PT: Vital Combat & Exaltations


But there are, and we’ve given all these statements to you over and over in other threads you’ve derailed, but sometimes it just feels like you’re sitting there screaming “I’m right, you’re wrong!” over and over again with your ears plugged. If you want the evidence, go back and check any of those threads, as we’ve grown tired of repeating ourselves to you.


Stop kill you the game , stop nerf pet and other , you touch the heart of your game
End of this game if you nerf , the game is good now , nobody say change the game stop that now


Read the post again.

There’s bonuses for exalting all classes of one weapon/armour type. I want to know what happens to an unlocked bonus when a new class comes out.



Nice realmeye

[rude first post - Shatter]


I’d like to give some background on my(Shatters discord) post individually; I don’t speak for the rest of the posts.

My post was meant to take more of a neutral stance and just put the information out there that with the new adaptive HP scaling system, bosses will have around 3x the hp with 65 people in the dungeon that they would have had compared to now. I know many people were aware of this because the only indication DECA gave about this was a formula, which many, including me, ignored.

LOLFAILZ was probably one of the only people who bothered to actually crunch the numbers, and after seeing the numbers I do agree this formula is a little bit too punishing and needs nerfs; my suggestion is to either nerf the bosses’ base hp by more than 25%, or make the formula less harsh.

I am also aware that other raiding servers took more of a stance that explicitly stated that they didn’t like the changes, and we are looking out for ourselves here, because the raiding servers with more lax requirements may legitimately have trouble completing dungeons under the new system between the massive increase to boss HP and the berserk+damaging nerfs.

Just wanted to clear up some things in case anyone was wondering.


Just buff vit and wis regeneration rate normally and decrease HP/MP heal rate of the pets by the same amount.

not this convoluted IC/OOC system that favor long range/ rogue classes over melee class.

and if the whales aren’t happy with the pet nerf, Deca should compensate them in form of realm gold refund. It’s Deca fault for monetizing worst designed pet system.


Kabam monetized, Deca left it there because it already was there and then gave a bunch of free and better pet food monetizing it less than Kabam did


*keep monetizing
And for more respectable action before nerfing the pet. They should clearly announce that pet will get tone down for like 6 months before the patch hit the public server.

So that whales can evaluate their mandatory investment


Update, Deca actually made a form. (Reddit post and the official form link as well)


Idk about you guys but I’ve known decas been wanting to change pets for years(shortly after they took over). Also they told us over a year ago they were doing this. And I’ve been expecting a pet nerf since they came out.

Lastly I played 6 hours of testing yesterday people have grossly over reacted to this update Game feels the same. Just can’t face tank.


Yes, we encourage everyone with in-depth thoughts to use the feedback form too! Everything in this thread is being personally read as well.


Just please be careful not to give in to the extreme community outrage when it comes to nerfing pets and steamrolling. Most of the “criticisms” don’t even know the details of the changes or give a reason why they’re bad beyond surface level increased difficulty.

On another note, why didn’t you announce the increased drop rates here to try to make less people pissed?


Please be careful not to give in to low effort feedback, on either side of this discussion. There are a lot of valid and informed critiques to consider with this patch.


Everyone’s opinion should matter, there good things being said and bad things being said. Each comment/critique/post should be treated equally.


Yes, both positive and negative opinions have value.

But that first part doesn’t mean misinformation, thoughtless bashing and kneejerk outrage that were prevalent responses should all be given the same weight as all other feedback.

You can’t get anything done by listening to responses on that level.


Unless you can give specific examples to people spreading untrue facts and misinforming the community on these changes, every post by each individual is a personal statement, personal opinions are powerful and they should be respected.


I can, very easily

Not all criticism is constructive, some of it is straight up misinformed or purely an emotional kneejerk reaction.

You won’t be able to get controversial changes like these afloat by being completely relativist with criticism, including things like just hating the idea immediately because it’s a pet nerf, or something untrue (IE: Katana nerf or “it hurts regen of new players”).


That’s a personal statement.


Not a good rebuttal, thinking pets are OP is a personal take from the developers too, and by the logic of easily dismissing the logic of something because it’s a personal take, the update is worthless then.


At the end of the day, my point is that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, even more “extreme” comments/posts like the one you posted still show the individual’s opinion (he/she thinks Ninja is squishy, has low def/HP, and would not benefit from lower range).

How you interpret someone’s comment/post/critique is up to you.