PT: Vital Combat & Exaltations


New systems for Month of the Mad God 2020: Part 1

Hello Realmers!

SO much is coming up in the next few weeks that we definitely need a long update this time! So long, in fact, that we are going to split it in two parts.

In this post, we want to present you two of the most important systems that are going to spice up Month of the Mad God, and will change the game permanently from the very core: Vital Combat and Exaltations!

But it won’t be only words. Both of these systems will be available for Public Testing from the 28th of August through the entire weekend!

Vital Combat

The Basics

The Vital Combat system is a much-needed addition to the fundamentals of combat gameplay. It both rewards avoiding damage while punishing face-tanking bosses when your regeneration is simply too high.

How it works: Whenever you receive damage above a certain threshold (currently at 15 damage), you enter a condition called In Combat (IC). While this condition is in effect, your Life and Mana regeneration is “halved” (we’ll get to that in just a moment), and your pet’s regeneration abilities take an additional 2 seconds. The condition lasts for a base duration of 7 seconds but it is affected by your vitality! For every 5 VIT the duration is reduced by 0.2 seconds with a minimum duration of 1 second.

When we say “halved,” we mean that relatively compared to the new norm. We have actually doubled the base regeneration speed of Vitality and Wisdom! So in reality, being In Combat will make you have the same natural regeneration speed you have right now, and being Out of Combat will make you regenerate faster than ever before! All in all, this means Vitality and Wisdom are now much more useful and time spent sitting in safety waiting for recovery is greatly reduced (especially for new and/or petless players, keeping the pace more engaging).

You’ll know you are In Combat based on new visual indicators.

\ 224x106

Your character’s health bar will have a yellow outline while In Combat so you don’t need to look at the GUI in the middle of a battle.

In Combat is not forever, though. After a while, it will wear off unless you trigger it again. You can always hover the mouse over the Vital Combat indicator, and it will tell you how much time you will be In Combat.

The Vital Combat indicator in the GUI tells you whether you have entered In Combat or not. Remember, “50%” really means the same rate you are currently used to, and the new norm of 100% is twice as powerful!

But that’s not all! Vital Combat brings along an entire combat rebalance with many changes. Amongst them, you’ll find:

DPS Buffs Rebalance

A big goal of Vital Combat is lowering the gap between small and large groups to make content of all kinds more accessible. It’s with this goal in mind that we are making multiple changes to existing buffs.

Berserk Effect: 1.5x attack speed -> 1.25x attack speed
Damaging Effect: 1.5x weapon damage -> 1.25x weapon damage
Curse Effect: 1.2x damage received -> 1.25x damage received

Defense Rebalance

Since Vital Combat relies on a specific damage threshold, we are making some changes related to defense to make sure it’s not too easy to avoid the system in late game or too hard to bypass in the mid game.

Armored Effect: 2.0x defense -> 1.5x defense
Defense Cap: 85% incoming damage blocked -> 90% incoming damage blocked

Enemy Health Rebalance

As we are lowering the average DPS of groups due to the buff changes, we are also lowering the base HP of several monsters to keep the pace similar to what it currently is.

A reduction of 25% HP has been applied to every HP scaled enemy that does not appear in the realm. On top of this we’ve applied “Adaptive Scaling” (the new non-linear formula that we used in Oryx’s Sanctuary) to all of those.

Click here for the full formula we are now using and the ways it is applied.

Monster Health = Monster Health x (1 + Per Player x (Current Players - 1) x Adaptive Mod x (Current Players - 1))

Monster Health: Monster HP and Max HP
Per Player: Scaling amount per individual players
Current Players: Amount of players in the dungeon
Adaptive Mod: Mod that affects Scaling amount per individual players

Per Player is consistently equal to 0.1 currently for all Adaptive Scaling usage. It’s the variable that’s tied to the old scaling method.

Adaptive Mod currently only has 2 possible values:

  • The enemy is a boss or exclusively part of a boss fight as a minion: 0.1
  • The enemy is a dungeon minion: 0.05

Those changes should make small group runs faster than ever before while bigger groups will have to go through fights whose duration should be on par with their firepower. If you want a fast but risky experience, small groups are the way to go. If you want a slower but safer experience large groups are your friend!

Status Effect Rebalance

Crowd control status effects will now function similarly to stasis, where a temporary immunity is added to the enemy for the duration of the effect and some more.

This impacts the following effects with the corresponding additional time of immunity:

  • Stasis (3 seconds)
  • Stun (5 seconds)
  • Paralyze (5 seconds)
  • Daze (5 seconds)
  • Slow (5 seconds)

Players will also receive an immunity after being inflicted with Paralyze or Petrify. This immunity lasts for the duration of the effect and an additional 0.4 seconds, allowing players to free themselves from what could have been a chain Paralyze/Petrify.

Unlike the last PT session, all enemies currently have the same immunity as on production. We have decided to tackle this part slowly over time and on a case-by-case basis both on the release of this feature and after its launch.

Class Rebalance


  • Stat Changes
    • Max VIT: 40 VIT -> 60 VIT
    • Base VIT: 10 VIT -> 12 VIT
    • VIT growth per level: 0-1 VIT -> 1-2 VIT
    • Max ATT: 50 ATT -> 55 ATT
    • Max DEX: 45 DEX -> 55 DEX
  • Seal Changes
    • Increasing Max HP no longer heals you directly
  • Wis Mod Changes
    • Triggers at 50 WIS and above
    • 1 WIS -> +0.1 range
    • 1 WIS -> +2 max HP
    • 10 WIS -> +1 sec duration


  • Stat Changes
    • Max ATT: 60 ATT -> 65 ATT
    • Max DEX: 55 DEX -> 65 DEX
    • DEX growth per level: 0-2 DEX -> 1-2 DEX
  • Wis Mod Changes
    • Triggers at 50 WIS and above
    • 1 WIS -> +0.1 Curse Range
    • 10 WIS -> +1 sec Curse duration


  • Wis Mod Changes
    • Triggers at 30 WIS and above
    • 1 WIS -> +0.1 range
    • 10 WIS -> +1 sec duration
  • Helm Changes
    • No longer has a cooldown


  • Wand Changes
    • All wands (Lumiaire and Vanities excluded) have received a buff in damage of around 30%
  • Tomes Changes
    • Tomes now all have a 3 second cooldown
    • Tomes now have a lower base heal
    • Tomes now heal allies less based on the amount of players healed (healer still receives full heal!)
  • Wis Mod Changes
    • Triggers at 50 WIS and above
    • 1 WIS -> +0.1 range
    • 10 WIS -> +30 Heal


  • Wand Changes
    • All wands (Lumiaire and Vanities excluded) have received a buff in damage of around 30%


  • VIT Max: 30 VIT -> 40 VIT


  • VIT growth per level: 0-2 VIT -> 1-2 VIT
  • SPD growth per level: 0-2 SPD -> 1-2 SPD


  • VIT growth per level 0-2 VIT -> 1-2 VIT

Tiered Item Changes


New Seals values:


New Orbs values:


New Helmets values:


New Wand damage:


New Tome values:

Other Item Changes

All Seals, Orbs, Helms, and Tomes not mentioned have received only basic ability changes listed in the class balance sections.

Seal of Blasphemous Prayer:

  • Removed the -4 DEF on equip
  • Increased Invulnerability duration by 0.2 sec every 10 WIS (Triggers above 50 WIS)
  • Increased base Invulnerability to 1.6 sec

Sandstone Seal:

  • 20 VIT on use -> 10 VIT on use
  • Wis Mod: 1 WIS -> +1 VIT

Helm of the Juggernaut:

  • Removed cooldown
  • Lowered base Berserk and Armored duration by 2 secs
  • Added Wis Mod to Berserk and Armored

Orb of Conflict:

  • +2 DEX +2 ATT -> +5 DEX +5 ATT
  • Lowered base Speedy and Damaging to 2 secs
  • Now supports new Wis Mod

Orb of Aether:

  • Paralyze and Slow now lasts 2 seconds longer

Honeytomb Snare:

  • Slow now lasts 2 seconds longer

Memento Mori:

  • +10 ATT on equip

Quiver of Thunder:

  • Removed cooldown

Tome of Holy Protection:

  • 4 VIT -> 4 DEF
  • Heal: 200 -> 120
  • Cooldown: 0.5 -> 3

Tome of Purification:

  • Purification on Party -> Purification on Self
  • Heal: 200 -> 120
  • Cooldown: 0.5 -> 3

Tome of Pain:

  • Damage: 280 -> 400
  • Heal: 120 -> 80
  • Cooldown: 0.5 -> 3

Book of Geb:

  • Heal: 90 -> 60
  • Speedy Duration 1.5 -> 3
  • Purification on Party -> Gone
  • Cooldown 0.5 -> 3


Exaltation is a new permanent progression system for Realm of the Mad God! It will grant you permanent upgrades for character classes, both in maximum stat power and a variety of enticing extra bonuses to different traits.

The Basics

The core of Exaltations are endgame dungeons. Each of these dungeons is tied to specific stats:

The Nest Dexterity
The Shatters Attack
Fungal Cavern Wisdom
Crystal Cavern Vitality
Lost Halls Defense
Cultist Hideout Speed
The Void Mana
Oryx’s Sanctuary Life

Whenever you finish one of these tasks with an 8/8 maxed character, the dungeon is counted in the Exaltation system towards the corresponding stat for the class you are using.

If you reach a certain amount of completions in each stat, you get stat bonuses. You can reach up to 5 stat bonuses in each stat. Every stat bonus gives you an increase of +1 to the stat (+5 to HP/MP), and they are permanent for that class. Forever.

Exaltation completions are based on the death of the boss. As long as you reach the soulbound threshold on the dungeon’s boss (which is virtually any amount of damage), it will count as an exaltation completion.

For example: If your 8/8 Mystic finishes The Nest, then your completions in the Dexterity stat go up! When you get to 10 completions, the Mystic’s Dexterity receives a permanent Stat Bonus of +1. That bonus will apply to ALL your Mystic characters forever!

These are the completions needed to reach each Stat Bonus:

Stat Bonus obtained Completions needed on the appropriate dungeon per level
+1 10
+2 20
+3 30
+4 40
+5 50

For the purposes of public testing, the requirements will be MUCH LOWER so that the full system can be experienced and tested. The values seen on public testing will not match release.

You will know at all times your current progress on that class, simply by clicking on the sleek new Exaltations panel!

The Exaltation panel shows you how many times you have completed each Exaltation dungeon and how many stat bonuses you have!

\ 351x235

Hover the cursor over any of the dungeons to see how many stat bonuses you have and what’s your next goal in that stat.

Beware, if you die in these dungeons on a qualifying character (8/8), you will lose completions. However, since the loss is percentage-based per level, you will never lose so many as to lose a stat bonus you already fully earned. Each increase also serves as a checkpoint for your progression. Once you complete a goal, you’ll never lose your bonuses!


Along the way, there are multiple secondary rewards you will unlock for achieving completions. There will always be some goal to strive for! These rewards are called Exaltations, and they give their name to the system itself.

\ 240x201

When you open the Exaltations panel, you can see:

[1] Total Progress: How many Exaltation dungeons you have completed, in total

[2] Exaltation Categories: You can obtain Exaltations of different categories (read below)

[3] Next Reward: Here we recommend you a shorter-term goal to strive towards!

But how many Exaltations are there? How can you get them? Exaltations are grouped into very distinct categories:

‘Fast Learner’ Exaltations

Every time you achieve a certain amount of stat bonuses (regardless of the stat) for a class, you will get a permanent bonus to your XP gain rate on that class! Faster leveling and better fame rates for life!

\ 254x189

Stat Bonuses XP bonus
8 +5%
16 +10%
24 +15%
32 +20%

‘Mastery’ Exaltations

These Exaltations reward you for getting stat bonuses in all stats. They will give you extra damage when attacking with your weapon.

\ 253x212

How to get Weapon damage
Get 1 Stat Bonus on all stats on that class +1%
Get 2 Stat Bonuses on all stats on that class +2%
Get 3 Stat Bonuses on all stats on that class +3%
Get 4 Stat Bonuses on all stats on that class +4%

‘Armor Proficiency’ Exaltations

These Exaltations reward you for getting stat bonuses in all stats on classes that wear the same armor type (robe wearers, light armor wearers, and heavy armor wearers). The reward is related to Vital Combat! You will decrease the inherent amount spent In Combat.

\ 254x390

How to get In Combat duration reduction
Get 1 Stat Bonus on all stats for classes with the same armor -0.2 sec
Get 2 Stat Bonuses on all stats for classes with the same armor -0.4 sec
Get 3 Stat Bonuses on all stats for classes with the same armor -0.6 sec
Get 4 Stat Bonuses on all stats for classes with the same armor -0.8 sec
Get 5 Stat Bonuses on all stats for classes with the same armor -1.0 sec

‘Weapon Proficiency’ Exaltations

These Exaltations reward you for getting stat bonuses in all stats on classes that use the same weapon type (dagger classes, wand classes, etc.). The rewards you get are related to drop rates! You will boost the drop rate of all items when using those classes so you can get better loot!

\ 254x288

How to get Relative drop rate increase
Get 1 Stat Bonus on all stats for classes with the same weapon +5%
Get 2 Stat Bonuses on all stats for classes with the same weapon +10%
Get 3 Stat Bonuses on all stats for classes with the same weapon +15%
Get 4 Stat Bonuses on all stats for classes with the same weapon +20%
Get 5 Stat Bonuses on all stats for classes with the same weapon +25%

Other Rewards

But there’s more! You can get more rewards as you keep acquiring stat bonuses.

‘All Stats’ Exalted Skin

If you get all stat bonuses in all stats of a class, you have done an astounding job with that class! It’s fully Exalted! Enjoy your well-deserved Exalted Skin for that class.

‘Max a Stat’ Golden Statue

The first time you get all 5 stat bonuses in a single stat for a class, the statue of that class in Vault will become golden!

‘Total Progression’ Rewards

You will get rewards just for achieving a certain quantity of stat bonuses, across all classes!

How to get Reward
Achieve 25 total Stat Bonuses across all classes Nexus Sheep pet skin
Achieve 50 total Stat Bonuses across all classes Guill pet skin
Achieve 100 total Stat Bonuses across all classes Stone Guardian pet skin
Achieve 250 total Stat Bonuses across all classes Janus the Doorwarden pet skin
Achieve 500 total Stat Bonuses across all classes Lil’ish Oryx pet skin (one of a kind 32x32 pet based on O3)
Achieve ALL Stat Bonuses across all classes +10% drop rate on all classes!!

Phew! That was a lot! We really hope Exaltations bring a whole new dimension of goals to complete and that it will spice up the endgame much, much more. You can try now and tell us what you think!

Known Issues

Vital Combat

  • UI: Vital Combat Timer Tooltip doesn’t reset properly when hit while in combat
  • UI: Vital Combat Timer Tooltip may be slightly inaccurate
  • UI: Seal of Blasphemous Prayer Tooltip only shows Invulnerable Wis Mod for full seconds addition
  • Gameplay: Tier 0-2 Tomes have the wrong radius on Healing


  • Problems with claim button

How to set up public testing

Do you want to join the testing session? It’s going to be available all weekend from August 28th until August 30th.

\ 263x110

To enter our Public Testing server, just select “Testing” in the top right dropdown menu of the Exalt client launcher.

Oh, just a last note: As this is still work in progress, you will see that some of the rewards (skins, etc.) are still placeholders!

See you all in Part 2!

We also suggest checking out this week’s blog post, where we discuss more of the rationale behind some of these changes and clarify a few common concerns.

Happy 4th anniversery
[Spoilers] Further Tome Changes, Reconstruction/MotMG/Early Game Rework and more
Maintaining light blue star post exaltation?



This exaltation has to be a placeholder right? Nobody is gonna complete 32k endgame dungeons unless they treat this game as their life.

I like the tome nerf tho, great stuff


Please tell me this is a late April fools joke.


bad players after seeing nerfs rn


I’m hoping they fix the “completion” tracking, because I don’t want to have to leave hundreds of fungals and halls through the actual fungal and halls portal to “complete” and exalt it.


Exaltations will be counted via killing the boss, not via exiting the dungeon.


Ok ranting time

  • Priest is basically useless
  • exaltation is so fucking dumb, imagine 800 oryx 3s without dying like Jesus christ
  • IC/OOC basically encourages leeching
  • due to lack of heals, and many bosses doing sick af damage, runs will be significantly less, don’t forget about doing 800 DUNGEONS OF ONE TYPE TOTAL
  • Other things I do not want to make myself think about

Only things I like about this god forsaken update is pally buff, warrior no cd, and wot cd removed


Good question! Exaltation completions are based on the death of the boss. As long as you reach the soulbound threshold on the dungeon’s boss (which is virtually any amount of damage), it will count as an exaltation completion.


Ok so, this is probably the biggest flaw by far, why is Vital Combat not split into vitality and wisdom?
This will literally make vit a better stat for MP recovery than wis with a divine pet…
It will also make Fungal Armor and very high vit builds in general broken, able to almost negate In-Combat depending on the build.
It would make wis complicated sure, but that’s better than things becoming unbalanced and vit-centralized tbh.


Super hyped for this update ! I am afraid this will confuse newer players though


Overall some really good changes that I think will be hard to get used to, but very healthy for the game in the long run. I especially love the runescape-esque leveling system for all of the exalted stat bonuses. Now THAT is the kind of grind many of us hardcore MMO players have been looking for in this game and I’m very excited for when the exaltation system hits prod.

My one concern with this, prior to actually hopping on the test server and trying this out, is that I feel that we’re kind of limiting ourselves by having each exaltation stat only receive increases from a single dungeon. What if further endgame dungeons are added in the future? How will those be implemented into the exaltation system? It’d be kind of weird if one stat has two dungeons that you can get increases from while another only has one. Just a very concerning thing to me that I’d like to see addressed just for the sake of the future of any new content added into the game in the future.

With Vital Combat, personally I think that the current vitality/wisdom stats should be 4x the current regen rates when not in combat and 2x the current regen rates when in combat. The current regen rates in the game are absolutely abysmal and 2 times what is essentially 0 is still 0. A 2x increase in regen will actually be difficult to notice and I think 4x would prove more effective when out of combat and 2x when in combat seems a little more fair to both players with crazy maxed out divine pets and players without pets.

All of the item changes are wonderful to see. I think the nerf to puri was definitely needed but I’m not sure how much people will care to play priest anymore with it being almost entirely nerfed as a class across the board aside from damage. I definitely thing the wand changes will benefit sorcerer much more than they will benefit the, now heavily nerfed, priest. I’m very excited to try out the new oreo! I’m so happy to see that item get some much needed love.

I think that’s it for now. I’ll probably make another response after actually testing some of these new features. Thanks!


Ok so:

  • Don’t go nerfing my poor priest so hard. Okay I can understand the healing nerfs but the 0.5 -> 3 seconds cool down nerf was unnecessary.
  • exaltation is over the top. I doubt I’m ever going to do more than 20 O3’s on any character.
  • IC/OOC is a bit harsh on the pet front. I can understand Pets are too strong but can you hold back a little more and increase the threshold to 40 damage please.
  • Oh and if your going to have endgame dungeons for exaltation then have the max total be the completion of 50 dungeons overall because remember your going to have to do that 16 times or 800 dungeons per 1 of 8 stats.


Niegil 65 minutes into his endgame dungeon after missing the damage phase for the 15th time because the 1 priest can only puri himself and his heal is still on cooldown


I don’t think pally is getting buffed.
‘Damaging Effect : 1.5x weapon damage -> 1.25x weapon damage’
‘Seal Changes: increasing Max HP no longer heals you directly’


LOL-ing at the priest nerfs.

Why are they trying to make a support class into a DPS class??

Do they want realm to be more solo-based? Why would decreasing healing for the group while keeping it same for the priest player be a good idea? Especially with the cooldown, just incentivizes Priests to be less helpful/leech. Same applies to the puri change. Ew.

Also thank you for killing book of geb, it’s a change no one wanted.



Overall bunch of fluffs and overcomplications nobody asked for, and another attempt by DECA in trying to differentiate from both Kabam and WS (while not doing a particularly good job). If you want to secure “the health and longevity of the game,” just do a straight pet nerf, thanks.


So after reading this, may I say, I love the proposed exaltation system, it provides a lot more to go for

And to the people saying it’s too grindy: all this game is is a grind lol, what did you expect? This is definitely intended to take a long, long time, it’s trying to provide a long term goal for a whole account rather than just 1 character, and unlike white star, this one has a function


I was talking about stat buffs (55 ATK 55 DEX)

But yeah looks like pally got more nerfed than buffed



What happens to already claimed Exaltation buffs when new classes come out?


Not much to say about Vital Combat, will have to test it out later.

Buffs Rebalancing

This seems good to make smaller groups not being at a disadvantage with DPS than bigger groups, another way of tackling discord groups is a thumbs up from me.

Armored nerf is very much needed (ahem… Mseal broken as hell) and it’s good to see it here.

Status Effect Rebalance

This is also much needed so that players will have to decide when to inflict such status effects instead of braindead spamming their abilities and making almost every enemy useless (I’m looking at you Stun!).

Although I would like to see players also have a small immunity to Confuse, Blind and Darkness as well (those debuffs are extremely annoying).

Class Rebalance

Pally finally getting that HP bug heal fixed! Warrior getting wismod is… very interesting, I’ll have to test it out later.

I’m glad priest is getting nerfed, he was ridiculously overpowered in groups. Tomes having a cooldown means you have to figure out when is the best timing to heal. Having priest heal less would also make necromancer more needed in groups.

Wands getting their damage buffed is very cool, but I think it is a bit too much. Why are they out damaging daggers?

Other Item Changes

Oreo buff is very cool and it will now have even more uses! You nerf Sandstone Seal… but what about the Fungal Breastplate?

Dont have much to say about Jugg, Conflict, but Aether and Honeytomb getting more useful is good, I always liked Honeytomb. QOT finally not having a cooldown is great, I thought it was a bit too much (Although something like a 1.5s cooldown would be fine) but this is gonna be useless when enemies have a 5 second invulnerability to daze.

Ah… tomes. Prot and Puri is now just “hey when’s the best time to use this”. I’m surprised to see puri changed so much but it really is for the better (Now to buff Skull of Endless Torment… or revert it back to how it was). Tome of Pain’s damage got buffed but it’s still not that good for a damaging tome, it’s heavily offsetted by the cooldown and Chaotic Scripture and Oryx Shard Tomes are way better (Also, the damage on Chaotic Scripture is too much, please nerf it). Book of Geb is now just a lame tome only used for speedy, seriously when are you going to go back and look at the Geb set and rework it whole?


Honestly, not a fan. This just seems very anti-casual and is only going to reward hardcore grinders. On top of that, having to do possibly over like… 80 O3s to get bonuses on a character is too much. I would rather have like an achievement system or a skill tree/glyph/talent system, basically things from other MMORPGS.

Overall, mostly good changes. I’ll have to test this out in testing later. Anything to make this game more of a BULLET HELL than a BULLET TANKING game is a plus from me.