Public Testing #10 - Status: Closed



If you make a new account, don’t forget that you have to verify the email just like you would on prod.

Session - Thursday, December 13th -> TBD:

Patch X.32.0.0 Release Candidate

  • Chat Server Split
    We are testing the separation of chat and game servers which will have big performance advantages, but need your help to find any remaining bugs and kinks with the new setup.
    Test anything chat related you can think of!
    Cross-server chatting (USEastT1, EUWestT1, AsiaSouthEastT1), guild messages, private messages, different instances like the vault, realm, dungeons etc.
  • New UI for goals in the realm
  • New high lands realm quests
  • New dungeon event type: boss support
  • Dungeon boss exp adjustments
  • Various Oryxmas activations

Sorry for the lack of details so far, our main testing subject is the chat server change, as we’re hoping to roll it out with the next release!

In this thread we can keep any info related to status, special testing server properties, ETA for next sessions, testing topics and things like that. Properties may of course change depending on what needs to be tested.

Communication in realm

Known Issues

  • Cross-server/area guild chat and pms are not functioning correctly
  • Frequent disconnects from the chat server
  • Sometimes any messages don’t go through despite being “connected”, area change required to fix
  • All guild messages from others appear as your own chat bubble
  • Attempting to chat while disconnected results in “Only named accounts may use chat” error after reconnect
  • Special characters are not restricted


When you connect to any world instances and say anything in chat before the “Chat server connected” message appears, it will say “Only named accounts may usr chat”. Dunno if thats an intention

  • no cross server pms (i.e. from EU servers to US servers)


Unrelated to the new chat system, but you can open the mystery boxes/shop via the button in the top left corner when you shouldnt be able too (when it says come back later when you go over to the mboxes).


Aside from random disconnects from the chat server from time to time, it seems to be working very well.
EDIT: Some disconnects require you to rejoin/change characters, as you can be able unable to send messages, but you can still receive messages. Basically, it’s like being mute after a disconnect-reconnect.


Not related to any bugs, but the servers don’t give the 6/8 chars, will this be changed later?


When a guild member talks, their speech appears over your head instead of theirs (when chat bubbles are on).

Edit: cross server PM’ing doesn’t seem to work. Devflu and I tried to PM Lumi while in the same area (nexus) and the game says he wasn’t found (perhaps disconnected from chat server).


They’re testing the chat system which doesn’t require maxed characters, so probably no.

yeah it does that, just gotta go back to home and reconnect


shop wont work and i cant chat

  • certain characters are now supported (such as the accented é) but using others will result in a blank message.

Ex. Typing é produces:


but typing λάμ produces:



It’s because you try to type “λά”, these are not supported by the chat (same thing for japanese characters for exemple).


I’m pretty sure in the current game it will just say “character not supported” or some error message instead of empty text. Also previously the accented e wouldn’t be accepted either I think.

Yeah i just randomly copy pasted off a wiki page because I can’t type cool symbols :frowning:


this what happens with an α
interestingly it appears in the “preview”: grafik

I think μ alone is supported in the new one tho Edit: It also works in the current one, but only in pms and gchat


Attempting to tell others cross-server results in no text bubble showing.


ctrl + J for flash players work in normal chat now


Another thing that also works is double quote “”




that really never should have been an issue tbh


everytime I write something is double quote or rather normal quotes then I remember oh right you can’t write that


Idk since when, but you can make one long space in your guild name, but only if it is all 20 characters long.