Public Testing #10 - Status: Closed


Pretty funny stuff, haha, surprised me the first time that happened. The voices in my head consume me! Model credits to @Sturky


This is kind of off-topic but how did you get the gear? Is it from last testing or is there something I’m missing?

Was hoping to practice rushing halls when this came out.


Bingo. And I thought exactly along the same lines as you haha, died on a bunch of characters attempting LH shit. At least I thought in advance to save some characters lol


What if you combine the teleporting chat with a control + J


Something interesting happened when I logged in with another testing account to try PMs.

First account is from a Kabam-era save, when I was named Timett on prod. Second account shares the email of the prod account currently named Timett, but its name used to be TipsBot on testing, I think. Haven’t a clue what prompted the name change. Anyway, now there are two of me.

Interesting notes: whichever window I send a message from, the text (usually) appears from the account that logged in first. Both accounts are clearly unique except in name, as you can see from the pets and stars. (They also are in different guilds). PMing “Timett” seems to have crashed testing kicked people from nexus; I do not yet know how else this might break things but there are probably other ways.


/off-topic, would have put more effort into this if it weren’t so late. Happy Sinterklaas to all my Dutchies.



first time doing any form of testing things.

for some reason, i tried to login into different accounts and found this

Do testing accounts get banned?


Update: I have been able to use both Timetts simultaneously without any trouble.

If they are in different dimensions as listed in /server, the chat message is spoken by both accounts. If they are in the same realm/nexus (or a portal within either), only one account (the last to connect to chat server?) says the message. Some chat commands work on both ends and some don’t. Moving one Timett to a different server eliminates all weird effects.

Things that work on one client at a time (given that they are in different zones):

  • the /c list
  • /help info
  • stat information upon leveling up
  • /tell (I think incoming /tells go to the last one to have sent a PM, or otherwise to the last account to have connected to chat server?)
  • /g

Things that work on both clients at a time (given that they are in different zones):

  • the /who list (gets different results)
  • /tp
  • /server
  • /yell
  • /tutorial and /nexustutorial


how do we test out items


you don’t


Probably not, the only reason they gave maxed characters when they did was because they were testing dungeons that required you to have characters at that level.

Testing chat bugs requires nothing more than a level 1 wizard.


wait gods now drops mini pets skins? except those who are already put in quest?


The real Timett is the one on the right, because the left game window is grayed out and you have the right one selected.

That aside, the effects of having two accounts with the same name are… Interesting.


I was also wondering if that pm caused the crash, it seems like everyone in the nexus got disconnected but the rest of the server was fine. When I logged in on an alt the server was fine so it wasn’t a full crash.


Do you have any source on this…? I haven’t found any while farming for a bit.


Theres a post on reddit showing the announcment (but only for dijn and medusa)


That post is titled “Announcement in testing”. Ambiguous…


Tried experimenting with what it could handle. Was able to enter and have it display all the Latin/European accents I could think of, including ç, ü, é. Also n- and m-dashes, the pound sign, eg. –, — and £.

But not Asian languages. I was able to type e.g. 好 in the chat window, so the client had no problem displaying it, but it did not display in the chat bubble above my head. In fact nothing displayed and the chat bubble was so narrow it did not line up properly with its tail.

It’s still a big improvement on how it is on prod, where entering something like 好 will trigger an error. If it’s now just removing them it’s much better as you can see what it can’t display. But it would be even better to actually display it, as Flash clearly can.


Thanks for the help and reports, everyone. Testing will be closed for now while we sort out the issues!


This is probably not the right place but please add mwood quest and update normal/epic chests. Should take just a few minutes… Thanks!