PT: Vital Combat & Exaltations


The old forums were taken down because a security vulnerability on the forum is what allowed SwatSec to get access to an admin’s account (since they used the same password on the forum as ingame). Rather than fix the problem, Kabam just nuked it.


It is “whose.” Secondly, don’t be that “guy” then. How old are you? How old were you when you started playing this game? He has a ton of hours in games like Rust, GTA, Minecraft, Rocket League, etc. His age is of less relevance than the point he is at with the game, a beginner. In 21 days, he is now a blue star, I believe he will be fine ultimately, but my original point still stands: The game is very complicated and not exactly welcoming or overly explanatory when it comes to the beginning stages of the game. Without having an experienced player help with gear, potions, and advice, advancing can be a very daunting task as the game has an extreme learning curve and I find this proposed update and its immense changes to further expand the divide between beginners and experienced players.


Man I was so close to coming back to this game. Guess I have more time to focus on my studies now. :upside_down_face:


first attempt (unless you count the ones where i was trying to teach people minibosses)

slightly hindered by me being rusty and also lagging because the testing server sucks ass.

i fade back into darkness now.


No but it really is an insane amount. Let me put it into perspective. If the gain is cumulative, a.k.a, 10 for first stat, additional 20 for second stat, and so on, to max one stat it’d take 150 of that dungeon. 150 by 8, that’s 1200 Endgame dungeon completions to fully Exalt one character. And let’s assume you’re a God, and you never die, because dying will set you back (if you have 40 completions and are on your way to 50 to get that fifth stat, and you die? You lose TEN completions. Yikes). But whatever.

Okay, so 1200 by 16, that’s 19,200 Endgame dungeon completions. Now, for this next part, I’m going to assume you do nothing but Endgame dungeons when you play this game, every single minute you play this game. And let’s assume it’s 25 minutes per dungeon (shorter for some, longer for others, and I’m including wait time in between runs), and let’s ALSO assume you make absolutely every run, never Nexusing and/or dying. Thats 480 000 minutes, in hours, 8000. 8000 Hours, of nonstop Endgame Dungeon grinding, with efficient timing and perfect play.

If you did that, for 6 hours, every fucking day of your life, it would take you 1333 days to Exalt everything; about 4 years. Unfortunately, we’re human, not robots, so we can’t keep that level of play up every single day. Realistically, even for those who are stacked out, it would take around 6 years.

Don’t get me wrong, I love this system in its idea; but the numbers are really fucking high. I don’t think your Average Joe is expected to Exalt all classes anyway, but even Whale Wally would have to waste away four dedicated years for it.


Will Deca (or anyone with input on final decision making) be reading these replies? If so I have some feedback about the system as a whole.


Just for reference, with 75 VIT, you’re healing 11.72 HP/s. Shit, yes, but it’s something. Double that, and you’ve got 23.44 HP/s. Definitely something; stray back for several seconds and you get some health back. x4 increase would 46.88 HP/s, which is half a Divine pet, kind of circling back to the problem of too much healing in the game.

Even then, VIT needs to be reworked IN ITS FORMULA. The formula favours Melees so much even though they don’t need it. For example, you only get like 5 HP/s with 40 VIT. Even if you x4’d this, it’d be negligable. Sure, ranged/mages have WIS, but WIS doesn’t scale as hard (its like 5 MP/s for mages, and 2.8 for Melees). The formula for VIT (which, by the way, is: HP/s = 1 + (0.12 * VIT) just needs to be innately changed, same with WIS.


About the Priest thing, let me put it into perspective:

A necromancer, that hits TWO WHOLE TARGETS, will heal more than a Priest.

And the skull has no cooldown.

And it also does damage.

The priest nerfs were just retardo-bonkers, I mean look, I love gameplay involving high impact, timing, and efficiency. Cooldowns are the best way to implement this; you are forced to use your tools at the most effective situation, such that it isn’t on CD when you desperately need it. So, go ahead; give Priest a 3, fuck it, 4 second Cooldown on Tomes. But why on God’s green earth should that very delayed heal only give you a pitiful fucking 200 HP? If it healed 335, but went on CD for 4 seconds even, that would be perfectly balanced. That way, even in groups, if the CD’s line up, you might go a solid several seconds of absolutely nothing, but the better Priests will always wait with that trigger finger until the timing is perfect.

Nah, let’s just make them useless and buff a SUPPORT class’ DPS instead XDDD


Agree with everything, but the Priests got fucked too hard. There is zero reason to play a priest now. You get a 200 HP heal every 3 seconds. That’s like… shit. Make the CD 4 seconds, make the heal 300+; high impact, high skill. Not only that, but Necro overshadows it too now (for reference, one enemy hit by Necro skull = 120 HP. Skull has no CD, and it also does damage. Yikes). Geb Tome is now dogshit, Puri is a greedy tome for a group oriented class, and with that new Chaos Scripture, it just makes Priest a new sorcerer. Oh yeah, Prot also got fucked hard, on top of Armored nerf, so you can’t even be greedy on a Priest now lol.


Mori buff is shit design though. It should +15 ATT on use, not just a flat +10 on equip. It overshadows every other skull so badly because you just can’t beat them DPS, even though it’s an ST skull. Like Endless Torment was already buried, coffin nailed up and all, but now its grave is just getting pissed on too.


My only two disagreements; pets should be nerfed, pretty hard. I understand it’s really fucking hard in this case, but a nerf for the health of the game gameplay-wise was inevitable. And also nah, MSeal is fucking broken. I don’t give a fuck what your argument is, making everyone about 100% tankier (well 50% now) for like 5 seconds is retarded. Even if it gave everyone around it only 20 DEF instead of Armored, it would still be fucking good. As it stands its, IMO, the most unhealthy, vile, disgusting, aids-infested item in the game, next to shit like Puri (although I do agree the Puri nerf is fucking stupid; cool, make priest a solo class now, eh Deca? fuckin’ hell).




Just like people keep saying “this update will kill the game”, people keep saying “pets need to be nerfed for the health of the game”.

There has to be more than just saying pets are unhealthy for the game. Unless there are concrete statements backing that up, there’s nothing to support that statement.

Listen, I don’t know if you have fought O3, but there is basically no where to go from O3 aside from having a boss where every shot instantly kills you. O3 can kill you in 3 shots and there’s not much more room for future “boss difficulty”.

I don’t see how there can be any more difficult bosses going forward.

Will all the other bosses in ROTMG become harder with the vital combat system? Yes, they will. But void entity is like a pirate cave in comparison to O3. To be brutally honest, all the content with the exception of O3 will remain as trivial as it did before the update. And O3 was already a ball-busting boss. Thus, the update changes nothing (other than forcing people to to do the same content in smaller groups).


Achievements, perhaps. Solo an MBC? Gain +10 Max HP on that character. Y’know, stuff that’s difficult. People always have to use some metric, DECA as well in this case, but there’s so much more interesting shit to do. Another example, solo x dungeon in under x time? Gain +1 SPD on that character.

Exalting your characters PERMANENTLY such be more incremental and less extreme. Maybe 15 dungeons of x for first stat bonus, then 30, then 45 and that’s it. Just 3 permanent stat buffs (15 for HP/MP). BUT, to compensate, there would be ways to increase your stats on your CURRENT character, which would require less grind but more intensive bombastic gameplay, y’know, fun stuff.

Notice what I’m capitilzing too; this is a PERMA-DEATH. Having permanent stats is nice in small amounts, cuz you feel progression and rewarded, that’s why I said it should be small increments, and you make up for it on an individual character basis. Just thinking about it, that system would be so much more fun. Imagine having to do something on a character to make that much more proficient. Sure, you could very easily still die, but doing enough achievements/milestones on a given character would make that character so much more fun until its eventual inevitable death.

PLUS, it’s more accessible; if you don’t want to grind 150 Lost Halls for a permanent buff, you could get an 8/8, solo MBC right away, and gain a buff until that character dies, 150x faster. The risk of death still exists, the gradual permanent buffs still exist, and worthwhile gameplay would exist, something RotMG has been missing.

I could go on and on, but over all, this just really was a poorly thought out update.


I definitely did buy it for my jugg that sits in my vault when it came out because I had a lot of realm gold and, well, fancy jugg to show off i have a jugg is now fancier and the effect is neat.

Do wish there was something more substantial to how it looked though, but still probably not the most questionable purchase ive ever made in realm.


True, necromancer still has yet to be addressed by Deca if they are going to nerf one healing class and not consider what the other healing class can do.
Regarding skulls, the group splitting heal could also be applied or apply a maximum cap of how much you can heal from enemies (perhaps up to 5? haven’t tested any numbers yet). Skulls aren’t really used for their damage since it is pretty bad and it’s just better to focus on staff dps.

Cooldowns can be offsetted by having more priests. This would mainly be an issue with bigger groups (basically discord raids).

In actual gameplay, 200 HP is still pretty solid enough. The 3 second delay seems fine enough to me, but it could probably just be turned down to 2 seconds.


Lot of bosses were designed taking pets into account, IC/OOC system will make pets significantly weaker. Some people paid a LOT of money for pets, willingly, because they knew how strong they were. Now they are getting extremely nerfed (indirectly, but still).

How happy do you think your customers will be? Imagine paying a million dollars for a sport car and later on they change it to an economy car.

Don’t you think monetization from pets will reduce by a lot?


@sonicman i believe someone/ multiple people will be, yes (otherwise there would be literally no point in this thread).

Right, ima say a few things. To be honest, I can’t give much feedback because exaultations is an endgame feature (and im not endgame yet). Most of these are about the PT and other feedback rather than me giving feedback myself.

  1. the 85% defense cap -> 90% def cap doesnt really do anything much in perspective to IC/OOC. It does make it nicer however to find damage reductions since the capped damamge value is just a tenth of what it originally is (easy to work out). However, since it takes 15 damage to activate IC. A bullet doing 100 with 85% reduction (old cap) would do 15 damage, but takes 85 def, which is very high.

  2. One problem I felt was that too much was presented. For example, IC/OOC and the rebalances could have been one testing session, then exaultations another. Since exaultations is primarily late-game only, while IC/OOC is early game as well.

  3. As such I felt exaultations didnt really recieve any feedback whatsoever except the fact they felt the amount of dungeons required was too high. Very few commented on the rewards and how they felt about that. Does this mean people thought it was ok because nobody said anything negative or does this mean people were to absorbed with other things to comment on it?

  4. Can people please not give feedback like

and such? It contributes nothing whatsoever to the testing except the fact that it means you dislike it in general. The point of feedback is to be more specific. If you don’t like it, give a particular reason why you don’t. What specific parts do you dislike- dont blanket over it with “everything”. Perhaps the reasons you don’y like it is because is an overall nerf? I think people tend to be a lot more protective and verbal about disliking strong nerfs than necessary. I very much thank the people who gave proper, detailed feedback on the man topics.

This post is a bit late, but oh well.


Although some have spoken differently, I support many of these changes - some of which are more drastic than others. Regardless of the controversy of some of these changes, I want to give a big thanks to DECA for continuing to develop major updates. Thank you, DECA!

One of the changes I personally question is the “status effect rebalance.” What was the purpose of adding an immunity in the first place? What was wrong with the previous behaviors of these status effects? I’m not saying they should not undergo change; I’m just wondering what the motivation was. What I noticed, additionally, is how the immunity would function in large groups. With so many abilities being used by a large group against an enemy, there is a chance the enemy (probably a dungeon boss or something similar) would spend an undesirably large amount of time immune.

Nerfing the Puri and Geb tomes has likely been the most controversial feature, but I support the changes. Priest is currently a fairly good class (some might say OP, given the situation), and nerfing these two tomes will help to draw the Priest back to reality a bit. Importantly, though, nerfing these two tomes will not decimate the Priest class! So, yes, nerfing two very OP tomes will definitely hurt some Priest users. However, I believe the game will be better off with the nerfs than without.

Big praise for the “in combat” changes and Exaltation. It looks like these will add much more depth to strategy in the game, and bring a new twist that we haven’t had the likes of in years.


Bug/issue: The +2 seconds added to pet healing/mp healing lingers even after the IC effect wears off. For example, your 100/100/100 pet heals you with 1 second of IC remaining, and will not heal you again until 2 seconds after IC runs out. This can increase the effective duration of IC by anywhere from 0 to 1.99999 seconds, which I assume is unintended.