall Jugg got a hard nerf which is completely undeserved given it’s rarity. Though to be fair, if they undo the armored nerf (which they should) they’re gonna have to give Jugg it’s cooldown back.

  33. Conflict is VERY VERY nice now.

  34. Orb of Aether is just even better. Overall Mystic got a crazy buff.

  35. Honey orb isn’t as trash of a replacement as aethor orb.

  36. QOT doesn’t matter because boss can’t be perma-ed. Maybe nice if you miss.

  37. Prot changes are fair.

  38. Puri I already talked about.

  39. Tome of pain changes are fair, though it would be nice to be spammable.

  40. Book of geb is the only tome which gives speedy, which I think is fair.

  41. Exaltation straight up benefits hackers who can fully exalt while overall sucking for legit players who will take a long time to accomplish the same feat. I actually believe that the exaltation system will encourage players to hack. Actually when all of these changes hit prod the number of hackers will skyrocket.

One final word on the IC/OOC system. It’s too complicated.

If you’re going to nerf pets, you don’t need to be subtle about it. Just nerf pets.

Divine pet heals for 90 hp/s, so drop it down to 50hp/s. 45 mp/s goes to 25 mp/s. IDK something along those lines but I think IC/OOC is too complicated. If you’re going to nerf pets then nerf pets. For people who think that 50hp/s is too much, keep in mind that these people put thousands of dollars into the game and taking away 40hp/s is already a huge nerf.

Though I really think this should only apply to divine and legendary pets. Rare pets aren’t OP, and I feel for the blue stars with uncommon ones.

Overall, they have the right idea. I like where deca is going. These changes aren’t perfect and deca knows that, which is why they opened up PT to get feedback. I hope legitimate feedback is taken into consideration, and I hope deca will listen to the community. Nothing is set in stone so don’t start hating yet.

personally though, I’ll quit if all changes hit prod the way they are now. my passion is soloing/small grouping tough dungeons and at my skill level, I don’t think I can do that with these changes. Doing dungeons in tiny groups will be accessible only to the top 5% of players, and I’m not one of them.unless of course they keep the sseal changes


This update is horrible and will kill the game if it goes out in this state. It makes large groups have to go against bosses with an astronomical amount of health while having the group DPS nerfed. Priest becomes useless to the point where necro beats it out for healing now. The pet nerf and vital combat isnt the problem, its just mildly annoying. Everything else about this is asking to kill the game and never get new players to come to it.


Sorry to be that guy, but a game who’s ToS requires that you be 16 or older shouldn’t have to be made easy enough for a 12 year old


Kill the game this kill the game that… it’s not going to kill the game. God I’m tired of reading that.


Even most anti-pet nerf whales are too in too deep to quit, let’s be real