PT: Vital Combat & Exaltations


You can’t claim it will or will not, objectively. This update looks to change the fundamental gameplay the game has run on for the last ~decade; It will have a significant long-term affect on the entire experience. It’s hard to write off all criticism of this update as “muh steamrolling!”. People are here in this thread because they care, deeply.


Ok bois i tested IC/OOC in testing (aside the funny af sseal bug) and here are my thoughts

  • I like the IC/OOC, it gives players a vital reason to dodge (in a bullet hell game)
  • wismod to many classes and no cd to warrior is great, as there will now be incentives to actually max wis instead of being 6/8 forever
  • priest nerf was needed but i still feel like they overdone it (also puri has to be reworked again because in this state it will be nothing but feed power)
  • i still think exaltation is bullshit lmao (redid the math, if u wanna max out all 16 characters, u need to do about 19.2k dungeons like wtf)
  • wand changes mean that dagger changes are needed, which i desperately need
  • all non-tome item reworks are pretty great
  • yeah thats all

overall, i can see why some people are overreacting, but they should actually try out the playstyle instead about crying and saying they’re gonna leave the game

(still think exaltation is bullshit)


If you haven’t seen a single post on the thread that approves every single part of the update, then I’d like you to meet me. I either am for or don’t mind nearly every single part of this update, including exaltation. The only part I’m iffy about is losing progress on exaltation upon death, but that’s it.


The test server is a bullshit, the O3 is very easy when you have a server full of maxed 8/8 players with good equipment and divine pets … they are asking for something impossible


That’s a mega plunder from deca’s part


I actually think endgame content will be easier for beginners.
The most organic way a new player would encounter an endgame dungeon would propably be in the realm after an event boss dropped one. Realm halls and such are most often half empty with only a few players in. The most optimal amount of players is 10 for bosses and 14 for enemies.
At 14 players, orbiting oryx minions have 4800 and 5500 hp. Even if all 14 players in the dungeon are fresh level 20 archers with t7/2/7/2 gear it would only take them less than two seconds of concentrated fire to kill one.

A lot of people will understand that and sentry halls and other realm spawned endgame dungeons will almost always have a small-ish group of players going through it.


Yall play this game like a job, no chance anyone who says they’re quitting over this will actually quit


But you don’t. At all. You think getting hit by any bullet with damage above 15 = “It’s obvious I need to Nexus now.”? That is ridiculously unintelligent. The combat system can be completely ignored from the current game to the Public Testing if you already dodge most of the shots. You actually get MORE regeneration (since they doubled it out of combat) if you dodge well. Rewarding for being skillful.

Ya lol… it’s either pet nerf, priest nerf, pally nerf, the insanely difficult years-long exaltation requirements, damaging/berserk nerf, debuff immunity cooldown… there is so much to piss off players. That being said I really like the pet nerf and exalt (numbers need to be reduced though), but man…

Priest was overly nerfed and I probably won’t touch my paladin after this, and no more perma paralyzing godland dungeons? Look at what that did to Mad Labs. They “updated” Mad Labs to “make it better”. Nobody does them anymore. You can’t paralyze first boss or second boss in the green water. I only touch Labs when I need 2 marks. Not being able to pstun o2 in its first phase? That has always been an iconic part of the game since it was released, knights would have an inventory filled with MP pots before pets existed just to go deep and pstun o2. They really need to rethink this garbage “timed immunity to every enemy in the game” bullshit. It’s a lazy “fix” is what it is. Certain enemies should have this and certain ones shouldn’t. Certain phases should and certain phases shouldn’t.

His sentence is correct though. There are tons of ass kissers for DECA. Not saying he’s right about anything else or who is an ass kisser, but go read the reddit. A lot of ass kissers. For years tons of comments with something negative about DECA in an official post have 50+ downvotes even if it’s true. And their argument is always “They saved the game! It’s more than Kabam ever did!” Like damn. They’d praise a tyrannical genocide-committing leader if Kabam came before them.

That is not true. I just love it less than pre-pets. I like both games. It’s still fun to run through shit and face tank, and to rush many dungeons on many classes. It’s just not as good. Maxing is a joke. 8/8ing is a joke. White star is a joke. Can’t trade UTs. Forever farming for a specific UT only to get UTs you dislike (UT Exchange hopefully fixes that without being p2w). I wish I could have both games. Some servers where pets work like they do now but less drop chance, then the new system but slightly higher drop chance.

? The game is imbalanced by being way too easy, due to pets. Those mean exactly the same thing in this situation. To balance the game it needs to be made harder.

Unibro has 2 recording on youtube of him solo o3 without a pet with this system, so it is definitely possible, but insanely difficult and the man is in the top most skilled players on the game so RIP to 99% of the playerbase. Not boasting with this, just stating, but I solo most stuff and am looked at as a skilled player to players who know me but I still had trouble soloing o3 with Vital Combat mechanics even with a pet. I’m positive I could do it if I tried enough times but it simply is not worth it.

wat… that’s what they’re fixing, Kabam’s pet release.

That’s not true. I can understand you having trouble with MBC survival phase and Void, but Fungal is tremendously easier. You just have to learn it. MBC survival is more on the fly improvised dodging with bullets everywhere without a learnable pattern. Fungal is learnable patterns almost the entire fight (when circling Crystal Child you can’t skillfully dodge the Crystal Mother’s sniping shots, which is the only bullshit thing in this fight. Sometimes I won’t get hit by any, sometimes I will get hit by many, it’s pure luck).

Same. None of this is going to kill the game. It’s only going to kill Paladins and Priests. :clown_face:


You’re talking about different discussion environments; most of the time, Reddit is terrible for anything but memes.

This forum is way better in that regard, you can actually have great discussions here and not get hated for it.


1 - This game is dying (declining player base)

2 - Tweaking numbers is not the solution

3 - Creating content that less than 0.01% of the current players can benefit is not the solution

4 - Nerfing is not the solution

So what is the solution? Good question, I’m not paid for that, good luck, have fun.


Making the purification self only is really bad a better change would be making them immune to purification for x time after receiving the effect, instead of not effect other party members at all.


I see this said everyday and i really don’t believe it.



lol what about it


I’ve played this game for almost seven years now, and I’ve never seen the community split on changes like this.

Like sure opinion on Deca has been split sometimes but considering this update is what is going to “make or break” the game for alot of people, stakes are high and I don’t have faith that Deca is going to listen to all parts of the community.

Plus the Pet Nerfs mainly drive away the players who are willing to spend large amounts of money. Not saying that Pet Nerfs aren’t needed but driving away people willing to spend big isn’t a great strategy for long term sustainability. Even if they stay, I doubt they’ll drop money on keys.

Personally this update put me over the edge into most likely quitting for good, the changes make the game radically different and I have 0 faith in Deca to actually do the right thing. Can’t speak for others but that’s not an uncommon sentiment in my player circles.


I think he is pointing out you partake in the permanent grind for an account that are pets. Not that this information changes anything about what you said. You can hate the idea of something and still take advantage of it. I preferred the game before pets but still have multiple Legendaries and a Divine. Your complaint is still valid. I completely disagree though. A permanent account grind is awesome, but only if it is achievable without dedicating your life to the game.


You say this responding to a major in-game spender who is in favor. In addition, Spencer and Talwar have already said they are in favor of the changes. Don’t know about others, but those are some major spenders and community members who want to see this go through.


This is probably late, and nobody’s gonna read this, but screw it here’s my thoughts

It feels kinda scuffed to have a 15 damage shot IC you the same amount as a 300 damage shot. I think it would be better to have IC lengths between 3 and 10 seconds based on damage, with higher damage shots ICing more and lower damaging shots ICing less (while keeping the 1 second IC minimum).

I also don’t think beserk and damaging should be nerfed as part of the IC/OOC update, it would be a better idea to implement IC/OOC and the beserk/damaging nerf seperately, and then releasing the other one after the effects of the first are seen.

I’m a little confused as to why Deca is insisting on nerfing armored (which screws over jug and prot, which don’t need a nerf), when they could just nerf the Mseal (which is causing all the problems) by making it give def instead of armored. However, this change helps newer players out a lot more, so I really don’t care that much about it.

The status effects rebalance seems pretty bad in my opinion. This will probably make the new Oryx shield useless. A better way to do this is to put a cap on the amount of time an enemy could be debuffed. For example, Deca could make it so that bosses could only be stunned for a maximun of 10 seconds, after which they’ll be immune to stun for 5 seconds. Also, I feel that slow should be exempted from the immunity, or take longer before immunity kicks in because it’s inferior to paralyze. Player immunity is a good iea though.

All of the class rebalances with the exception of priest can literally be rolled out immediately without IC/OOC. I do worry a bit about how the helm changes would hurt new players without wismod though.

The priest nerfs however, are absolute garbage. Priest is too OP, wands need a buff, an puri needs nerf. However, this DOES NOT mean that priest should be nerfed into the ground like this. A 25% reduction in healing plus IC/OOC is fine, no more speedy on tiered is fine, book of geb and puri cooldown is fine, but adding cooldowns on literally every tome, plus decreased heal on large groups of people on top of that is actually insane. The last two changes go too far. Tiered tomes should not have a cooldown, and you don’t need to remove team purification on priests.

Exaltations is fine, oryx completions could probably be less, and I don’t see why characters need to be 8/8 in order for completions to count because completions are harder with less maxed characters.


not giving solutions to problems but saying there is a problem isn’t helpful.


Spencer and Talwar aren’t big spenders. Talwar doesn’t even have a 90-90 pet, and unless he’s put something new out, in his video he deliberately states he doesn’t want/know which side to choose. (Though he was against the priest nerfs so more negative if anything). Didn’t know Shatter apparently was a big spender but it’s still just one person vs the many people I know with Divine pets.

People can spend insane amounts of money on this game. I’ve probably spent 200+ and I wouldn’t consider myself anywhere near a high spender. $500+ baseline really. Something like this is always going to be arbitrary and not really justifiable with evidence anyway.

Keep in mind though that f2p games are kept together by the people who spend massive amounts of money.