PT: Vital Combat & Exaltations


Idk if anyone has proposed this but for Puri, I think it would be a good idea to add a Purification Cooldown for every player, separately, based on their last time purificated.
If there were, say, 2 priests with Puri and one of them purificated half the group, their debuffs would be removed (as expected) but if they were purificated again within (let’s say,) 10 seconds (it could be longer ofc) of their last time purified, it wouldn’t have effect on those who had been purified but it would on those who hadn’t.
This way, there wouldn’t be the problem of being purified too often and being basically immune to debuffs while also not removing the party purification that I feel is a special part of that tome and priest in general as a support class.


I wouldn’t be opposed to that, actually, but it seems that DECA might be standing by their decision. I like this the best of everything I’ve heard regarding the puri! Especially because it can also be applied to the Skull of Shaitan.


That’s a pretty neat idea imo, could function similar to debuff immunity except it would be… dedebuff immunity? Since there’s already similar concepts being used by Deca I feel it wouldn’t be too hard to implement.


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