PT: Vital Combat & Exaltations


Yes, of course, ultimately culling the criticism is up to them. It’s just that those types of opinion i mentioned are pretty unlikely to convince them to stop or change what they’re already doing, unless it’s by “intimidation”, all things considered.


See… there is no ninja range nerf that’s the point.


Seeing the new status immunity system, Oryx’s Escutcheon needs a buff since right now it’s a quite mediocre shield and after this new system, it will be even worse, which is sad considering it’s a Oryx 3 White.

I would recommend two types of buffs:

  • Simple Buff
    Increase the damage of the Exalted Beams from 850-950 to 1000-1100.
    Increase the number of Beams from 3 to 4.
    Increase the Stun duration from 1.4 seconds to 2 seconds.
    Decrease the Throw Time (the interval inbetween the beams) from 0.8 to 0.5 seconds.
    Increase the MP Cost from 100 to 150.
    Increase the Max Cast Range from 2.5 to 3 tiles.
    Make the shield have an actual working cooldown of 2 seconds.

  • Mechanic Buff:
    While Key is Held:
    Armored on self.
    Slowed on self.
    Disable all MP recovery.
    MP Cost: 75 MP/sec
    An Exalted Beam will land on your Cursor every 0.5 seconds with 2.25 AoE radius.
    Max Cast Range: 2.5 tiles.
    Damage: 1000-1250
    Armor Piercing.
    Inflicts Stun for 2 seconds.
    When Key is released:
    One large Exalted Beam will land on your Cursor with 3 AoE radius.
    Max Cast Range: 2.5 tiles.
    Damage: 1500-1750
    Armor Piercing.
    Inflicts Armor Break for 2 seconds.
    Effect on self: Dazed for 1 second and Slowed for 3 seconds.
    MP Cost: 100
    Cooldown: 2 seconds.


DECA threw so much into this update so that there is just too much to discuss, and they will probably get away with just addressing one or two things and pushing the rest straight to prod.

I mean, I think it’s obvious that this game needs subtle changes, not extreme updates like this…

Edit: Like one thing I’m not sure I’ve seen mentioned here yet, wis mod and vit dependent on wis needs to be capped, obviously… But there are so many little details that should be addressed in this update before it is pushed… please don’t just fix priest and push it…


I, personally, am very excited for this update.

The way I see it, the playerbase is extremely spoiled, and already has adapted to play and half-heartedly “enjoy” the game for the awful, steamrolly grindfest that it is… and an addicting one at that. Everyone on here has gone into details about the update and while I don’t remember them all precisely, I get the idea of what the game’s gonna be like after this goes through. It’s a necessary change that’s been needing to happen for a long while now. Though a little disappointing to watch my favorite sword class get nerfed before being able to reach level 100 MHeal on my completely F2P divine… I still know these changes are for the better, and through all of it, I recognize the basic points of the changes:

1) To stop already-existing endgame content from being a freaking joke through pure DPS, facetanking, and constantly scrubbing debuffs off your friends, and applying debuff or two to a boss and some minions. We’ve seen what happened to the Lost Halls, didn’t we?

2) To adjust the way pets work without those who paid being scammed out of their money. Honestly anyone who thinks they’ve been betrayed should take some time to think about those without divines, and that they still have an advantage over those without one. To all those people - you still have what you paid for: A significant advantage over others. It’s not a nerf, it’s a rework to bring back dodging. Same concept, different circumstances.

3) To make playing, choosing, and developing a like for certain classes preference-based, like a role-playing game should be, instead of the current meta - “PLAY THIS CLASS BECAUSE IT DOES DAMAGE. YOU SUCK IF YOU DON’T, and YOU HAVE NO CHOICE REGARDLESS OF WHETHER YOU LIKE THE CLASS OR NOT.”

4) Then, Oryx 3 is the final boss of the game, and that won’t change for a LONG while I bet. In turn, the coming update actually leads to long-time survival of the game because not every new dungeon that can be made can be endgame, and with player (character) power reduced, interesting mechanics and lower-tier dungeons can be implemented to expand gameplay experiences, instead of the design teams stressing about how to make a dungeon more difficult: “INSTAPOP HERE, INSTAPOP THERE, HIGH BOSS HP AND DAMAGE, IMMUNITY TO EVERY DEBUFF YEEEE!!” and having this… crybaby of a playerbase STILL complain about bad dungeon design anyway because they couldn’t sit on MBC with cult staff to kill it faster. With the stacking endgame dungeon problem out the way, the Realm can even be adjusted to become a crucial part of the gameplay loop as well, rather than the increasing challenge of the game coming exclusively from making a new dungeon! It allows FLEXIBILITY and VARIETY to be added the game’s structure.

5) To introduce a long-term goal that you’d really grind for - something long needed in the history of Realm’s exisence besides a self-generated goal like getting every item from a dungeon and hoarding your wealth like Gemsbok or having some personal, cute story about my long line of characters like I’ve done. Exaltation is a solid idea; something to work for, something to live, seek, and die for (in-game of course). It really does bring back a classic fantasy game element, having a goal like this. However, I do encourage players constructing towards agreement to this idea to express their view about how the system works, as I do know that grinding thousands of dungeons to achieve this is truly not good design without more ideas. It is good concept to have permanent rewards for a big, big grind, but only if executed properly. Only us players can guide the devs in the right direction, to get them their munnies yes yes mmm, munnies hehe nom nom so the execution of Exaltation the main thing that needs to be polished.

6) To actually be able to go through with getting the changes out there so that this can happen and the game can STILL EXIST. It is unlikely that more than minimal compromise will be allowed with the rest of the players that want the game to stay in the stale loop that it is. A state of integrity in the game is also an objective, making those who truly disagree with playing the game, (AKA, dodging lol) leave, and attracting new players - as well as old ones who would wholeheartedly enjoy the “old” Realm experience, in a new way. Long story short, new players will not recieve well to a game that truly lacks balance.

Deca’s really not going to back down on this, just because a few Discord servers full of of people want their way then and there because of an initial burst of anger due to change. I was saddened at first as well, mostly about the HP+ buff no longer healing directly, and no longer being able to help groups out with the overpowered Puri, but as the days went by I slowly started looking at the bigger picture, and just about everything I saw in that time was beneficial for the game long-term. The very concept of the Vital Combat system and Exaltation is indeed solid - but the constructive players must guide Deca as to how it will actually be released.


I kinda disagree when what this game has become is essentially 60 people sitting in a discord VC muted running the same optimal strategy on the same dungeon that they’ve been running for 3 years for a small chance at an item. At least for me, there’s nothing really fun in the game anymore in its current state (minus sanctuary) due to how mindless it is.

What this update will end up doing is make death a part of the gameplay loop again. Since death will be an expected part of the game and it will have an increased difficulty, drop rates of items can be increased. Basically: Death will be more commonplace, however rare loot will also become more commonplace which will keep the game feeling fresh for a much longer time and will also restore parts of the social aspect of this game with its focus on small group content, meaning we will start to see a return in guilds.


That’s only how some people play this game… I play daily still, and jump in and out every so often, and I have never joined a discord channel to raid dungeons or whatnot… I think updates like this need far greater attention to detail, over a long term of testing, with several balance push updates to testing before it hits prod. Realistically there are some things I just see as completely out of place, but I have already gone through most of that in previous comments. My biggest gripe is exaltation, but that’s a different topic. I’m not as concerned with ic/ooc, but I do think there are probably much better ways to do it than variable healing in a bullet-hell. The rebalancing of classes needs a lot of tweaking. I just meant to say, I think are too many details to properly address in this type of update.

I don’t know if I agree with this either, death is still pretty common place in mid-game rotmg, which I think your comment is ignoring.


Is there any chance that ic/ooc can be tested and/or pushed before or separate than the exaltation addition? Exaltation seems like it requires long term testing and feedback that may be overlooked due to the focus on ic/ooc and the rebalancing (not to say ic/ooc doesn’t also need significant testing and feedback, but combining them into one build seems somewhat cumbersome).

And do you have any idea how long the testing will remain open? Are there impending dates to push this to prod? If you can’t answer or don’t know, no worries on that…


The first time I tried to solo MBC (at testing), I just can’t dodge because bullets are literally everywhere. Ended up dying with 3/10 of his HP taken down.

For Puri IMO, it should have the 3 second cooldown and does not heal. Only purify. Purify and heal is just a bit too overpowered.

MSeal… I still think the nerfing Armored will be optimal or maybe the duration if so. Jugg is already rare, but getting one without teleporting makes it even rare which requires extreme godlike luck (which I did got one as an anti-TP Pally a while back). But why would you throw your $$$ just for the visual effect? Prot… well it will still be viable after the Armored nerf but will be used as a cushion while you still have to dodge instead of tanking hits.

The defence cap is useful. For a long time, Defence has been considered “inferior” to HP as a ring choice.

The berserk/damaging nerf… I made an suggestion a while back but Deca did mention they will reduce the bosses’ base HP by 1/4 to compensate the nerf. Mystic will be more useful for sure but you are right, it does not make sense for an astronomically increased boss HP @ 65 players and nerfing Berserk/Damaging. It should be one of them, not both.

Debuffs, seeing bunch of Knights ganging up to chain-stun O2 is a bit too overpowered. I think it should be implemented for the sake of balance.

Pally’s Wismod change is insignificant but it will allow BChampion Seal to have a bit more HP Increase buff and Healing duration. Because of the current Seals’ mechanism, my Pallies (and Priests) usually go after a MP ring to chain-spam it. It will still be viable after the rework but requires 2nd activation to be on Healing effect again after the 1st use filled up HP increase hole.

Mystic: Conflict can now be used as passive DPS orb after the rework.

Necromancer: To match other long range classes’ VIT cap.

Ninja and Sammy’s Vit increase per level: Making it a bit more desirable and taking less effort to max out Vit like you said.

Oreo: Oh yeah, making it more viable.

Sandstone Seal need a nerf you meant? Pally’s Vit cap will be 60 and if we have the current 30+ Vit buff @ 75 Wis still, that’s 90 Vit right here! Pair that with UBVit and Fungal BPlate, we are going to 160 Vit and 0.6 seconds of IC (even though cap will be 1 second), barely need dodging!

Helm with cooldown removed (well you will still have 0.5 seconds of cooldown after the 1st activation). It makes MP/Wis build Warrior new to the game. I’d rather have Jugg’s Armored effect nerfed and have the ability to perma-Armored than the other way.

Book of Geb… oh boy… it will be used as FP very often instead of having actual use. If that’s the case, it should have significantly longer Speedy effect if the Purification is going to be stripped. A tiered tome giving speedy does not makes sense.

Exaltation, yes it will encourage armies of cheaters because of the absurd massive requirement to Exalt all 16 classes. Almost 20k endgame dungeon completion without getting killed? Here comes massive armies of overpowered Invulnerability cheaters.

Tome nerf… mixed opinion. I would want the current healing power to be untouched but decreases per additional players. And so should the cooldown for tiered tomes.

The IC/OoC in my opinion though, it is a good move to rejuvenate the long forgotten stats aka Vit and Wis (it still has a use for Wis-mod class) because of pets. Seeing almost everyone going after only tiered HP ring gets me triggered. In fact, it is a compromise of players who are skill-based and their pet-relying counterparts. What else, it will make us play less reckless than we do at the moment.

Overall, can’t wait to see them on Prod but some things need to be changed like Tome nerf and Berserk/Damaging nerf.


What were spots 1 and 2?


In all due respect, I should probably keep my mouth shut, because at least one of them is still open, and if I mention them, people might revive them. Even if I don’t have to read them, I don’t want to promote toxic behavior! :3
(Sorry, I probably shouldn’t have mentioned “places“ to accidentally pique curiosity. Curse my shallow foresight)


LMFAOO, if only people understood this concept man. Everyone is complaining that Lost Halls and Shatters will be so much harder for NEW players when they enter their washed up discord, as if new players were meant to immediately start doing Lost Halls and disregard playing the game the ACTUAL way. Of course there is the argument there is no right way to play the game, but that is a faulty statement when it comes to new players. There are dungeons based off of difficulty for a reason. There is a tutorial for new players for a reason. All these people are just brainwashed by the discords they are in.


Kinda cringe that you think large groups fighting bosses with astronomical health while having group DPS nerfed is a BAD thing. This is just discord steamrolling mentality. Please clean up that sort of mentality when playing this game.


I agreed with everything youve said in that thread except for this part. Its unfair to call everyone who is supporting DECA or this update in particular an “asskisser”. I wont lie that there are people who do see no wrong in stuff that DECA does that is completely wrong and extremely foolish. They are all up in arms for DECA no matter what they do, but that is fair on them as DECA has done much good for the game, more than the companies before, in a shorter amount of time. This is most likely why those people support DECA so much and I can understand that. I can tell you are in support of this update as am I, of course many things must be tweaked and balanced out much more fairly before it is implemented fully, but we are here on the forums discussing this civally because on Reddit, there are “asskissers” who will not see anything wrong at all with this update and will come at you for criticizing the parts that are wrong in this update, but there are also people on Reddit who absolutely will turn against you and crucify you for saying anything good and supporting DECA.


I’ve been seeing so many people say exactly this statement, but this seems like you’ve been told that and are just repeating it, lol which seems directly against the idea you’re trying to suggest those who disagree with you are “sheep” or something. I have never joined a discord raiding group, I’m not brainwashed, and I think that dismissive argument is on the same level of my slip up calling players butt-kissers.

Anyhow that statement is ridiculous and people should have an open mind, realize that many many players of this game do play very differently, and the whole discord raiding thing is not a big deal to a lot of people… (everyone has their own opinions here man)

Edited slightly


Not a fan of the Pet nerf. I feel for the people that put money into their pets and the nerf doesn’t feel right because of that.

Priest Nerf

  • I am really mixed on the nerf. Never really been a fan of the priest mostly because I am a solo player and the Priest has never really been very fun. His best role is survivability (is that a word?).
  • I understand the reason for getting rid of the group Puri to stop the steam rolling specially in the end game dungeons with discord. The raid leader can direct Puri and other buffs to get the group through bypassing the game mechanics.
  • DECA has changed the priest to a solo class not a support class with the Puri Nerf, the Tome cool down as well has the reduction in the healing. When playing Priest I will be careful activating heal making sure that I use it when I need it while being very mindful of the cool down. The “Heal Pleasers” can rot and die and I won’t feel bad.
  • Like many others in this thread I think that DECA has gone too far with the 3 second cool down and the healing nerf.
  • The wand buff makes sense but with the Pet nerf, Tome cool downs and the Healing nerf I think that the Priest has lost his charm.
  • The Priest could be saved by changing the Tome cool down to 1 or 1.5 seconds. Make the Healing nerf for the group but give the max heal to the priest. Keeping the group Puri nerf.
  • DECA you have to make people want to play the Priest, not just use it to unlock classes then forget about it.


Yea I 100% agree with this, hopefully one of the devs see this comment and take the math you did into consideration because I do agree that the total time to achieve the exaltations will take 1333 days/4 years is absurd. I understand that their intention isn’t to achieve all of the buffs across all the characters so easily but they do have to take into consideration of how bothersome and repetitive and excruciating this content may get especially if there is a huge setback when dying regardless of the generous checkpoints.


Hello I played on ur test server and the game was still quite boring I am unsure if balance is currently the actual detriment to what makes this game continually enjoyable. BTW u may have buffed wand of geb but it is still the same DPS as a T6 wand with only downsides, despite it being an expensive rare drop. You should not work on design problems like these only from the top down because a lot of the reason people leave is the sum of minutia. And confuse.


You cannot deny that they are being manipulated when most of these discords have made announcements trying to convince their members that these updates will be detrimental to their lifestyle and ruin the “discord community” if this update goes through. Also, Its not a big deal to a lot of people because the majority of the community is based around the whole discording raiding lmfao.


I’ve only seen a big discord with the exact opposite announcement, basically an announcement that was word for word what you were saying “all these people are brainwashed”