Public Testing #11 - Status: Closed



If you make a new account, don’t forget that you have to verify the email just like you would on prod.

Session - Thursday, December 13th -> TBD:

Patch X.32.0.0 Release Candidate

  • Chat Server Split
    We are testing the separation of chat and game servers which will have big performance advantages, but need your help to find any remaining bugs and kinks with the new setup.
    Test anything chat related you can think of!
    Cross-server chatting (USEastT1, EUWestT1, AsiaSouthEastT1), guild messages, private messages, different instances like the vault, realm, dungeons etc.
  • New UI for goals in the realm
  • New high lands realm quests
  • New dungeon event type: boss support
  • Dungeon boss exp adjustments
  • Various Oryxmas activations

Sorry for the lack of details so far, our main testing subject is the chat server change, as we’re hoping to roll it out with the next release!

In this thread we can keep any info related to status, special testing server properties, ETA for next sessions, testing topics and things like that. Properties may of course change depending on what needs to be tested.


Sounds like some neat content coming with this QoL! Will be testing this in an hour or two!


Suggestion regarding the the new UI goals in the realm: Have an additional drop down from “Defeat # remaining Heroes of Oryx.” including specifics about how many of each quest is left, like “3 Liches remain.” and “25 Ents remain.” and so on.


damn that was unexpected as fuck, but hope it gets resprited. It just shot at same time as boss while being invulnerable, then was able to die (no loot). Boss support seems like a pretty good idea in bigger dungeons.

Almost every boss gives more exp, the biggest of which is nest, which gives 25 fame now


YEEEEES Edit:Yeah Deca, giving dungeon bosses 1 fame totally fixes the imbalance of fame
the whole thing actually sounds like the best patch in the last ~6 months


I still can’t log into public testing - I sent a ticket and they said they would help…in September. I e-mailed again a week ago and I’m still waiting on a reply with an update.


I also cant login with my main account. (too many failed loggins error) So I just made new account for testing.


Idk about you guys, but I’m hyped for this tbh




yeah, but where’s that beework? sure, it’ll give fame (and incentivize people to run the damn thing), but… it still isn’t even hp scaled, for crying out loud.


Beework when please Krathan

Anyway, from what I’ve seen in this thread so far, it seems like a lot of exciting, unexpected new content!!
Especially this:

Edit: A present spawned inside of an Abyss I went in. Is this related to the new event type?

Also, new sound effect usage, ayyy!


give packs on test


So far I’ve encountered the dark elves and a centaur in the highlands - I’m so so happy to see a bit more variety injected into the realm!

Same thing happened to me (but in a snake pit)! Also, in Oryx’s Castle, a mysterious crystal with a treasure chest inside appeared, uttered something vaguely ominous and dropped a def pot.

Love it so far!


If it was too long ago then it might be too late because of migration, my account got delete in the migration process and upon sending a ticket they just recommended I make a new account instead.


  • Gchat still pops up over your head if you’re in different areas with guildies.

  • Event quest pointer sometimes will not autoupdate.

  • Did not get loot from King duo shatters (not even mark? with Seelpit)

Picture dump of new things

Dark elf:


Another comment I’d like to make about the new quest UI, 2/3 things are kinda pointless atm. The first line trivializes the 8/8’ing process with a “become stronger”, instead it could do something like “x/8 stats maxed” since 70% of the time people will be level 20 so it’s not very useful to know you reached level 20. Also defeating oryx is also kinda pointless since as soon as you kill him and check off that box, it resets to 0.


Sometimes, the top text won’t display the server playing on, leaving it blank, as shown.


While there is a hotkey for toggling that quest box, it still reacts to Tab, which is problematic because I know multiple people who use that as their chat hotkey (including me). I would suggest making it so that it doesn’t react to tab, especially since I have it set to another hotkey.


Oh nice they’re reintroducing night elves


Actually, they’re dark elves. Very original >w>
See this list on the wiki for them, as well as a few other archived enemies.
Perhaps they’ll make a return too, someday.


hmm are they special? got t7 items and boosts


Or make it rebindable